Can You Track a Nintendo Switch? – A Detailed Guide

Nintendo developed the Nintendo Switch, a hybrid video game console, and released it in March 2017. You can use this unique gaming system as a traditional home console, so it’s essential to learn: Can you track a Nintendo Switch? The control center’s champion component is its capacity to flawlessly progress between these two modes, permitting players to appreciate games on a television screen or in a hurry.

The Nintendo Switch has no application or website to track it down. However, Nintendo Switch users can use third-party applications like Tile Mate, Chipolo, and TrackRpixel to connect to the Nintendo Switch and then track it. You can use third-party applications such as GPS if you lose or have your Nintendo Switch stolen. To learn more about Nintendo, click here.nintendo

Due to its small size, people can quickly lose or forget the Switch while traveling. The Nintendo Switch is an essential piece of equipment, making losing it a huge monetary misfortune. If you lose the device, you might lose your game progress and save data if you didn’t back up your data to the cloud. This article will answer your questions about whether and how to track your Nintendo Switch.

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Can You Track a Nintendo Switch?

The Nintendo Switch has no implicit following elements. This implies that you can’t follow the area of your Switch utilizing an application or site. So, this is the short answer to “Can you track a Nintendo Switch?“.

However, there are a few things you can do to make it more likely that you will locate a stolen or lost Switch:

  • Monitor the serial number. The serial number is unique to your Switch and can help identify it if you ever lose it or it gets stolen.
  • Utilize an outsider GPS beacon. You can attach various third-party GPS trackers to your Switch. These gadgets will permit you to follow the area of your Switch utilizing a cell phone application.

Here are some applications that you can use to follow your Nintendo Switch:

Tile: The Tile is a famous GPS tracker you can attach to many items, including your Switch.

  • The Tile application permits you to follow the area of your Switch on a guide.
  • AirTag: AirTag is Apple’s tracking device that you can connect to your Switch. The Find My app lets you track the location of your Switch on a map.
  • TrackR Bravo: TrackR Bravo is another popular tracking device you can affix to your Switch. The TrackR application permits you to follow the area of your Switch on a guide.

If your Switch is lost or taken, contact Nintendo client care and furnish them with the chronic number. Nintendo can assist you with finding your Switch, assuming it is associated with the web at any point. This is how to see your Nintendo Switch on your phone.switch app

You can likewise contact the police and report the burglary of your Switch. The police might be able to recuperate your Switch, assuming they track it down.

Here are a few hints to assist you with preventing your Nintendo Change from being lost or taken:

  • Keep your Switch in a protected spot.
  • Use a carrying case. This will help with shielding your Switch from harm and robbery.
  • Set a passcode. This will keep unapproved individuals from getting to your Switch.
  • Be careful who you lend your Switch to.

Here, we learned the answer to the question, “Can you track a Nintendo Switch?”

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Using Joy-Cons and Wireless Controllers to find Nintendo Switch

How the controllers connect to the Switch:

The Nintendo Switch’s wireless and Joy-Cons controllers are connected to the console via Bluetooth. The Switch is connected to the controllers in the following way:

Pairing Process:pairing process

At the point when you first get another regulator or have to interface a regulator to the Nintendo Switch, you’ll have to go through a matching cycle. A safe wireless connection between the console and controller is made through this procedure.

Using Joy-Cons:

To interface Delight Cons to the Nintendo Switch, follow these means:

  • Ensure the Nintendo Switch is turned on.
  • If the Delight Cons are connected to the control center, isolate them.
  • Press the little sync button between the SL and SR buttons on each Joy-Con. The Drove lights on the Delight Cons will begin blazing.
  • Navigate to the “Controllers” section of the home menu on the Nintendo Switch.

joy cons

  • Select “Change Grip/Order.”
  • Press and hold the sync button on the Joy-Con until the LED lights on the controller stop flashing and remain solid, indicating that it’s connected to the Switch.

