Best Sailing Channels On Youtube In 2024 | Top 10

We’ve compiled among the most popular sailing videos available, but we’ve also included some of our absolute favorite up-and-coming channels that you may not be familiar with.

There are several Sailing channels you can watch on YouTube. But some of the best and our favorites are:

  • Sailing Doodles
  • SV Delos
  • Blondie for Sails
  • Seaworthy
  • SV Prism

These sailing channels provide viewers with the most entertaining and knowledgeable videos. So, look no further if you want to be amused and educated!

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Top 10 Sailing Youtube Channels

Here is the list of the best Sailing Youtube Channels:

Sailing Doodles

Sailing Doodles is a channel that is a great resource for sailing tips and tricks. The Channel is run by a group of sailors who have been sailing for many years and are willing to share it with others.sailing doodlesThe episodes on this channel are short (about 1-2 minutes), so it doesn’t get boring if you watch one episode per day or week. One person presents the videos at a time in an interview format where they talk about their experience as well as share advice with others who want to learn more about how best to handle certain situations while sailing on small vessels such as kayaks or canoes.

Visit: Sailing Doodles


Seaworthy is one of the best youtube sailing channels. The channel has over 2 million subscribers, and it’s growing by the day. Seaworthy has been around for years, but it still is one of the best sources for novice sailors.seaworthyThe videos are very educational and have lots of information about how to sail a boat or even just how to tie knots if you don’t know! 

Visit: Seaworthy

SV Delos

The SV Delos is a sailing channel that offers both novice and experienced sailors the opportunity to learn more about sailing, whether it’s through videos or podcasts. The content on this channel is well-written and presented in an accessible manner that makes it easy for viewers unfamiliar with sailing terminology or techniques to understand what they’re delosThe daily upload schedule consists of about one new video every day (with some exceptions), but there are usually several updates per week as well. You can also find regular interviews with experts who talk about their experiences as sailors; these interviews cover everything from how boarding boats work best, how long lines should be when changing directions at angles greater than 45 degrees off course (which will affect lines during lee trials), how far out into open water one should go when they first start on their journey toward becoming an expert sailor…and so forth!

There aren’t many subscribers yet—it’s still early days—but if you want more information before diving headfirst into this channel, check out our full review below.

Visit: SV Delos

Blondie 4 Sails

Blondie 4 Sails is the best sailing channel on YouTube. The Channel owner Blondie has been sailing since the 1980s, and he has been around for a very long time, so you know what you’re getting with him.blondie 4 sails

He has videos of sailing trips, but also videos about how to sail and how to prepare for your next trip. He’s a great guy with lots of knowledge about boats and boating in general, so if you’re looking for a good resource on learning about boats or just want someone who knows their stuff when it comes to boating, then this is worth checking out!

SV Prism

SV Prism is a sailing channel that focuses on the adventures of a family and their boat. It was created in 2014 by a family of four who lives in the San Francisco Bay area. The channel has over 200,000 subscribers and over 100 million prismThe channel follows them as they travel around California with their sailboat, Prisma. They also do videos about land-based activities like hiking or kayaking, which adds variety to what would otherwise be just more sailing videos!

Visit: SV Prism

Captain Kate Mackenzie

You might not have heard of Captain Kate Mackenzie, but she’s one of the most well-known professional sailors in the world. She has sailed with some of the biggest names in yachting and won many awards along with them.captain kate mackenzieShe honed her skills as a young girl around Sydney Harbour before moving to Europe to pursue her career as an Olympic sailor. When she returned home after several years away, she joined Australia’s Team New Zealand, which won its first America’s Cup title in 1995. And then she started Kate Mackenzie.

