How To Get Free Google Play Codes? [Easy Guide]

You’ve come to the right spot if you’re looking for a free Google Play redemption code. Free Google Play vouchers are available in several different forms. We will discuss the finest methods to get free Google Play codes.

Once you have completed the survey, a confirmation page will appear, displaying the credit amount applied to your Google payment profile. To redeem your credit, you can tap on the “Play Store” button on the mobile app’s home screen or shop directly from the Google Play store.

Free Google Play vouchers are available through third-party websites such as PayPrizes, CashNGifts, GPlay Reward, Google Opinion Rewards, Swagbucks, FeaturePoints, FreeMyApps, etc. Therefore, using these codes, you can purchase any premium app or game from the Google Play Store. A fantastic approach to obtaining free Google Play Store credits is with Google Play Code Free. You can earn a significant amount of accessible credit that you can use to make purchases at the store with a tiny bit of work. For more information on how to obtain free Google Play codes, continue reading.

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How To Get Free Google Play Codes? 

How to get free Google Play codes? Here are the third-party websites to get free google play codes.


The well-known website Pay Prizes offers free Google Play Gift cards for downloading any app or completing the required task. On this website, you can view a brief advertisement or download an app in exchange for prizes.

pay prizes


You can easily earn 1000–5000 points by using this chance. Then, you may exchange these points for a $10 Google Play Gift Card. On the website PayPrizes, you can convert your earned points into Play Store and Google Play gift card codes.


This program also has several additional outstanding features that make it stand out as one of the best. After completing tasks, you can use the CashNgifts app to earn rewards points. Once these assigned activities are finished, you can cash your accrued reward points for actual money. cashngiftsUsers of the CashNgifts app can also use it to recharge and pay their bills. Therefore, using this google play redeem code for free, you can purchase any app from the Google Play Store.

GPlay Reward

You can obtain the Google Play Credit by exchanging 1000 points for a $10 Google Play Gift Card. Another reliable way to redeem the google play code free is through GPlay Reward, also known as the “Get Paid To” website.

gplay rewardYou can purchase gift cards on this website that range in value from $10 to $25 and $50. You can earn many points with GPlay Reward’s survey routers, daily incentives, video advertising, and walls.

Google Opinion Rewards

How to get free Google Play codes? Another great option to earn free Google Play Gift Card Codes is through Google Opinion Rewards. Join up for Google Opinion Rewards and complete the surveys emailed to you to earn rewards.

google opinion rewardsThe number of surveys you receive from this website weekly will depend on availability. You can make $1 after completing each of these surveys. This website has worked with outside businesses and might seek comments from other websites.

Google Opinion Rewards surveys could ask you about your favorite soft drink brands or logo styles that you might appreciate.


You can earn points at the well-known website Swagbucks by doing surveys, participating in games, viewing movies, and making purchases online. swagbucksYou may get a free Google code at the Swagbucks reward store by exchanging 5000 points for a $50 gift card. Using Swagbucks, you may earn a free Google code for your smartphone apps.


You will have the chance to earn extra Feature Points by installing many free apps. You might find games, movies, books, music, and other messenger apps among these apps, which change frequently and can be used to earn points. You will receive points after downloading and using these free apps on your cell phones.

featurepointsYou can use your points to buy Google credits, free Google Play Gift Card Codes, and other paid software. You must exchange points worth $10 and $15 for pricey apps and Google Play coupons. This is another excellent method for racking up many points.


You can acquire a free play store redeem code from AppNana and accumulate nanas (points) by downloading games and apps. appnanaYou will receive 400 points daily as you sign in to your AppNana account. In this method, you may exchange these nanas or points for Google Play Store gift cards, iTunes gift cards, Amazon gift cards, and Xbox gift cards. You may use your points to buy programs from the AppNana Store and redeem Gift Cards.


Another program to earn free Google Play Codes is FreeMyApps. You can earn more points if you recommend this app to your friends and participate in social media contests. Additionally, downloading sponsored applications and other games when available will win you bonus points.

freemyappsWith a unique feature, FreeMyApps rewards you with points for watching YouTube videos. Additionally, all users of this software receive $27 million in gift cards. These are acquired through the trade of in-game money and Google Play Codes.


Another excellent software for collecting free Google Play Codes is JunoWallet, which gives you many opportunities for google play codes to redeem. You can earn points by installing apps, playing games, providing feedback or completing surveys, and watching various movies, just as with the other apps and websites.

junowalletThe JunoWallet App has a special function that enables you to make calls and receive rewards in exchange for free Google Play Money Codes. It would be best to unwrap the surprise goodies before they vanish because they only last 10 seconds.

You can earn hidden incentives by recommending this award to your family and friends. As a result, introducing friends will make you extra money; the more you use JunoWallet, the more points you get. Additionally, you may convert your points or credit into Google Play Gift Card Codes to access various free apps.

You may complete as many surveys as you’d like each day. For completing most 15-minute surveys, you can receive $10 in Google Play gift cards with 1,080 points.

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How can I acquire a Google Play redemption coupon for nothing?

With Google Opinion Rewards, users may earn money by taking surveys in exchange for free Google Play redemption tickets. Your Google Pay balance will be credited with this money, which you can use to make any transactions.

Can I get Google Play Points for free?

There are several ways to get free Google Play credit: Use websites and applications to get gift cards in your spare time. Complete the surveys to redeem code from the google play store. You are earning incentives for shopping by using cash-back shopping apps.

What is A Google gift code?

Use a Google Play gift code to unlock extra content in games like Clash Royale or Pokemon GO, or get the newest apps, music, movies, books, and other items. No credit card is necessary, and balances never run out.

What is a redemption code?

A gift certificate, promotional voucher, or another promotional offer may have a redemption code that must be entered to redeem a benefit.


It is all about how to get free Google Play codes. Using the Google Play Redeem Code, you can get free play credits on the Play Store and free in-app purchases and diamonds. So you can easily avail of these codes using third-party apps. With the help of this post, you can obtain these codes.

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