Utilizing Remote Regulators:

To interface remote regulators (for example, the Nintendo Switch Pro Regulator) to the control center, follow these means:

  • Make sure the Nintendo Switch is powered on.
  • On the wireless controller, locate the sync button (usually near the top or on the back of the controller).
  • Press and hold the sync button on the far-off controller. The controller’s LED lights will begin to flash.
  • Go to the “Regulators” area on the home menu on the Nintendo Switch.

utilizing remote

  • Select “Change Hold/Request.”
  • Press and hold the sync button on the wireless controller until the LED lights stop flashing and remain solid, indicating that it’s connected to the Switch.

Controller Indicators:controller indicators

Once the controllers are successfully paired with the Nintendo Switch, the LED lights on the controllers will typically stop flashing and settle into a solid color, indicating that the connection is established.

Changing Controller Order:

The Nintendo Switch upholds numerous regulators, and you can change the request in which they are appointed to players. This should be possible through the “Change Hold/Request” menu in the Regulators part of the home menu.changing controller order

Remember that on the off chance that you’re utilizing a regulator with a Nintendo Switch interestingly, or on the other hand, assuming that you’re interfacing it to an alternate Switch, you could have to go through the matching system once more.

Following these means, you can interface Joy-Cons, remote regulators, and other viable regulators to your Nintendo Switch for a consistent gaming experience.

Steps to make the Switch produce sound using the controller

To find a lost Nintendo Switch using Joy-Cons or wireless controllers, you can follow these steps:

    1. Connect Controllers to the Switch:connect controllers to the switch

Guarantee that your Joy-Cons or remote regulators are charged and turned on. To associate them to the Nintendo Switch, follow these means:

For Joy-Cons: Slide the Joy-Cons onto the sides of the Switch console. They will consequently associate.

For Remote Regulators: Go to the “Regulators” segment on the Switch’s home menu. To connect your wireless controllers, follow the on-screen instructions by selecting “Change Grip/Order.”

    2. Turn on the Switch:turn on the switch

The following steps will only work if your Nintendo Switch is recovered. It needs to be turned on. If you need to find out where it is, search the region where you usually keep it or where you last utilized it.

3. Activate Controller Search:activate controller search

If you’re not near your Switch, you can use the controllers to make the Switch produce sound, helping you locate it.

For Joy-Cons: Press and hold the small sync button on the Joy-Con. After a few seconds, the controllers will attempt to sync with the nearest Nintendo Switch.

For Remote Regulators: If your remote regulator has a sync button, press and hold it. If not, press any button on the regulator to actuate its association.

4. Listen for Sound:listen for sound

When the Joy-Cons or wireless controllers successfully connect to the Switch, it will produce a sound. Listen for this sound to help you locate the Switch.

5. Follow the Sound:follow for sound

Stroll around your space while tuning in for the sound from the Nintendo Switch. The sound should strengthen as you draw nearer to the control center.

 6. Take a look at Display:take a look at display

As you get closer to the Switch, you may see the Display light up or change on the console. This can further confirm that you’re getting closer to the lost Switch.

7. Check Hidden or Hard-to-Reach Areas:

If the sound gets louder in a specific area, but you can’t immediately see the console, check beneath couches, beds, shelves, or any other areas where the Switch might have fallen or been placed.check hidden or hard to reach areas

Remember that this method works best in quiet environments, as the sound from the Switch might be challenging to hear in noisy surroundings. Also, the Bluetooth connection between the controllers can have varying effective ranges, so moving around and listening carefully is essential.

Using Joy-Cons or wireless controllers, you should be able to locate your misplaced Nintendo Switch with this approach.

Third-Party Trackers for Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch Tracker is a third-party device designed to help you locate and keep track of your console using various technologies.

While Tile Mate is a famous example, other third-party trackers are also available. Here are a few examples:

Tile Mate:tile mate

– Tile Mate also has a community network feature that helps you locate your Switch even if it’s out of your Bluetooth range by leveraging the network of other Tile users.


– Chipolo offers Bluetooth trackers that can be used to locate your Nintendo Switch.chipolo

– Similar to Tile Mate, Chipolo trackers connect to a mobile app that allows you to ring the tracker and track the location of your Switch within Bluetooth range.

TrackR Pixel:

– TrackR Pixel is one more Bluetooth tracker that can be connected to your Nintendo Switch.trackr pixel

– It provides features like finding your Switch within Bluetooth range, separation alerts, and the ability to ring the tracker to locate your console.

