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Over the years, Youtube has been flooded with so many channels belonging to different genres, and one genre that doesn’t get much attention is horror. However, you might not believe that so many horror and mystery channels on Youtube have a dedicated fan following and millions of subscribers. These channels are favorites among true crime lovers and people invested in supernatural and mysterious stories. If you are among them, you might wonder which creepy Youtube channels are the best. 

For this list, we’re looking at the best channels for telling scary stories; don’t turn out the lights for this one.
  • Corpse Husband. 
  • Rob Gavagan
  • Nexpo
  • Creepy Pasta
  • Lazy Masquerade
  • Chills
  • Buzzfeed Unsolved
  • Scary Mysteries
  • Reignbot
  • Ballen

creepy youtube channels

These are some of the best channels of the horror and mystery genre.

This article will divulge the details about the kind of content each channel produces. So please read on to learn more about the Best Creepy YouTube Channels.

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Top 10 Best Creepy YouTube Channels

Let’s discuss the top ten best creepy YouTube channels mentioned below.

Corpse Husband

Corpse Husband is one of the best creepy Youtube channels, with over 7 million subscribers. Recently the channel has moved on to gaming content; however, the scary videos posted earlier are still there on the channel to spook you out. These creepy videos are the ones that have amassed this many subscribers for this channel. corpse husband

Since its launch in 2015, Corpse Husband has risen to great popularity. The channel has 103 videos and over 300 million views in its kitty. Corpse Husband has many loyal followers who provide their creepy personal stories to the channel to narrate.

Visit: Corpse Husband

Rob Gavagan

Rob Gavagan started his Youtube channel in 2012. He posts around 2-3 videos monthly about creepy happenings, unanswered mysteries, and serial killers. Apart from these videos, the channel also has videos about bizarre things like terrifying sea creatures, horrible medical conditions, and cruel ancient practices.rob gavagan

This scary Youtube channel currently has around 3.11 million subscribers and 550 videos with more than 570 million views. Unlike other creepy Youtubers, Rob often appears on his channel as a host. He has also developed a line of coffee mugs and stickers.

Visit: Rob Gavagan

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Nexpo’ is one of the best creepy youtube channels that post more than just horror stories. The videos on the channel cover paranormal tales and genuinely bizarre topics that will creep you to the core. There are videos on AR games with horror themes, weird viral videos, and deeply researched content on upsetting incidents near us. These videos are usually lengthy. They cover every tiny detail of the topic in question. nexpo

The way this channel presents its videos with a doubtful approach makes them more intriguing and acceptable. This channel is best for people who incline true stories or cases that can be significant scientific and paranormal debate topics.

Visit: Nexpo

Creepy Pasta

Mr. CreepyPasta is among the scariest channels on Youtube currently. It has more than 1.61 million subscribers who diligently watch the videos. Here a masked Mr. Creepy Pasta narrates spooky horror stories. These stories are usually urban legends circulated as true accounts on the web. He has also published two book compilations of horror stories on youtube channels.

creepy pasta

Since its launch in 2011, this channel has grown enormously and has posted around 2500 videos garnering 305 million views. If dramatic narration and spine-chilling anecdotes are your things, this channel is the place to be.

Visit: Creepy Pasta

Lazy Masquerade

A list of the best creepy Youtube channels is complete with the mention of Lazy Masquerade. This channel was launched in 2008 and had more than 260 uploads. It is a hub of videos covering unsettling mysteries, bizarre incidents, and explorations of problematic channels and creepy camera footage.lazy masquerade

Some of these videos focus on Southeast Asia, a part of the world with many intriguing and scary tales to recount. The unique storytelling makes the stories chilling, especially at night. Therefore this channel is a must for horror and mystery buffs.

The channel has more than 200 million views from 1.3 million subscribers. The channel also has an online store where fans can buy Lazy Masquerade’s official merchandise. 

Visit: Lazy Masquerade


Chills is another option for horror stories YouTube channel by the Canadian Youtuber Dylan, who creates videos about paranormal activity, conspiracy theories, and every strange phenomenon around us. Since its launch in 2016, the channel has flourished immensely, with 5.85 million subscribers. Dylan uploads two videos weekly and has around 477 videos on the channel with more than 1 million views.chills

Dylan’s unique tone of narration makes his videos spookier to watch. He recounts the stories with a blank expression. It enhances the ‘creepy’ factor, making it more disturbing to watch. 

Visit: Chills

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Buzzfeed Unsolved

With over 5 million subscribers and 2 billion views, Buzzfeed Unsolved is amongst the best creepy Youtube channels for paranormal and mystery tales fans. The two hosts, Ryan Bergara and Shane Madej explore the mysterious incidents and ghostly happenings around the world in an investigative manner. It makes their story more believable and exciting.buzzfeed unsolved

Their undeniable chemistry is an absolute treat as they embark on their mission to uncover a new mystery in each video. The channel also focuses on videos about the life of many infamous criminals from history, which every true crime story fan will love to watch. 

Visit: Buzzfeed Unsolved

Scary Mysteries

Scary Mysteries is a channel that will keep you hooked with its weird and bone-chilling mystery videos. These videos are generally 15-20 minutes long and explore the most bizarre stories around the globe. There are videos on UFO sightings, unsolved missing person cases, terrifying homicides, serial killers, and paranormal cases. scary mysteries

The channel posts 3 new videos every week for you to binge-watch. So far, they have uploaded around 580 videos garnering more than 7 million subscribers and 162 million views. 

Visit: Scary mysteries

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Reignbot is an absolute favorite among fans of true creepy stories and urban legends. The channel has over 1.3 million subscribers and produces new videos twice or thrice a month. However, these videos are viral as they cover real-life crime stories and mysterious happenings without explanation.reignbot

Moreover, the channel allows viewers to share their real-life experiences and opinions about the stories they cover. There are 175 videos on the channel, and since its launch in 2015, it has managed to attract 151 million total views.

Visit: Reignbot


Ex-Navy soldier John B. Allen hosts this channel with a dedicated following of more than six million subscribers. It is trendy among true crime story fans. MrBallen is a great storyteller and presents inexplicable stories with dramatic narrations. They are both engaging and intriguing for the viewers.ballen 

Thanks to the relatable and straightforward presentation, MrBallen started in 2015 and currently has over 1 million views. Moreover, His light-hearted mannerisms keep the viewers hooked for hours. It lets the viewer enjoy them as a discussion among friends.

Visit: Ballen


What are the best Creepy Youtube Channels?

Many creepy channels on Youtube are very popular, such as Mr.Creepy Pasta, Chills, Corpse Husband, Mr. Ballen, etc.

What Are Some Popular True Crime Channels On YouTube?

Some popular true crime channels you might enjoy are True Crime daily, Criminally Listed, Dark Curiosities, Eleanor Neale, etc.

What Are The Most Inappropriate YouTube Channels?

Some channels that are not appropriate for certain audiences are Jake Paul, Joey Salads, IDubbbz, Onision, Dramaalert, etc.

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There are many more such creepy and scary channels available on Youtube that you can explore. However, choosing the channel for you depends on your interest and choices. Hopefully, our compilation of the best creepy Youtube channels helped you decide.