Stores Like Aritzia For All Fashionistas In 2024

If you are obsessed with puff coats, you must have used Aritzia’s products. The trademark of Aritzia has been an oversized puff coat. Providing trendy fashion at reasonable rates has been the main USP of the Vancouver-based brand. Now, if you love Aritzia, then you may want to try some other stores like Agaci.

Aritzia items can be priced in the average to higher range, depending on the specific item. Personally, when it comes to timeless coats, versatile pants, or enduring dresses, we believe the price reflects the quality you’ll receive.

In this exclusive blog of Techyhost, we will provide you with a list of stores like Aritzia. The pricing and the quality are a lot the same. If you adore Aritzia, then you also might like to have a change in taste. And shop from these fantastic stores.

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Stores Like Aritzia

For all fashionholics, we present to you all the stores like Aritzia.


After this blog, you will have no problem selecting your outfit for the day. We have made your work easy-peasy.


The brand is widely known for its awesome aesthetic designs. Having Revolve Group as its parent is a plus point for the store.


The main USP of the Superdown store is providing a wide variety of choices to people. Moreover, the clothes are about 15% cheaper than Aritzia. So, why not try these fantastic clothes at more affordable prices?

Kendall Lace Crop Top is one of the most sold items in the Superdown store. So, you should definitely give it a must-try.

Visit: Superdown


The Uniqlo is a must-try for all who love lightweight clothes. The store is renowned for providing everyday stylish garments with aesthetic designs.

Moreover, the pricing is quite excellent, keeping in mind of budget. This is one of the best stores like Aritzia.


Uniqlo is apt for you if you love wearing cozy loungewear. The pricing of items is around $65 to $180.

Visit: Uniqlo

Joah Brown

If you like simple clothing, Joah Brown is definitely for you. The store is a lot like Aritzia, considering the design, target customers, and pricing.

What separates it from others is that it produces garments for every occasion. Light simple clothes, along with jewelry, can really make you gorgeous.

joah brown

You may love to try the Half Zip Crop Pullover starting at $225 only.

Visit: Joah Brown

Dynamite Clothing

The brand is known for launching new fashion every week. With more than 127 locations, the Quebec-based brand has been ruling hearts for quite some time now.

dynamite clothing

For over 30 years, Dynamite Clothing has been in the market. Get some amazing office outfits here. You can also shop some fabulous cool outfits for a date or prom night.

So, enjoy new fashion every week with Dynamite Clothing.

Visit: Dynamite Clothing

Frank and Oak

Frank and Oak, the Canada-based brand, is renowned for producing sustainable fashion. The fact that they don’t use any kind of polyester makes them so special.

frank and oak

Moreover, the garments are for every occasion. Like Aritzia, clothes are very budget-friendly here. Shop for every essential wear from here and support their noble initiative.

Visit: Frank And Oak


Get some amazing pure 100% Egyptian cotton clothes from Kotn. Enjoy the comfort of wearing these amazingly tailored clothes.


Enjoy some jaw-dropping aesthetic garments at exceptional discounts. You may also visit their official website to avail some amazing offers and deals.

Visit: Kotn

Pixie market

The New York-based store is known for producing high-quality neat fashioned clothes. If you are obsessed with Aritzia stores, you will definitely enjoy it.

pixie market

Clothes for an office home come at amazing prices. Moreover, the aesthetic design and colors are sure to make anyone’s day. In addition, the clothes are well-tailored and designed. So you should obviously visit stores like Aritzia and increase your wardrobe collection.

Visit: Pixie market


Everlane is another US-based fashion brand. It’s a lot like Aritzia, considering the quality or design. Also, the pricing is quite the same.


The everyday go-to clothes are really amazing. In addition, fresh fashion is added every month. So, why wait to enrich your wardrobe with Everlane clothing?

Visit: Everlane

The Frankie Shop

It is another very good alternative to Aritzia. The Frankie Shop is known for producing high-quality clothes at reasonable rates.

the frankie shop

Enjoy comfy clothing this season with The Frankie Shop. Wear them and upload your best shots on Instagram.

Visit: The Frankie Shop


Tkees is an everyday brand for women. Like Aritzia, Tkess is also established in Canada.


It is a go-to brand for anyone who loves to dress lightly. Moreover, the quality is also good. Tkees are known mainly for their waffle jumpsuits. Also, their swimsuits are also very comfortable to wear. So, you should definitely try this brand.

Visit: Tkees


Madewell is a very famous brand widely known for manufacturing beautiful handbags. The jeans and sweaters are also quite amazing.


You can also get everyday matching jewelry from the stores. If you are into Aritzia, you are going to absolutely love the Madewell collection. The pricing is also budget-friendly. We would highly recommend you try Madewell clothing. Without a tinge of doubt, this is one of the best stores like Aritzia.

Visit: Madewell


Nykaa is an Indian company catering to women’s fashion. You can get an amazing collection of jeans and tops from here.


Moreover, Nykaa also has a wide collection of makeup products. Considering the pricing, the products are really good. The price of the products ranges between $15 to $50.

Visit: Nykaa

Lou & Grey 

Get extremely comfortable wears from  Lou & Grey. Loungewear and cashmere are the best-selling products. The brand has made a name for itself by selling quality products at a reasonable rate.

lou & grey 

Moreover, the garments are very durable. You will fall in love with Lou & Grey if you are a fan of Aritzia. We would highly recommend you to try Lou & Grey fashion.

Visit: Lou & Grey 

So, now choose your fashion and win the world with these fantastic alternatives of Aritzia stores.

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We know you may have a lot of questions regarding fashion and stores. We answer them here.

Are Aritzia Clothes Of Good Quality?

Airtzia is known for providing great quality goods for youngsters at reasonable rates. So if you still haven’t tried Aritizia, we highly recommend you to try it.

Is Aritzia A Women’s Brand?

Artizia produces clothes solely for women. It is a Vancouver-based women’s fashion brand.

Is Aritzia Popular?

Aritzia is very popular among youngsters for providing good quality funky, fashionable clothes at reasonable rates. Young women especially adore the brand.

What Are Aritzia’s Most Sold Products?

Aritzia effortless pant dupe is the best seller product in the market. In addition, their puff coats are also very popular.

How Much Do Aritzia Puff Coats Cost?

Aritzia puff coats cost, around $250 to $300.

Does Aritzia Have An Online Store?

Yes, Aritzia is an online store as well. You may also get some fantastic offers on their website.

We hope we have answered all your doubts.


To sum it up, we believe we have provided some amazing alternatives like Aritzia. These clothing stores like Aritzia have some fantastic products at excellent rates. All these stores have been selected by our group of fashion and lifestyle experts. So you can trust our content. To learn more about the fashion world, follow Techyhost to become a fashionista today. So, that is it for today now; see you in the next blog.