10 Best Apps To Change Eye Colour For Android And iOS

Are you planning to buy a colored pair of lenses or take some nice selfies with different eye colors for fun? Although many apps to change eye color through special effects, picking the ones that work can be a task. The following eye editor apps can help you do that. 

The top best apps to change eye color:

  • Pixl
  • Eye color studio
  • Foxeyes
  • Facetune2editor
  • Airbrush

To save you some extra effort and time, we have compiled the 10 best apps to change eye color through advanced software using special effects. Find out what eye color-changing app works for you, and have fun.

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Here Are The Best Apps To Change Eye Colour

Let’s review the best apps that can help you change your eye color.


Does the night light make your eyes in pictures look annoyingly red? Pixl can help you edit that. It is the most versatile of the eye color apps that allows you to retouch your pictures for a smooth and social media-worthy look. The app’s software uses artificial intelligence to detect and remove red eyes and change eye color through the editor.

pixlThe app does not use flashy whitewashed settings but makes your pictures look like a professional clicked them. Capture something creative, as the app is available on Android and iOS. 

Download: Pixl – Play Store

Eye Color Studio

Eye Color app helps you buy colored lenses that suit you. It gives hundreds of colors and effects to check out. This lets you make the best decision for your eye lenses. With an easy and simple interface, you can switch the modes from picking eye colors to the animal lens effect.

eye color studioWhat this app offers is an option that allows you to create and personalize how you want your eye color to look. On uploading a photo of your friend or a pet with mesmerizing eyes, you can copy and have a beautiful pair set ready within seconds.

Download: Eye Color Studio – Play Store

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Why upload pictures with boring, repetitive filters when you can try out FoxEyes to add a bit of hinge and exoticness to your style? If you want to try something fun and catchy, then FoxEyes is the best app to color your eyes.

foxeyesMake your eyes similar to those in your favorite anime. Go on a wild hunt with filters that make your eyes look similar to the animal you pick. The app also allows you to change the eye color and enhance your photos with realistic effects to improve your social media feed. It is only available for Android users.

Facetune2 Editor

Developed by Lightricks, Facetune2 Editor has over a million users worldwide using abundant features to beautify their pictures and selfies. A simple and easy interface allows the users to use several editing tools with tons of filters for retouching. You can do a complete makeover by removing the blemishes and getting real results.

facetune2 editorAmong many apps to change eye color, Facetune2 Editor lets the users take advantage of stunning features that make your eyes look sparkly and enlarge them, and even have standing eyelashes. You can access both Android and iOS applications to create magical selfies.

Download: Facetune2 Editor – Play Store, Facetune2 Editor – App Store


Airbrush uses the power of AI to improve any portrait in the blink of an eye without changing the picture’s quality. A multifunctional tool airbrush offers many options to alter your pictures to make them look enhanced with quick editing.

airbrushTo change the color of the eyes, you will be required to select a picture you want to edit and then go to the eye color changing mode. And within seconds, the AI will do its magic, making your pictures realistic and 10x better.

Download: AirBrush – Play Store, AirBrush – App Store

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Adobe Photoshop Fix

If you are a perfectionist, Adobe Photoshop Fix is the app you want. It allows you to follow the traditions; photoshopping with Adobe Photoshop not only changes the color of your eyes but enhances the features of your face with healing tools.

adobe photoshop fixYou can use the paint tool to select the color of your eyes and edit it with pure authenticity. If you have some experience operating Photoshop editing applications and software, then Adobe Photoshop Fix can be a good platform for you to be creative.

Download: Adobe Photoshop Fix –  Play Store

Eye Color Changer Makeup 

This platform is for iPhone users, providing a fun experience with simple face recognition technology and easy-to-use effects. You can try on over a hundred contact lenses and see which ones look perfect on your face. With other features, the application also offers a premium version with an annual subscription. The subscription removes the ads and gives access to some additional features.

eye color changer makeup Overall it is a great app even if you are deciding what color contact lens you should buy. It allows you to try out different colored lens effects with precise adjustments and realistic results.

Download: Eye Color Changer Makeup – App Store


Another app that lets you go by the tradition of Photoshop editing with more freedom of being creative. PicsArt makes 8th position on our list of apps to change eye color because it might be a tricky application for beginners. However, a practiced editor can make good use of the app. It has tools to alter the facial shapes, the size of eyes, nose, and lips, including the body’s curves and the eyes’ colors.

picsartPicsArt is also available for Android and IOS users and gives an immersive experience to the users.

Download: PicsArt – Play Store, PicsArt – App Store

Hair And Eye Color Changer

A fun and super easy-to-use app, hair and eye color changer gives you hundreds of options for different eye colors and hair colors. You can try on different colors to see what color suits best your type of facial structure and appearance. 

hair and eye color changerThe application, available only for Android users, allows you to use a long list of colored lenses with more than 40 hair colors to try out. You can also have a fun little photo session.

Download: Hair And Eye Color Changer – Play Store, Hair And Eye Color Changer – App Store

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Eye Color Changer Camera

The Eye color changer camera, which is available for Android users, is an application that automatically changes the color of your eyes as you take pictures with it. That doesn’t mean it can’t edit your gallery photos. It combines the best features of both worlds.

eye color changer cameraIt has several shades of orange, blue, green, and even rainbow effects with other combinations that work efficiently with an easy interface and smooth switching. 

Download: Eye Color Changer Camera – Play Store


Do eye-changing apps allow you to edit other features of your face?

Many applications allow a full face touch-up and editing apart from only changing the eye color.

Can you edit hair color on all the eye color-changing apps?

Applications developed specifically for editing eye colors will not have the feature of changing hair color. However, apps can edit both eyes and hair on a single platform.

Do you require a premium version for using the eye editing feature in photo editing apps?

Only a few photo editing apps will require a premium version for eye color-changing effects. However, you can buy a premium version to access a full set of colored lenses.

Does one need advanced editing skills to use eye color-changing apps?

Anyone from an amateur to an advanced editor can use editing applications and software to play with the colors of eye lenses.


With that, our list of best apps to change eye color ends. We hope you find interesting applications to make your perfect pictures look more catchy and get your social media feed more attention.