Top 11 Best Writing Apps For You For Android | 2024

You don’t always need a laptop or a desktop if you have some writing to do. With the everlasting effect of technology in the last decade, many facilities have become available to us that make our lives a little bit easier. Writing has come a long way, from leaves of trees to papyrus to desktop applications that support writing.

But now, all of that is possible even without a laptop. With your smartphone, you can write up a piece just as good as one on a computer without the hassle of procuring one. Also, the app supports a mobile interface. So here we look at the top 6 best writing apps on Android for 2024. 

So if you’re looking for essay writing help or are wondering, “Can Someone Do My Paper?” look no further than your smartphone. With the myriad of apps available to support your writing needs, it has never been easier to get a great piece of content done on the go.

Top 11 Writing Apps For Android

The following are some of the best writing apps to boost your freelancing and writing career. According to the experts at DoMyEssay, you can produce your essay with minimal effort if you use these applications. Also, these apps can help you to analyze your content in a better format.

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Google Docs

You can’t ever go wrong with this application. Google Docs are Google’s weapon against the ever-popular Microsoft Word. The fantastic thing about Google Docs is that they can be saved directly onto your Google Drive, provided they are connected. You can access the same document from any device until you have a good internet connection. Google Docs is a free application, although it comes with a few in-app purchases.

google docs

The app works well, with all the possible functions available for essential to advanced level writing. The file can be saved in several formats, which is a plus. Perhaps, it describes being the best among other writing apps. Also, click here for the latest article-writing software.

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Microsoft Word

If we add Google Docs to the list, there is no way we could leave Microsoft Word out. For over a decade, Microsoft Word has been the undisputed King of creating documents and write-ups on your PC, and just recently, they developed an app that supports Android phones.

microsoft words

Apart from providing all the possible elaborate functions to run a document with ease, it also supports the functionality of mobile phones. Microsoft gives users a could service using which we can use the paper for collaborative work. This feature makes this app different from other writing apps.

Grammarly Keyboard

Ever typed something so quickly that you look up at your screen at the end, and all you can see are words typed in the worst grammatical structure possible? It is where Grammarly Keyboard comes into use.


Grammarly Keyboard is a godsend when we have no option but to use a digital keyboard to write down notes. From simple spelling mistakes to correcting sentence formation, Grammarly handles everything, making the user’s life so much easier. 

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IA Writer

IA Writer has come to Android much later than it hit the iOS market. As stated by the founders, the app’s primary purpose is “to keep you focused on just writing.” iA writer boasts a simple layout to help writers only focus on writing.

ia writer

Along with maintaining a simple topography, the app provides users with full markdown support and a quick preview mode with a swipe across the screen. Another feature is that the app offers an option to save the file in many formats, whatever suits the user. Therefore, this is one of the best writing apps among many.


JotterPad has been designed specifically for writers. It provides some functions for writing novels, screenplays, and other writing work. Features include a dark mode, a word counter, and various visual effects that give the user a proper writer’s feel.


Cloud storage is available with payment but not recommended as the free version has enough features to satisfy the best of writers. Also, it is a definite must for writers. So, apart from the additional fee for cloud storage, this is the featured app in many writing apps. Also, learn the top 9 essay generator tools.

Pure Writer

TPurewriter is another free application available on Android. Like other writing apps, it aims to keep a simple layout to help users focus on their writing. All the required features are available freely on the app, and it also saves as you type, so in case you tend to forget to save your file, you wouldn’t have to worry about this app.

pure writer

Also, if you accidentally delete something, you can retrieve that file in this app. 

For those seeking reliable academic assistance, various platforms offer comprehensive support for various subjects and assignments. Many students often wonder, ‘Is good?’—the answer lies in its track record of delivering quality assistance and expertise.


Evernote enables users to create diagrams, compose notes, and more. The Quick Tag tool is among the most fantastic elements. It allows you to enter remarks on a handwritten tag into the tag portion. You can then use your Evernote account to store the tag for later use.


This iPad note-taking app also has other helpful capabilities, such as creating PDFs and storing files on external devices. You can use it to write down tasks you need to do, track your progress, organize your notes, and more. How to read deleted Reddit Posts? Check Out.


Users who utilize Novelist can take notes and produce lengthy writings because it has a great selection of book templates; novice and experienced authors like it. You will always have your notes if you have an automatic backup.


You can collaborate with authors and industry experts on Novelist’s hassle-free platform. To acquire expert guidance on creating your book, you can use text messages to get in touch with other authors, ghostwriters, and copywriters. Among the most common purposes is gaining peer feedback to improve your writing abilities.

Looking for reliable reviews on various writing tools and services? Check for reliable reviews and recommendations.

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An easy-to-use, minimalist writing app is Markor. It’s a free writing program that works fine for several purposes. It’s a straightforward editor. However, it employs Markdown for formatting. The program provides basic writing functionality, note-taking, a to-do list, and other capabilities. Additionally, you receive offline support, a PDF reader capability, and several other productivity features.

Markor uses fewer system resources than comparable apps. For several coding and markup languages, Markor enables syntax highlighting.

markor writing

It Auto-Save your work with undo/redo capabilities, is available in a dark theme, and is very customizable. Choose a different language than what is on the system for language if you wish: no advertisements or pointless permits. 

Markor demonstrates the potency and expressiveness of plain text. Markor only includes one simplified text editor with no extra editing UI, unlike other office suites or to-do apps. 

Writer Plus

One of the most well-liked writing apps for almost everything is Writer Plus. Rich text formatting, Headers, undo and redo, a night mode, support for right-to-left text, keyboard macros, and tools like Word and character counts are just a few of the capabilities it has for that kind of thing.

writer plus

We enjoy that there is little in the way of actual writing, thanks to the simple navigation and minimal user interface. A simple manual on how to operate everything is also included. It’s not cumbersome like you see with Google Docs or Microsoft Word. However, starting to type right away is incredibly simple and quick. The application is also completely free and ad-free. 

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Is there a tool that can improve your writing?

A writing aid is Grammarly. They offer practical writing advice that is simple to use where you work and promotes greater interpersonal communication. You can use their tools to improve your writing in several areas, including readability, conciseness, clarity, and punctuation, and publish with assurance.

Are books written in Google Docs?

Do Google Docs allow you to write books? Yes. Many authors pick this platform since it is free and offers all the tools necessary to create a book.

What is the ideal platform for book writing?

Squibler, Scrivener, Google Docs, and Microsoft Word are the top four choices. The finest book writing software is Squibler since it is specifically made to assist authors in producing books quickly and simply. It provides many skills to support any author working on any tale.

Is Word superior to Scrivener?

Success for Scrivener. You can use it to establish word counts for the entire project and specific portions. Additionally, it enables you to specify a deadline, which determines how many words you must produce daily to reach the deadline.


Therefore, these were the best-proven writing apps for Android to improvise your skills and boost your career. Although if you want to write in a professional setting or while applying for a job, you should consider hiring cover letter writers as they make sure to get you closest to that job! For casual writing, this article will sort you out! 🙂

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