– TrackR Pixel can also help you locate your lost phone if you press the button on the tracker.

XY Find It:

– XY Find It offers Bluetooth trackers that can be used to keep track of your belongings, including the Nintendo Switch.xy find it

– These trackers connect to the XY Find It app, allowing you to ring the tracker and locate your Switch within Bluetooth range.

Cube Key Finder:cube key finder

– It connects to a mobile app, allowing you to ring the tracker and find your console within Bluetooth range.

It’s essential to note that these trackers depend on Bluetooth innovation, so they have comparative impediments, such as restricted reach and reliance on different clients for local area network highlights. Furthermore, every tracker might have particular elements, battery duration, and similarity with other gadgets.

Consider Bluetooth range, battery life, app features, and user reviews when selecting a third-party tracker for your Nintendo Switch to find the one that best meets your requirements. Remember that the adequacy of these trackers might differ, given your particular use case and climate.


Here are the benefits of using such trackers:

  • Locating Lost Console: Third-party trackers like Tile Mate can help you find your lost Nintendo Switch by providing its approximate location. This can be particularly helpful if you’ve lost your Switch in your home, a companion’s home, or a public spot.locating lost console
  • Bluetooth Network: Trackers like Tile Mate uses Bluetooth innovation to lay out an association with your Nintendo Switch. This means that as long as the tracker is inside the Bluetooth scope of your control center, you can utilize your cell phone or one more viable gadget to speak with the tracker and find your Switch.bluetooth
  • Portable Application Mix: a mobile application that lets you control and monitor the tracker’s functions. You can use the app to ring the tracker (and therefore the attached Switch) if it’s within range, making it easier to locate.portable switch
  • Community Network: Some trackers have a feature that utilizes a community network. If you mark your Switch as lost, other users of the same tracker’s app can help you locate it if their devices come into range of your lost network


Here are the rules for using such trackers:

  • Bluetooth Range: Third-party trackers have a limited Bluetooth range. If your Switch is outside the tracker’s Bluetooth range, you will not have the option to find it utilizing the tracker.bluetooth range
  • Battery Life: It uses Bluetooth to connect with your mobile phone through the Tile application, allowing you to ring the tracker and find your Switch inside the Bluetooth range. Life can fluctuate depending on the brand and model. You’ll have to routinely check and supplant the batteries to guarantee the tracker stays good.battery life
  • Dependence on Others: The community network feature relies on other users of the same tracker’s app near your lost console. If only a few people in your area use the same tracker, this feature may be less effective.dependence
  • Security Concerns: Certain individuals could worry about utilizing trackers that depend on a local area organization. These trackers may impart your gadget’s area to clients looking for their lost reasons
  • Beginning Arrangement: Before using the tracker with your Nintendo Switch, you must set it up and pair it with your smartphone.beginning arrangements
  • This can involve downloading the tracker’s app and following specific instructions for pairing.

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Steps to Take If Your Nintendo Switch Is Stolen

Here are the steps to take:

Report to Law Enforcement:

Make a police report about the Nintendo Switch by reaching your nearby police. This will expand your possibilities of recuperating your taken property and make an authority record of the occurrence.

Report to Nintendo:

Contact Nintendo’s client assistance to report the robbery of your Nintendo Switch. Please provide them with pertinent information, including your console’s serial number.

Deactivate Accounts:

If your Nintendo Switch is connected to your Nintendo Record, you ought to do whatever it may take to safeguard your record and related information:

  • Change your Nintendo Record secret phrase right away.
  • If you’ve saved any information about your credit card, delete it from your account.
  • Empower two-factor validation (2FA) for your Nintendo Record if needed.

Deactivate Device:

On the off chance that you approach your Nintendo Record, you can deactivate the taken control center as your essential gadget:

  1. Sign in to your Nintendo Record on an internet browser.
  2. Go to “Settings“> “Framework Settings“> “Essential Control Center.”
  3. Choose “Deregister” to deactivate the stolen console as your primary device. This prevents the thief from accessing your games and data.

Track Online Activity:

You can monitor your stolen console’s online activity if you have a subscription to Nintendo Switch Online. This includes recent games played and other usage data that could help identify the thief.

