6 Best Websites To Generate Fake Airline Tickets

This three-month-long quarantine has been rigid on many people, from unemployed adolescents to working mothers to house-husbands. We, the people stuck in isolation with nothing to do, would find the finickiest tricks. While surfing the internet, we stumbled upon websites that generate fake airline tickets. So we thought of sharing this information with you. Sure, the government won’t allow you to travel or see some places, but it wouldn’t be fun to see them laugh or snicker at your stupidity. You can generate fake airline tickets using some websites on your browser. You can send false flight tickets to your work friends, classmates, siblings, or even your parents so that you can mention it is a fake one and record their idiocy on camera.

Using Adobe Photoshop might be a tad more time-consuming, but there are a few websites online that could help you generate fake airline tickets. Ensure we do not take responsibility if your friend shows up at the airport with a fake ticket in hand. Some of the Best Websites To Generate Fake Airline Tickets are Dummyticket.flights, Key Flight, Ticket-o-Matic, Trixo.com, Fake Airline Ticket and Return flights.

This article is for educational purposes only. So give a second glance at this article before running over to a terminal airport. This list is from the most recommended to the least recommended. Please note that these generate fake airline tickets and are way more secure than using Photoshop.

6 Best Websites To Generate Fake Airline Tickets or Boarding Pass

This is our hand-picked descriptive list of websites you can utilize to generate fake airline tickets or boarding passes and prank your acquaintances.


As the name suggests, the site generates fake airline tickets for you or the person in question. The website may ask you for the “from,” “to,” and “when,” which can be anything you like. You can print a dummy ticket once you click on the “go” option. 

dummy flight tickets

The name and seat of the flight can be edited before printing the dummy ticket. There is an option available for emailing the said ticket to your siblings or work friends. The card also mentions that the unplanned visit to another nation is structured and is valid so that you have no expectations of staying in the country longer than needed. 

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Key Flight

An essential flight is an excellent site for phony tickets. This site generates fake airline tickets for free. Critical Flight gives you flight ticket samples, valid flight reservations, and travel visa services. The page has filled in details of “from” departing airport “to” arrival airport with departing date, full passenger name, add-on passenger, PNR, also known as passenger name record, and an email for veritable means. 


The site also allows you to select your preferable airplanes and request a check-in seat. This site will enable you to either download or print the said ticket. 

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This website is the third-best phony website to generate fake airline tickets. This website asks you for a name, from-to-city names, a flight date, boarding time, and the airplane you’d opt for. 

ticket o matic

After the details, the site shows you a .png photo of the fake ticket that could be either “saved” or “emailed to you” or someone you want to “fool.” It is an exceptionally suited option for pranking a friend or a relative. The website mentions downloading a .png version or sending a .pdf text to your email id.

Visit: Ticket-O-Matic


Trixo is another veteran website to generate fake airline tickets. It allows you to mention a “from” and “to” and a “when” after clicking on “book,” the site gives you options of flights that you could select from. The network allows you to choose the number of adults and children. 


The other fields are supposed to be filled with manual methods and currency. The site also lets you see a sample version of the fake/original ticket. Trixo is an official site for booking flight tickets. There’s an option for “download now” for the phony ticket to look more convincing. 

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Fake Airline Ticket

A fake airline ticket is just like other sites that generate fake airline tickets. This site provides replicas of flight tickets or boarding passes. The fake flight tickets also offer dialogue boxes to “from” and “to” options as well as a “when” option. 

fake airline ticket

You can also choose the number of adults or children traveling with you and the other intricates. You click on enter, see the sample for confirmation, and click on pay. After the payment is complete, the site propagates a fake ticket which will be sent to your mentioned email.

Return flights

Return Flights is the last website on our list to generate fake airline tickets. This website allows you to mention the flight details by a manual process. You must say everything from the “itinerary name” to the “time zone difference.” This site may disagree with the previous websites with extensive information and over-the-top minutiae. After filling in the details, click “make a ticket,” the site begins downloading a zip file, which would lead to installing a third application on your desktop.

return flights

You can find the data with a .html extension leading to a website. If you want to send your fake flight ticket to a friend, you can capture the screen of the card on your desktop. There is an option also available to email it to your fellow office companions. Furthermore, the site also allows other fake receipts and whatnot. 

Visit: Return Ticket


How to make a flight ticket for free?

Learn how to secure a free flight ticket by employing these clever techniques. Earn Points by frequently using a particular Airline. You can do frequent transactions through the Airline Credit Card. Secure a complimentary flight ticket by leveraging the benefits of a credit card bonus. Accumulate points by utilizing a non-airline credit card.

Do airlines issue dummy tickets?

Some airlines issue dummy tickets but with terms and conditions applied. These tickets can't be used for Visa but only for non-necessary reasons.

How to generate air tickets from PNR?

Follow the steps to generate an air ticket from PNR: On the airline's website, Click on Manage Booking. Please provide the PNR number and the passenger's last name to proceed. Click on Retrieve Itinerary and download the ticket from PNR.

What is a ghost flight booking?

An airline operates ghost flights, which run regularly with few passengers, often less than 10% of its capacity onboard. Airlines often do this to ensure they fulfill their contractual obligations and retain their valuable assets - airport slots.


So here you go with the 6 Best Websites To Generate Fake Airline Tickets or Boarding Pass. Use these websites to create phony airline tickets and prank your family and friends. Have fun!

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