Bluetooth Smart Glasses: Top 8 Glasses You Must Try

Worldwide, smart eyewear is now at the forefront of wearable technology. The global market worth is estimated to be worth over $6 billion, with a compound annual growth rate exceeding 10% until 2031. This comes as more people digitalize various aspects of their daily routine, including everything from learning and work to healthcare and entertainment. That said, one aspect that bluethooth smart glasses are notably improving is accessibility. This is why, among many other features, several leading smart specs today use Bluetooth. Read below to find out some of the best Bluetooth smart glasses available today.


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Ray-Ban Stories

Created in partnership with tech titan Meta, the Ray-Ban Stories are the eyewear leader’s first foray into intelligent innovations. Much like their traditional style, these Ray-Ban sunglasses come in iconic silhouettes, like the Wayfarer. As such, these are much less cumbersome than typical smart glasses. Subtly embedded into their frames are open-ear speakers, a five-mic system, and ultra-wide 12MP cameras. These enable users to seamlessly take calls, listen to audio, shoot images, and share them online. Newer generations even use AI, so a simple voice command (“Hey Meta!”) can activate a virtual assistant. You can connect specs with your phone via Bluetooth for added connectivity. 

XReal Air 2

Designed for maximum immersion, the XReal Air 2 is a sleeker take on AR sunglasses. Meant to take gaming and streaming to the next level, these Bluetooth smart glasses boast Sony 0.55 micro-OLED displays and powerful speakers. What’s more, the Pro version even has an impressive lens-dimming feature. This enables users to alternate between clear and dark lenses depending on their preference and the task. You can also pair them with smartphones.

Rokid Max

The Rokid Max is a more fashion-forward pair of  Bluetooth smart glasses. This can mimic the usability of a standard monitor. Many users (even of regular eyewear) often complain of soreness along the ears and nose bridge, as glasses tend to dig in over time. This is not the case with the Rokid Max, which is compact and lightweight for user comfort. For serious streamers, pair this with the Rokid Station. With this add-on, the specs can cast videos straight from your phone.

Lucyd 2.0 Frames

Generally, Lucyd sunglasses are known for adopting some of the most relevant tech today. Case in point, they recently released ChatGPT-enabled eyewear meant to help students with disabilities. The Lucyd 2.0s will let you do virtually any audio-focused task easily. This includes taking calls, listening to recordings, and following AI-powered instructions like real-time navigation. Capable of being paired with other devices, like a smartphone, the glasses have discreet buttons along the arms for intuitive control. 

Vue Lite 2

Vue’s latest generation of Bluetooth smart glasses, the Lite 2, is designed for those who want vision correction and high-tech function simultaneously. These glasses, available with and without prescriptions, use Bluetooth audio and Amazon’s Alexa. This allows users to enjoy the perks of a headset, virtual assistant, and hands-free mic in their prescription specs. Directional speakers, simple touch controls, a noise-canceling mic, and a 20-hour standby battery life make the LIte 2s an excellent choice for those who want nearly all-day intelligent connections. 


The Gelete Bluetooth smart glasses can easily keep up with daily wear and tear. The specs are even water-resistant, so they’re safe even under a bit of sweat or rain. As for connectivity, the Gelete doesn’t scrimp either, with AI allowing hands-free control. Although the battery life is a little shorter, at just around three and a half hours per charge, the specs deliver a stable connection while powered on. Their Bluetooth connection alone promises easy pairing up to a 30-foot distance. 

Amazon Echo 

The Amazon Echo’s 3rd generation (released just last year) has built-in Bluetooth wireless audio so you can comfortably stream throughout the day. Empowered by the virtual assistant Alexa, users can ask to play specific musical tracks, make online purchases, and more. With precise prescriptions or upgraded tinted lenses, these Bluetooth smart glasses can run up to four hours per charge. Their frames are made of plastic. This may look a little tacky for some users. This is the only drawback you can see.

Viture One

Makers Viture is the official partner of PSPlay, so you can rest assured that quality and design have been highly prioritized in this pair. The lenses are coated with an electrochromic film for uncompromising pictures that the user can adjust. This enables one to brighten or dim the image to suit day or night lighting changes. There is also native 3D support and a field of vision comparable to a 120-inch giant screen. In terms of audio, One can use spatial sound for a richer experience. You can also pair them with other Viture-made peripherals like the Neckband. This device acts as a mini computer that allows access to a user’s preferred apps while on the go. 

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