Kodi Genesis Alternative Tools – Top 8 Tools To Use In 2024

Are you in search of the best Kodi Genesis alternatives in 2024? Are you worried about Genesis becoming unusable or shutting down? Want to watch your favorite movies, TV shows, and entertainment uninterrupted on Kodi? If these questions are your major concerns, you’re in the right place! Here’s a list of the eight best Kodi Genesis alternatives to make your shift to a new, efficient, and working Kodi addon hassle-free. 

Here are the top Kodi Genesis Alternative Tools to use in 2024:

  • Exodus Redux
  • Scrubs V2
  • Numbers 
  • Phoenix
  • The Crew

Below mentioned is a one-stop solution to the best Kodi Genesis alternatives and their detailed descriptions that is sure to help you find the best choice for your personal Kodi streaming experience.

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8 Best Kodi Genesis Alternative

Kodi offers a wide variety of add-on options to choose from for its users. Below are some of the best ones you can choose from in 2024.

Exodus Redux: Best Kodi Genesis Alternative

It is a relatively new addon and provides a wide array of movies, TV shows, and a lot more; hence the first top pick on my list is Exodus Redux. It is another version developed off the original Exodus Kodi addon and has been doing amazingly well among many Kodi users.

The alternative uses the same logo as the well-known Exodus, but the Exodus Redux is most definitely a better choice between the two, based on my careful comparison.Also, click here to learn How To Fix Kodi Genesis Reborn Not Working.

 exodus redux

Despite its vast popularity, the shortcomings noticed in Exodus are that its developers have totally ignored it with no new updates of content and too many errors. Since Exodus Redux is new, it has often been updated and well-managed, making it the best alternative to Genesis and, lately, the most popular pick against the Kodi Genesis vs. Exodus debate.

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Scrubs V2

Although the interface of Scrubs V2 looks like one fit just for movies, there’s a catch. It’s an all-in-one addon for everything.

kodi genesis alternative scrubs v2

The main screen of Scrubs V2 looks like Exodus, and you can check out the various categories. In the front menu of the interface, you can see sections like Movies, New episodes, TV Shows, IMDB lists, and many others. Further, you can choose any of the multiple types and get started. Investigate the networks category if you’re interested in watching TV Networks programming. To view recently released episodes without searching for individual TV shows, you can also go to the New Episodes category in this Kodi Genesis alternative. Another section named “More Stuff” also streams live IPTV channels, making this addon unique and an absolute go-to Kodi Genesis alternative.

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Numbers is another amazing addon to watch movies and TV shows online and is again a clone of the popular Exodus Kodi Genesis alternative. This addon has a simple UX and UI design which makes the addon unique. It also provides a large number of streams. Therefore, this is one of the best options for those looking for Kodi Genesis alternatives.


Numbers addon utilizes the best scrapers to get streams, providing an excellent visual treat in 4K and High Definition goals. The addon works amazingly well on the Firestick, and the various tools will help you change and empower highlights within the addon. Add “Numbers” to your addons on Kodi today, and you’ll be assured never to miss Kodi Genesis.



Despite not being, for the most part, centered around giving film sources to stream, the Phoenix Kodi addon is a great Kodi Genesis alternative addon to view additional media content substance for your HTPC, particularly for live TV streaming. Apart from this, the add-ons can also be used on your PC.


With a wide range of channels to choose from, the Pheonix Kodi addon is an impressive Kodi Genesis alternative to watch all your favorite movies, TV shows, sports, and live TV at your convenience.


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The Crew: Kodi Genesis Alternative

The Crew Kodi addon contains choices to watch demanded films and TV series as well as IPTV, Kids, and Sports, and that’s just the beginning. The addon has been online for a long time now, yet the addon developers have pushed it out in the open as of late. Another specialty about The Crew is that it chooses those streaming connections that turned out great, so you don’t have to click every connection link to find what works. 

the crew

The Crew is the best movie addon in 2024 for Kodi Genesis alternatives. Choosing this alternative can allow you to watch Movies, Fitness, Stand-up comedy, and much more.

The addon has so many options to choose from, including quality User Interface, playback, and navigation. The Crew addon hence has made it to my list of best Kodi alternatives, and so should your Kodi account.


The Magic Dragon

The update to The Magic Dragon Kodi addon has been recently made for Kodi 19. It features streaming for movies, sports, and various other TV shows. This new variant is a clone of The Pyramid, a Kodi most loved across-the-board alternative. This awesome add-on offers extra Movies, Catch-up TV, Documentaries, Kids Section, Music, Radio, and Sports classes, making it another top-notch Kodi Genesis alternative.

the magic dragon

Dogs Bollocks renamed the addon Maverick TV and thought of another all-in-one Kodi addon. For example, The Magic Dragon addon came into existence when the Pyramid Kodi addon was shut down.

It consists of Movies, Live TV, documentaries, a Kid’s section, and others.



Seren is a one-of-a-kind rising top pick addon viable with Kodi 19. This well-known video addon upholds premium connections through Real-Debrid, AllDebrid, and other web host providers like Premiumrize. Seren has an immense variety of TV shows and free films. Unlike many older Kodi addons, the hassle-free, no buffer high-definition links make Seren one of the top Kodi builds that are now accessible to anyone looking for a Kodi Genesis alternative.


The add-ons premium connections ensure more transfers that are quicker without all the buffering of the past. Its BitTorrent technology makes for an extraordinary visual streaming experience for any user.


Much Movies HD 

With most Genesis Kodi substitution add-ons, the choice of a source can only be made after selecting the film you need to watch. There are relatively few add-ons that automatically carry out this task without your involvement.

much movies hd

The Kodi Much Movies HD addon might not have a wide selection of movies. However, you will not need to meddle with sources. The replacement for Kodi will have it play for you by simply clicking the number one film you want to watch.

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Is the Genesis Reborn addon still usable?

No it is not available anymore, you can check for our best alternative suggestions for the same.

Which is the most popular Kodi genesis alternative as of 2024?

It is the Exodus Redux addon. The details to download the same has been provided in this article.


Do you have some other choices we didn’t refer to? Do you feel your most loved addon is superior to those recorded here? You can undoubtedly unwind. Knowing that the world of Kodi movie addons or genesis replacements for Kodi is always expanding and increasing in number. The article mentioned above is a quick reference in case you have trouble finding Genesis-related latest Kodi addons.

Lastly, suppose Genesis works for you; then, amazing. If not, you can try any of these add-ons to see what kind of experience they provide. You might even score another number one! Who can be certain?

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