Visit: Captain Kate Mackenzie


Passagemaker is a sailing channel that has been around for over a decade and has over 1.5 million subscribers. They also own a ship which they use to film some of their videos, so you can see what it’s like to live aboard one! The couple travels worldwide, searching for good weather conditions for filming purposes (they want to capture footage at its best).passagemakerThey record everything from deck plans to how they build their boats; there’s plenty of behind-the-scenes footage where we get to see how they shoot underwater shots. They also post how they interview other sailors who have experienced similar things themselves!

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The Boat Galley

The Boat Galley is a YouTube channel with over 1.3 million subscribers and over 400 videos. The channel was created by Elayna Carausu, a sailing instructor from Miami, with her husband, who also shares tips on how to cook while traveling in their boat galley.the boat galleyThe Boat Galley offers many different types of content, such as cooking videos, sailing tips, reviews, and more!

Visit: The Boat Galley

Elayna Carausu

Elayna Carausu is a YouTube channel that is dedicated to sailing and boating. Her videos feature sailing tips, gear reviews, and more! She has more than 1.5 million YouTube subscribers, making her one of the most popular sailboat channels on the internet.elayna carausuThe best part about Elayna Carausu’s channel is that you can watch it anywhere you want. Whether on a Phone, computer, or even on a TV.

The Awesome Fishing Show

After you’ve watched the video, you’ll know everything about the best fishing spots in Europe.

The first episode of this series is called “Totally Awesome Fishing Show,” It contains many useful tips on how to fish with your own equipment. You can find out what rods and reels are best for catching different kinds of fish. Or which tackle boxes are best suited for saltwater or freshwater fishing?the awesome fishing showIn this video, they talk about some of the most popular places where people go fishing every year: Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary (FL), Florida’s panhandle beaches (FL), The Bahamas Islands (Bahamas), Maine Maritime Academy (Maine), New Hampshire Seacoast region (New Hampshire).

Visit: Awesome Fishing Show

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Why watch these Sailing YouTube channels?

If you’re looking for a good laugh, I highly recommend checking out Seaworthy while you’re at it. It’s a collection of short videos that are sure to leave you smiling. Check out SV Delos or Blondie 4 Sails if you want more serious content. And if you want something that combines comedy and education, head over to Captain Kate Mackenzie’s channel for some fun facts about boats!sailing

One thing I learned from watching these channels is that everyone has their take on life on board the ship, whether singing songs or telling stories about their crew, even if they prefer hanging out in small groups or working alone. Whether they’re using social media as an outlet for creativity (like Passagemaker). Even if they are trying new things like learning how to build a boat (like Elayna Carausu).

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At age 60, would it be too late to start learning to sail?

Sailing is an endeavor that anyone of any age can enjoy. It is also still not too late to acquire knowledge of sailing. Sailing programs can be found in almost every state with a coastline or a large lake. Instructors make no distinctions; in fact, numerous master sailing tutors are retired.

In which nation is sailing the most popular?

Every year, Greece is by far the most popular sailing destination, with much more people sailing there than anywhere else on the planet.

Is sailing strenuous on your body?

When going to perform exploding, potent moves, such as the ones required when sailing, muscles are put at risk. The constant managing of the mainsheet causes shoulder and arm injuries, and the unexpected, powerful movements of hiking can cause back and knee problems.

Which is the most difficult ocean to sail in?

Sailing through the Indian Ocean became a difficult task due to its reputation as one of the world's most dangerous ocean waters.

Is sailing becoming less popular?

Sailing's popularity has declined dramatically since the 1980s since more than 12.5 million Americans cruised for leisure or sport. In fact, there are only 2.5 million Americans who sail nowadays.

You’ve heard of some of the best sailing youtube channels, but what about the rest? From top-tier sailing content to popular lifestyle shows and everything in between.


Different categories on YouTube are available such as music, education, arts, comedy, photography, and more. However, check out all the Sailing channels listed above if you’re searching for sailing encouragement. Even if you want to observe, some talented sailors do their thing. 

And who knows what else? Perhaps viewing a few of these videos will empower you to get out on the water yourself!

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