How to Watch TikTok in India Despite Ban? | 3 Methods | 2023

Miss watching Tik Tok of your favorite stars? Or do you miss doing videos of your own? TikTok has left a massive hole in the media creation industry after its ban. Creators have been devastated because of the data loss once the government banned TikTok in India. This article is crafted for you to know how to watch TikTok in India after being banned.


TikTok (a.k.a Douyin) is a video-focused social networking service. It is owned by a company based in china named ByteDance. It displays several short videos, including genres mostly of dance, acting, stunt, jokes, and more, ranging from 15 seconds to 10 minutes.

How to watch tiktok in india

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How to Access TikTok in India if You’re An iPhone User?

It is much more straightforward for iOS users to download TikTok for iPhones. It doesn’t take more than three steps to install and set up on iPhone. Although it sounds pretty complicated and unsafe, let me assure you the steps below are complete and safe to install TikTok this way. Moreover, this is the only method for iPhone users. If you are desperate to use TikTok, there is no other way. 

Follow the Steps Below to Use TikTok in India:

The steps below will guide you if you’re an iOS user who wants to watch TikTok on iPhone:

  1. Firstly, open the AppStore from your app library and click on the profile icon on top of the screen.appstore
  2. Select your name and email from account settings.
  3. Now, pick “Country/Region” and go to the “Change Country or Region” button to change the and region
  4. Scroll down the different options and select a country that hasn’t banned the a country
  5. Then tap “Agree” to agree to the terms and conditions and pick the payment method as “None.”agree to terms
  6. Enter any address in the country of your choice in the billing address section. Make sure the address is from the country you chose.
  7. Finally, tap on “Next” and then “Done.”

You can now use TikTok on your iPhone seamlessly. Now that you know how to watch TikTok in India using ios, what about Android users?

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How to Use TikTok in India Using Android?

TikTok download in India on an android phone is similarly simple to ios. If you own a Samsung, OnePlus, or any android of your preference, you can download the app by searching from the engine. If you don’t prefer to download from third-party sites, this tutorial is not for you. You can skip to the following method below.

Follow The Steps Below to Install TikTok on Android:

If you’re an Android user, follow the steps below to see how to watch TikTok on your device:

  1. Firstly, go to the browser app you have installed on your phone (chrome, brave, etc.). Search for “TikTok APK” in the search bar.
  2. Click on one of the websites. (Go with familiar websites called APKMirror and APKPure)apk mirror
  3. If you scroll down the page, you can see all the app versions available. Please choose one and click on the download symbol (download arrow).app versions
  4. APKPure will lead you to the next page displaying three versions of the download you can choose from. Choose the APK tiktok apk
  5. On the final page, your download will start. A pop-up asking you permission to download will appear in front of you. Select ALLOW to begin the download.tiktok apk starts downloading

If the file isn’t downloading, go to the browser settings and enable downloads from third-party sites. Now go back to the site and select install again. You will be able to download the apk file this time. 

Install the Apk

Your apk is now downloaded. You will find the file in the downloads tab in your browser or go to your file manager to see it in your default downloads folder.

  1. Firstly, locate the file on your phone and click on the apk file.
  2. A prompt will appear. You click on install to add the app to your app list.install tiktok app

Now you can go and log into and start using the app. Now that you know how to watch TikTok in India using both ios and Android, what if you don’t need to use an app. Instead, what if you want to use TikTok in India from a browser.

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How to Watch TikTok in India Through VPN?

Is TikTok banned in India? The short answer is yes, but the extended reply is complicated. Some users are still able to use TikTok without an application. Appreciations to the existence of Virtual Private Networks (VPN), you are able to use various services that are denied existence.

vpn app

The last option to download and watch TikTok in India is VPN enabled. Observe the measures beneath to learn how to do the same.

There are a number of VPN services. Some of them are NordVPN, ExpressVPN, and CyberGhost. In our case, let us use Nordvpn. 

Important Note

If you want to access and download Tiktok in India, you need to factory reset your phone before proceeding. Since the hardware ID blocks certain apps on your phone, you need to do it even though you might not prefer it. Performing a factory reset will delete your hardware ID.

reset phone

If you don’t prefer factory resetting and don’t have any means of backing up your data, this method isn’t for you. You can either consider the above methods.

Now, Follow the Steps Below to Use TikTok Through a VPN On Any Phone:

Follow the steps below no matter what phone you’re using to watch TikTok throught VPN:

  1. Firstly, download and install the VPN app on your mobile. It doesn’t matter whether you’re using a free or a subscribed one; either will do.choose country on vpn
  2. Now go into the app and connect the server to any country the app is available. Say you connect to the united states.
  3. Then go to your browser and look for Sign in or signup to your account in the browser.tiktok website
  4. Now you can select the share button and choose to add to the home screen.add to homescreen tiktok website
  5. Now, tiktok is available on your home screen.

You see, the app you see on your home screen is actually a web app. If you click on the TikTok icon, the iPhone will direct you to the TikTok website in your browser.

Now you know how to watch TikTok in India using a VPN.

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Can we use tiktok using a VPN in India?

Download the VPN app to your device. NordVPN is an excellent choice to go for, but there are still other options out there. Go into the VPN app and pick a location in a country where TikTok isn't banned. Connect to the server. Finally, open TikTok and start using it without any trouble.

Can i use vpn for tiktok?

Yes, a VPN does change your Location and region for TikTok. A Virtual Private Network will authorize you to connect to the country and its server of your choice and will also provide you with a new IP address.

How can I unblock tiktok in India?

You can unblock tiktok in India by changing your Location in the App Store Settings on your iOS device. Sideload the APK file on your Android device. By wiping your phone and using a VPN to access TikTok India in your area.


In conclusion, these three methods mentioned above are tested to be working for several users around the world. These are the three methods on how to watch TikTok in India despite the ban. In addition, make sure you download the appropriate version of the file while performing on android. If not, the installation process will not be successful, and Downloading the latest version will be the best. You can now enjoy all the content seamlessly.

Look at this article if you want to watch TikTok without the App on your smartphone. TikTok users have found multiple ways to keep using the service despite the ban.

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Thank you for reading!

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