How To Know If Someone Blocked You On Twitter [Full Guide 2023]

An identical query arises from each user: How to know if someone blocked you on Twitter?” Some individuals utilize the social network Twitter daily to interact. It keeps you informed of the activities of the people you follow. Twitter offers a blocking function to keep users from viewing other users’ accounts. 

If you go to the profile of a user who has blocked your account, a notification letting you know about the block will show up. You may also discover who blocked me on Twitter by using third-party programs.

Twitter allows users to personalize their feeds and block certain items. You’ve come to the right site to solve this problem on Twitter. How to know if someone blocked you on Twitter will be covered in this article. We’ll provide pointers and tactics you can use to know if someone blocks you

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View Your Block List on Twitter 

There are two methods to see who blocked you on Twitter:

You won’t receive a blocking notification if someone does so. These things take place:

  • The person’s tweets aren’t visible to you.
  • Notifications about their account need to reach you.
  • You don’t notice that person’s remarks or responses in a conversation.
  • Technically, you could send them a message, but they wouldn’t get it.

The bad news is that the software gives you no indication of who blocked you on Twitter or when it happened. That said, there is still a technique to discover the person. twitter block listIn particular, you can manually verify and check whether you are on the Twitter blocked list. Even though the process could take some time, you can check it quickly if you have a particular user in mind.

Examining the Twitter Account 

How to know if someone blocked you on Twitter? To determine if you’ve been blocked on Twitter, follow these steps:

  1. Launch the mobile app or go to the Twitter website.twitter web lightmode
  2. Find the person you are looking for. When a user says, “You can’t follow or read [the user’s name] Tweets,” they have blocked you.
    If their profile is visible to you, you have not been blocked. It says, “You’re blocked.”you are blockedSome people might not get a notification when blocked, but Twitter made this choice because it values its users’ privacy. Blocking someone has the same effect.  The point of blocking someone is to avoid unneeded and unwanted contact.

Utilizing Services from Third Parties

Can you see who blocked you on Twitter? There are two major ways to respond to it.

Confirm Manually

The first technique is as simple as going to the Twitter profile page of alleged prohibited accounts. Enter their Twitter profile URL or type in their name in the search field on Twitter. If their bio, most recent tweets, and retweets are viewable in a standard profile view, they have not blocked you. 

The notification “You’re blocked.” appears on Twitter to let you know if you are blocked by the person.blocked in twitterTherefore, you are unable to view or follow tweets, and you won’t be able to follow, unfollow, or modify your interactions with this account, and no tweets or bio will be shown to you.

Use Blolook

Third-party services like Blolook can be helpful if you’re interested in learning how many users have been blocked on Twitter. However, the program doesn’t provide information about the names or twitter handle of the users.

Use it as follows:

  1. Launch a browser, navigate Blolook, and sign into your Twitter account. blolook auth
  2. Check how many individuals have blocked you after that.blolook ss
  3. Blolook is a great Twitter block checker.

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Why Did Someone Block me Without Cause? 

Someone may block you for a variety of reasons, sometimes apparently without Cause. ‘Why would they pick me out?’ what are these people who blocked you on Twitter?

First, many people tend to block others they find objectionable. Because they don’t want to discuss your thoughts, they may have blocked you after you expressed an opinion they disagree with. Even though this may seem like the least effective technique to handle discourse, only some enjoy participating in online discussions.

Second, some Twitter users will block any accounts whose content they find offensive.twitter blockThe actions here could range from sharing hazardous links without trigger warnings to expressing support for celebrities whose appearances they’ve canceled.

The final possibility is that you upset someone, and they choose to block you rather than confront you.

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Is Blocking the Only Option Available?

Even if you aren’t informed when someone adds you to their list of prohibited accounts, Twitter nevertheless notifies you if you visit their profile that you have been barred. An alternative to blocking that doesn’t reveal anything is to mute the other person.blockedTwitter users who have been muted:

  • Ceased to be visible in your Twitter feed
  • Is still able to read your tweets and responses
  • Message you still

When you mute someone, nobody knows; your profile appears completely normal to them.

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How can I tell whether a Twitter account has been deleted?

If you followed the above instructions and the user's account isn't found in the search, they likely closed their account.

I blocked Someone; what happened to my DMs?

Twitter users can send each other private messages, much as on most other social media sites. All of the texts will vanish if either you or they block Someone. Users of Twitter are cannot save messages after barring the receiver.

Can you block Someone without blocking them from your Tweets?

Enable the Protect My Tweets tool to make your tweets private if you stop some users from seeing them without unfollowing them. Users must request to follow you to read your tweets when you choose to protect them.

What's the distinction between Twitter's block and mute options?

Muting reduces online harassment of the media outlet and its employees: Users who have been muted are unaware that they have been muted, and their nasty tweets are not delivered to the targeted account. However, the notification of blocked users can result in a response and further abuse.


This material will meet your needs. Because user’s privacy is Twitter’s top priority, the opportunity to know how to know if someone blocked you on Twitter. You can also read Twitter’s rules for further information.

These are the two best ways to find out how to know if someone blocked you on Twitteras there is no way to receive an alert or see a list of blocked users. However, if someone blocks you on Twitter, you won’t be able to message them and won’t see any of their activities on other Twitter services. Click here to learn how to recover your twitter account if it was suspended!

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