How To Hire Java Developer For Startup: Top Things To Remember

Java has been a widely used programming language for many years now. Due to its platform independence, Java is also popular and used by many big companies. In this article, you will understand how to hire a java developer for a startup.

A Java developer is a person who codes using Java programming syntax and principles. They are responsible for the correct functionality of the software they are working on. The Java Developer solves problems in a mathematical form or while writing any other complex code. They also learn to run a Java Program from command lines. 

If you feel Java is not fore you, you can always switch the technology and go for a .Net development company instead!

How To Hire A Java Developer For The Startup?

To hire a java developer, you need to focus on the knowledge of the candidate applying for the job role.

java developer

It would be best if you assigned skill tests to understand the candidate’s deep understanding. The test could be more than one to know if the candidate can solve the given problem.

Top Things To Remember When Hiring A Java Developer

Below are the key points to remember that you can apply while hiring a java developer for a startup.


To hire a java developer, you must be sure of what skillset you need to recruit, and the candidate applying must match your hiring goals. You need to research and see what requirements should be added to hire a suitable candidate.

skillset for java developers

Countless top app developers in Los Angeles with extensive skill sets that would be valuable to any company. The company’s niche for developing software or any website should be clear to build a good team of developers. Also, remember that those you are approaching for recruitment should have a plus skill to add value to your company. C

Cultural Fit

Behaviour and culture can create a lot of differences in a company’s progress. If the candidate you want to hire doesn’t fit the company’s ethics, that’s not the one. Team collaboration and understanding create a good environment to cope with problems.

cultural fit for java developers

Fitting with culture and co-workers creates a bond where people can ask for help from each other without any hesitation. Try to develop cultural questions and scenarios to test candidates’ ethics and how well they can handle issues without creating chaos. It is the point that can make things simple when you hire a java developer for a startup.

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Java Development Approach

There are various versions of Java, and it might be possible that the developer you are hiring has worked with only a single performance. These candidates may work as short-term as in startups; however, when a business grows, it may ask for different versions or new skills related to Java.

java development approach

While interviewing the developer, ensure they are eager to learn the new approach in java development. You can give them some time to research, showing their interest in the learning part. You can put up some technical questions that need to be solved differently. Doing so will help the developer and the company to grow at the same time.

Java Frameworks

When hiring for a startup, your goal is to grow and stay on top. To achieve that, the developer has to keep themselves updated with the latest, upcoming, and old frameworks used to develop game softwares and websites. It impacts the company as it grows with the newest trend or makes rightful decisions.

java frameworks

Basics and core java knowledge are insufficient, as the developer will also play a major role in the startup. They are responsible for ensuring they take the company on the right path. 

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Hiring Platforms

Today in this huge world of the internet, there are numerous platforms where you can find developers easily. However, not every platform is safe to hire, so you should go for the ones that can be trusted and are widely used.

hiring platforms for java developers

These hiring platforms make your job easy to look for the right developer, and they help you with a lot of professional information regarding the candidate. You can check out their skills, experiences, projects, and personal information to ensure that the person is not fake.

Job Description

When developers apply for jobs on platforms, you want to hire a java developer for the startup; they first go through the job description. If you are unclear about what you would like from the developer in Java, it will negatively impact your hiring process.

job description for java developers

The description should be in-depth and also include a section where you explain what the company does. Be clear with the requirements and the job role, explaining what all the developers would do if hired. Also, an important aspect is if you offer remote jobs for programmers or if they need to go to the office.

Hire For Requirement

You must note that you are not just hiring to fill the position, especially in a startup. Set a long-term goal for the java developer hiring process that should later benefit the company and the developer as well. 

Fill up the java developer position with a candidate with the matched skillset and can go further when required. For example, switching between frameworks and different versions of Java can save you from hiring another candidate all over again.


The java developer should not only complete the given tasks but also be proactive in observing. Observation from a developer’s mindset helps you to see what you cannot. The developer should also participate in giving valuable suggestions to improve.


These gestures will clear your doubts if the developer you will hire, or you have hired is suitable for the company or not. During the interview, you can ask questions about the ongoing problems that need to be solved by the developer.


How much do java developer freelancers charge?

A beginner would charge around $25 per hour, whereas an experienced developer would charge about $160 per hour. This data involves the Upwork freelancer's charges and might differ according to experience.

What basic skills should Java developers have?

A java developer, whether fresher or more experienced, should also know core java, HTML, CSS, and javascript. The object-oriented concepts must be clear, and a good understanding of System Design and Architecture is a plus.

What are the java skills that are in demand?

The various java skills you will find are in demand like spring framework, spring boot, Apache Kafka, REST API, and much more. A java developer with these skills can be a good fit if the company requirements are similar.

Is Java good for a company that is a startup?

Yes, Java is a top pick for various startups for several reasons. It can also differ from firm to firm based on their requirements.


In this article, we have discussed the important pointers to remember to hire a java developer for a startup. Keeping them on your checklist while hiring will make it easy for you to select and approach the correct candidate as a java developer. That will help you fulfil the purpose too.

Building a strong team builds a strong base for the company. While hiring, you can use all the mentioned pointers to make the right decision. Also, you can apply some of the key points to hire for different roles.

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