7 Best Free Trusted Jar File Opener Software | Latest 2024

December 1990, Sun Microsystems. Nobody would have thought that the technology being developed would change how the world looks at programming! Java indeed came as a revolution in the tech world and took it by storm. The case was no different when it came to Java applets. Thus, you must know about the best Jar File Opener Software of 2024 to learn how to open jar files.

Working with Java applets is not just user-friendly and excellent; it is efficient and brings you a lot of additional features too. Coral WinZip is the top choice for opening JAR files. It works on various platforms and is user-friendly. You can also use WinRAR or 7-Zip if they’re installed on your system.

Provided you use the JAR to compress your files regularly (or even seldom), you would need appropriate software to open those archives of Java for you. Messing around with too many apps while trying to find the suitable one might make you in trouble. Well, we have picked the 7 best Jar File Opener Software that must be the right choice for you. Here’s the list of Jar File Opener Software.

Best Jar File Opener Software

WinZip 22

A lot of Zip openers come with the ability to handle your JAR files. WinZip 22 is one such .jar file opener Software. It’s considered one of the most ideal Jar file opener software. With secure encryption and versatile usage, it is also one of the most popular apps which helps you when you wonder how to open .jar files.

While it was created with the primary motive to extract Zip and RAR files (for which it is indeed being used extensively), many JAVA users adopted it due to its versatility, reach, and efficiency.

winzip 22Pros

  • It is easy to use and saves a lot of time.
  • Very effective at compressing large files.


  • It slows down the boot process.

Download WinZip 22 here

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Google Chrome

Huh! Is there anything this browser cannot do? Your google chrome can give you one of the best accesses to your Java archives. Undoubtedly, Google Chrome is one of the best multi-purpose apps on your PC and helps you in numerous aspects with many extensions embedded in it. Adding attachments to Chrome consumes a very slight amount of memory but helps you in many activities.

Many extensions are available to open JAR files right on your browser. Archive Extractor and jar-plug are some examples. Archive extractor does not only help you extract jar files; it has multiple options for you to open RAR, zip, ISO, NRG and many such files, and guess what! Its size is about 16 kb! You would have a good time working with these extensions from google chrome.

google chromePros

  • Works as a multi-purpose tool.
  • Provides very efficient tools for zip and unzipping.
  • It not only helps you to open jar files, but it can also help to open RAR, ISO, NRG, and many similar files.


  • In cold test runs, the browser was not as fast as it was expected to be.

Download Google Chrome here

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Cavaj Java Decompiler

This software is primarily dedicated to enhancing the reach and ability of Java programmers. People often get stuck in situations where they need to reach the source code of an applet, but all they have is the applet window. It makes the situation worse. That’s where the Cavaj Java decompiler comes to the rescue.

It opens your jar files and decompiles the applet’s way back to its source code, and makes the coder’s work relatively easy. Cavaj is Jar File Opener Software. It is free and has numerous uses. It decompiles jar files pretty fast, generating the source code quickly. Cavaj is more than just a jar file-opening software; it is a decompiler!

cavaj java decompilerPros

  •  It is capable of working with JAR and ZIP files.
  •  This software can reconstruct Java source code.
  •  It is available completely free of cost.


  • May face lagging issues with some devices.

Download Cavaj Java Decompiler here


Yes, we know how troublesome it is to be bombarded with the renewal notifications of WinRAR, but as long as you choose to ignore it, WinRAR is quite a good option to open JAR files. Like many other zip-opening apps, this app too supports numerous file formats and is quite user-friendly.

Well, as mentioned before, the only trouble while using WinRAR is the constant renewal notifications that bother you occasionally.

winrarYet, the software continues to emerge as one of the most frequently used window extractors. The software is quite an excellent option to get a hold of things. It is easy to implement in a Java runtime environment and is quite efficient when handling large files. Backing up files becomes quite comfortable with Jar File Opener Software such as WinRAR.


  • Easy to use.
  • A new user can also interact with the UI very effectively.


  • No cons have been observed yet.

Download WinRAR here

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Another software with the support of multiple formats and additional specifications to enhance your experience, 7zip comes free and can be a valuable addition to your app tray. It is effortless and gives the user many options to work with. The scope of handling jar files is somewhat limited with using 7-zip, but you can also access other file formats.

7 zipExtraction of jar files through 7-zip is quick and efficient. When installed, you must right-click on the jar file, click on extract, and choose 7-zip from the various available options. 7-zip consumes less memory than many other apps, making it one of the best.


  • Operations are very smoothly carried on.
  • Handles compressions very efficiently.
  • It is available free of cost.


  • The user interface can sometimes be spare, and so can the instructions.

Download 7-Zip here

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This might seem a new addition to the array of extracting software, but it is a good option. Open-freely is one of the most reliable Jar file openers out there. The software supports multiple files, ranging from zipping, RAR, and jar to pictures and videos, and handles them efficiently.

open freelyThe app’s size is about 40 MB and doesn’t require much RAM space. Moreover, it has some extra added features which might help you in many other aspects. It also supports various document files, including DOCX, XLS, and PPTX. You could try this app in case you are looking for something new to work.


  • It has a built-in text editor.
  • This software is easy to upgrade as it uses downloadable codec packs.


  • The user may face occasional freezes while using it.

Download Open-freely here

Free Opener

This software from EZ Freeware is another newbie in the race and is one of the most Jar File Opener Software. Although it comes for free, it gives you a premium experience. It has vast technical language support, including HTML, PHP, and XML. It is supported by almost all the Windows operating systems (XP, Vista, 98, 07, 08, and 10) and is optimized according to them. App size is 21 MB.

free openerWhile technology continues to evolve at a rate of knots and change is the only constant, you must get along with new tech stuff to go hand-in-hand with the contemporary world. Hope you liked our list of Jar file opener software.


  • Firstly, it manages to open almost every format.
  • Secondly, this software can open multiple file types in one light install.


  • Some of the formats have only basic editing options.
  • It can prove to be heavy on RAM.
  • It crashes too often.

Download the Free Opener here


How to open jar files?

To extract the contents of a JAR file, including Java classes, resources, and metadata, you need jar file opening software. You cannot access or use the contents of a JAR file without jar file opening software.

What is jar runner?

Java class files, resources, and metadata are all combined into a single file using the Java Archive (JAR) file format, which is a compressed file format.

Can I use a software programme to open jar files on different OS systems?

Yes, all jar file opener programmes are compatible with Windows, Linux, and macOS different operating systems.

How to open .exe files on Mac?

Exe files cannot be accessed directly on a Mac because they are made for Windows operating systems. There are, however, a few methods for running Windows applications on a Mac, including using virtualization programmes like Parallels Desktop or VMWare Fusion or installing a Windows operating system on your Mac with Boot Camp.

What is a .jar file?

An applet or more Java programmes are contained in a.jar file, which is a Java Archive file. It is simply a compressed file format that contains all the resources, metadata, and class files required for a Java programme to function. You need to set up a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) on your computer in order to run .jar files.


This well-known software for opening jar files must have the finest features, which include an intuitive user interface, quick and effective file extraction, and support for operating systems and file types. Different tools, such as batch extraction and conversion, offer different encryption strengths and compression levels. It should also include abilities like batch extraction, compression, and encrypting.

Based on these specifications, you can take any program like 7-Zip, WinRAR, and PeaZip as an option for good jar file-opening programs. The best jar file opener software eventually depends on your particular needs and tastes; it is advisable to consider a variety of possibilities before making a decision.