Monitor Local Marketplaces:

Keep an eye on online marketplaces, auction sites, and local classifieds for any listings matching the description of your stolen Nintendo Switch. If you find a suspicious listing, report it to the platform and law enforcement.

Provide Information to Law Enforcement:

Share any data about the robbery, the control center’s chronic number, and any likely leads with policing. They might be able to utilize this data to find the criminal or recuperate your taken property.

Stay Safe:

While you want to take action to recover your stolen Nintendo Switch, prioritize your safety.

Contact Nintendo Support:contact nintendo support

Contact Nintendo’s client care once more and give them a refresher on the circumstances. They can provide additional support, direction, or assistance with any other steps you can take.

Notify Your Local Game Stores:

Inform local game stores or pawn shops about the theft and provide them with the serial number and description of your stolen Nintendo Switch. Sometimes, thieves may attempt to sell stolen goods to these establishments.

Check Surveillance Footage:check surveillance footage

Ask about any suitable observation film if the burglary happened in a public spot, like a store or a companion’s home. You could identify the thief or learn the time and location of the theft from this.

Monitor Online Accounts:

If you have any web-based accounts related to your Nintendo Switch, for example, a Nintendo eShop account, screen for any unapproved movement or buys. If you notice strange exchanges, report them to Nintendo and your monetary establishment.

Utilize Social Media and Online Communities:utilize social media and online communities

Share information about the theft on social media platforms and relevant online communities. People within the gaming community might help spread the word, increasing the chances of someone spotting your stolen Nintendo Switch.

Insurance and Proof of Ownership:insurance and proof of ownership

Contact your insurance company to find out how to file a claim if your policy covers theft or personal property damage. Evidence of proprietorship, for example, the first buy receipt and chronic number, will be significant for this step.

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Finding a Lost Nintendo Switch Game

Here are some tips for searching in various locations:

Retrace Your Steps:retrace your steps

Recollect the last time you utilized the game cartridge and follow your means. Begin with the latest area and return to where you last had it.

Search Common Areas:search common areas

Check common areas where you often play your Nintendo Switch. This could include your gaming setup, entertainment center, coffee table, or nearby shelves.

Check Between Cushions and Furniture:

Game cartridges can easily slide between couches, chairs, and other cushions. check between cushions and furnitureCarefully check between and under cushions where it might have slipped.

 Look Inside the Switch Case:

If you have a Nintendo Switch game case, check inside it. look inside the switch caseCheck the Cartridge Slot

Inspect Storage and Travel Bags:

If you’ve taken your Nintendo Switch on the go or stored it in a bag, thoroughly check these areas. inspect storage and travel bagsThe game cartridge might have fallen out while you were on the move.

Check Under Furniture:

Sometimes, game cartridges can fall off surfaces and end up under furniture. check furnitureUse a flashlight to look under sofas, tables, and other furniture carefully.

Utilize Good Lighting:

Good lighting can also help you spot small objects like game cartridges. utilize good ightingNatural light or a bright flashlight can also aid your search.

Involve Others:

Ask family members, roommates, and friends if they’ve seen the game cartridge.involve others Sometimes, others also might have picked it up without realizing its importance.

Use a Magnet:

Some people also have successfully used a small magnet to sweep areas where the game cartridge might have fallen.

use a magnet

Additionally, be cautious not to use a too strong interest, as it could damage the cartridge.

Be Methodical:be methodical

Also, systematically search each area, moving objects and checking under and behind them.

Stay Patient:

stay patientSearching for a small item like a Nintendo Switch game cartridge can be frustrating, but staying patient and thorough is critical.

Consider Retracing Activities:

Think about what you were doing before you realized the cartridge was missing. Did you travel with it? Did you lend it to someone? Following your exercises could show you where it may very well be.consider retracing activities

Remember that even with these tips, there’s no guarantee you’ll find a lost game cartridge, especially if it has ended up in a hard-to-reach or dark area. Following these ideas and staying persistent in your hunt, build your possibilities for finding the cartridge.

