Nvidia Capture Server Proxy Issue | How to Solve Easily

If you have had issues with the NVIDIA Capture Server Proxy service, here is how you can test the process and keep it in check.

Nvidia is a name connected with premium graphics providing hardware and software products. If you have the beastly GeForce GTX graphics card, you might know that it uses a companion app GeForce experience. But lately, some of the users who installed an update for the GeForce experience have been facing complications. Malware and many other harmful apps come bundled along with innocent files and portray themselves to be a part of the system while operating.

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What is Nvidia Capture Server Proxy?

It’s a part of the GameStream service, enabling you to stream your games to different in-home devices. Sometimes, if you try to close it, it will re-open. They keep many background check services that continuously monitor and manage some of the critical elements of the flawless hardware.

Nvidia Capture Server proxy
Nvidia capture Server proxy

NVIDIA Capture Server Proxy can consume unreasonable amounts of CPU and also have moderately high Disk usage. If your system is on the edge of slowing down, it can drastically increase your boot-up times, which is not suitable for gaming devices.

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How to verify the Running Nvidia Capture Server Proxy Process?

  •  Just go over to the task manager by starting the run menu. To do that, you can press the Win+R keys and type taskmgr. You can even enter the same by pressing the Ctrl+Shift+Esc keys and then selecting “Task Manager “amongst the options.
  • Search for the process NVIDIA Capture Server Proxy by scanning through the list under the processes tab of the task manager.
  • Note the amount of the system resource that the Proxy service will consume. There is no necessity to have these services operating at all times when the graphics card is in use.
  • Coming to the next step, return to the Run menu again and type services.msc, and enter OK. Examine for the NVIDIA Capture Server Proxy service. You can double-click on it, and then you will see a pop-up window. The service will show as “Running.”
  • Click on the “stop” button and ensure that the service status is “Stopped.” In that window, select the box that mentions “Startup Type.”
  • After this, select the Disabled option below the drop-down menu.
  • Finally, click on OK to exit the window.
nvidia capture server proxy
Task Manager

The service is related to an add-on feature called ShadowPlay. It was combined with the update for the current driver package. If you still notice Nvidia services cause high CPU usage, you can disable the Nvidia Streamer Service as well.

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What is an Nvidia Streamer Service?

It is a streaming service, which is an addition to the update package by default. Its main purpose is to stream your games and different graphics from your PC to your other Nvidia devices. The primary problem with this service is that it keeps running even if you don’t have any shield devices or do not at all use this streaming service.

Whether you have Shield devices or not, this process will keep running in the background and also throughout startup by default. That is not a very smart move by Nvidia. They should always enquire about such things from the user. It is not that complicated. All that’s need to be done is to just add a phase in the setup wizard which will ask the user whether they have any Nvidia shield devices or not and if they would prefer to use the NVIDIA Streamer Network Service and have no problem with it running in the background at all times.

Nvidia Streamer Service
Nvidia Streamer Service

However, the issue has completely been ignored, so considering that you do not own any NVIDIA shield devices., here are ways in which you can disable the NVIDIA Streamer Network Service.

Steps to disable the Nvidia Streamer Service

  •  Go over to the Run window and type in services. msc and then click on “OK.”
  •  Find the Nvidia Streamer Service in the Services window. After you find it, double-click on it and then open the service details.
  • Press on the button that mentions ‘stop.’ It will reject that service for the current boot session.
  • Just in case you get an immediate warning that if you disable the service, the NVIDIA Streamer Network Service will also stop working, then you can just agree with it and close the window.
  • To stop the process from rising back up during startups in the future, you can switch the startup type from the automatic option to the disabled option.

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These were some of the most helpful and reliable techniques that will help you deal with the Nvidia Capture Server Proxy process and its issues. I hope that this information was valuable and knowledgeable to you.

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