Picasa Replacement Apps You Should Use in 2023

Picasa was one of the most incredible photos and graphic kind applications or software until google displaces it with Google photos. Here, we see some apps that are picasa replacement.

Though google photos took the place of Picasa, people are still in search of an alternative to it with multiple features. And there are plenty of applications on the market, but in this blog, we will cover the top 10 options of Picasa and talk about why they are best. Of course, you have to pay for some applications as picasa replacement, and some are free.

Best Picasa Alternatives

Here are the 10 best Picasa replacements, you must check out.

Luminar 4

First, as a picasa replacement, Luminar 4 is a premium AI (Artificial Intelligence) based editing software in the market. It’s most potent in editing original photographs and getting technical edits using techs such as masking and layers. With the power of AI, this software automatically recognizes objects and helps to edit them selectively.

luminar 4

This software supports both Windows and macOS systems. Luminar is almost the same in both operating systems. But the macOS version allows setting surrounding cache size, catalog-based location, and backup option.

Users will fall in love with its easy and powerful editing process. But some professionals may be disappointed by its slow browse speed and the way it’s structured.

This is a good picasa alternative.

Visit: Luminar 4

Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom is the industry standard premium application. It may not be AI-based software like Luminar 4 but has a vast array of processing images.

It has fast image management and organization, face detection and marking, tools that help color correction like experts.

adobe lightroom

 Lightroom, as a picasa replacement, is easy to use and not only the best for professionals but also for beginners. There are two versions of Lightroom for pc users, Lightroom Classic and Lightroom. Lightroom Classic will work, save the files on your local computer, and design Lightroom to work with cloud storage.

 And most impressive part, there is a mobile version of Lightroom’s available name Lightroom CC that gives a chance to edit your image at any time.

Visit: Adobe Lightroom


Third, as a picasa replacement, Flickr is one of the top photo and video hosting sites for amateur and professionals to host high-resolution photos online. It’s free to encourage casual users and has premium features for professionals to share photos with clients or commercial use.


One of the great features of Flickr is to organize your photos through an Album. This feature ensures your images do not appear in random place whether people can find all in one place.

Visit: Flickr

Microsoft Photos

Fourthly, as a picasa replacement which is free on platforms like Xbox One, Windows PC, mobiles, Microsoft Photos is one of the best alternatives for Picasa.

microsoft photos

You can edit, organize photos, make videos and do much more on Microsoft photos. Also, putting 3D effects like butterflies, lasers, or explosions can be easily added to make the overall activity enjoyable. It is a simple touch interface along with face and object detection and auto album creation.

Visit: Microsoft Photos

Faststone Image Viewer

What to use instead of picasa? We have FastStone Image Viewer is a picasa replacement. It is a Windows-compatible image browser, converter, and editor that supports all kinds of graphic formats.

faststone image viewer

 In addition, it has an excellent array of specialties such as image viewing, supervision, contrast, red-eye removal, emailing, resizing, cropping, coloring modifications, artistic slideshow, and much more.

After releasing version 7.5, the application supports audio tracks if you configure them manually. Thus, this application can be an all-in-one-pack solution for professional and casual users.

Visit: Faststone Image Viewer


 Digikam is an application that you can immediately start creating, importing, partitioning, editing, or taking pictures. The application does not have any specific customer requirements and does not come with malware or other harmful applications for the computer. To start the application, connect your camera to the application and let digiKam do the rest.


DigiKam comes with a professional photo management system with tag, compares, and processing photo collection features. In addition, it gives users the ability to load 12 and 16-bit Raw image files and work with a few depth details.

It’s a free and open-source application that supports both Windows and macOS.

Visit: DigiKam

Google Photos

How can you ignore the application that replaces Picasa? I am just kidding.

Google photos is a cloud-based storage system for your photos, videos to keep them safe, and it’s free. Most importantly, It comes in handy with organizing tools, media creation tools, editing tools, etc.

google photos

It has an attractive ad-free interface and solid facial recognition facility.

Google photo integrates with the android operating system as well as computer os systems. 

The social sharing option gives you the power to share your pictures on social media. And also write a message with it.

Visit: Google Photos


Darktable brings file supervision and advanced raw editing in one very proficient and accessible piece of software available to install on Windows, Mac, or Linux machines.

 As free, open-source software, Darktable is very powerful. Overall, Artists consider this a perfect replacement for Picasa.

Darktable requires a little refinement and some of the more complicated features of Lightroom or Luminar. Still, its capacity to prepare a wide variety of raw files. And use professional-quality color areas are great for photographers on a budget.

darktable Picasa replacement

For those on a low budget looking to avoid premium software, it’s a good choice – and the photo supervision tools it allows make it a good one of the best Google Picasa alternatives.

Visit: Darktable

Zoner photo studio X

Zoner photo studio x is a generic photo application with RAW processing images, presets, retouching, video editing, cataloging, and so many other things.

Therefore, It is a picasa 3 replacement.

zoner photo studio x Picasa replacement

Above all, organizing empower helps to browse photos by location, GPS coordinate, color ratings that never lose track of your editing adventure. In addition, you can turn your photo content into gifts like a photo book, calendar, and videos.

Visit: Zoner photo studio X


What is the replacement for Picasa? Phototheca is intended for Windows machines and gives users a manageable means of organizing an extensive library of images — probably hundreds of thousands without slowing down your computer.

This app allows a fast and straightforward means of importing photos and videos from various references and devices.

phototheca Picasa replacement


This is the last app as a picasa replacement. You can classify your digital media according to events, dates, and keywords or drag photos and videos into albumsIn addition, Phototheca is an effective and affordable choice for Picasa for Windows users.

Visit: Phototheca

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In conclusion, what is the best Picasa replacement? Meanwhile, the choices for editing are pretty fundamental. But if you have a massive archive of images that need systematic organization.