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Preventive Measures to Avoid Losing Your Switch

You can also implement several preventive measures to prevent losing your Nintendo Switch and its accessories. Therefore, here are a few hints to assist you with trying not to lose your Switch:

Designated Storage Area:

Make a particular and steady spot to store your Nintendo Switch and its embellishments when you need to utilize them. Also, this decreases the possibility of losing them around your living

Use Cases and Carrying Bags:

Invest in protective cases and carry bags for your Nintendo Switch and accessories. Moreover, these cases offer physical protection and provide a convenient and secure way to transport your console without the risk of losing items.cases and carry bags

 Label Your Items:

Place labels or use tags on your Nintendo Switch, its controllers, and accessories with your contact information. Also, this can help someone return your belongings if they find them.labels

Unique Identifiers:

Personalize your Nintendo Switch and its accessories with distinctive identifiers such as skins, stickers, or decals. This proactive approach can also help someone return your belongings if they find them.unique identifiers

Use Bright Colors:

Choose brightly colored cases or accessories for your Nintendo Switch. Also, this can help make them stand out and be easily noticeable, reducing the chances of leaving them behind.use bright colors

Regular Inventory Check:

Periodically conduct inventory checks to ensure you account for all your Nintendo Switch accessories. Moreover, this practice helps you notice anything missing and prompts you to retrace your steps.regular inventory check

Avoid Sharing Unnecessarily:

While sharing is great, avoid lending your Nintendo Switch or accessories to people who might not be careful with them. This will reduce the risk of others misplacing them when borrowing.avoid sharing

Keep a Spare:

This will reduce the risk of others misplacing them when borrowing. Moreover, this can be especially useful for lessening pressure if you briefly lose a part.keep a spare

Use Tile or Other Trackers:

Also, attach Bluetooth trackers like Tile to your Nintendo Switch or accessories. Moreover, these can help you locate your items using a smartphone app if they are within Bluetooth range.tile in nintendo

Create Reminders:

Set updates on your telephone or compose notes to remind yourself to gather your Nintendo Switch and accessories when you finish using them in various locations.create reminders

Travel Organizers:

When you travel with your Nintendo Switch, use travel organizers with compartments to keep all components organized and prevent them from getting mixed up or lost in your organizers

Establish Routine Habits:

Develop consistent habits, such as checking your designated storage area before leaving a location or double-checking that you have all your accessories before leaving a friend’s house.routines

Educate Family and Friends:

Additionally, ensure that anyone who shares the room with you knows how important it is to keep your Nintendo Switch and accessories safe and organized.educate family

Implementing these preventative measures can significantly reduce the likelihood of losing your Nintendo Switch and its accessories.


Can I track my lost Nintendo Switch?

Yes, you can track a lost Nintendo Switch using various methods. Suppose you've associated your Nintendo Change with the web and empowered area administrations. In that case, you can follow its latest area through your Nintendo Record or an application related to the control center.

Does Nintendo provide the Switch with integrated tracking?

Nintendo doesn't offer built-in tracking features for the Switch. However, you can use some third-party tracking devices, like Bluetooth trackers, to help locate a lost Switch.

Can I use Bluetooth trackers like Tile with my Nintendo Switch?

Indeed, you can utilize Bluetooth trackers like Tile with your Nintendo Switch. These trackers can help you locate your Switch within Bluetooth range and even use community networks to track it when it's out of range.

How does a Bluetooth tracker work with the Switch?

Also, bluetooth trackers like Tile communicate with your smartphone through Bluetooth technology. By attaching the tracker to your Nintendo Switch or placing it nearby, you can use your smartphone to ring the tracker, helping you locate your Switch within the tracker's Bluetooth range.


In conclusion, we cannot overstate the importance of actively tracking and taking preventive measures to safeguard your valuable devices like the Nintendo Switch. Also, we’ve explored whether you can follow a Nintendo Switch and various strategies to track and prevent the loss of your console. Whether using Bluetooth trackers or creating designated storage areas, these actions play a crucial role in ensuring the security and longevity of your gaming experience.

Additionally, losing a Nintendo Switch or any significant gadget can be disappointing. The hassle of replacing lost items, reconfiguring settings and wondering if you can track a Nintendo Switch can be a considerable setback. We also discussed how to find your Nintendo Switch with your phone.

Additionally, executing these propensities safeguards your Nintendo Switch and advances a feeling of obligation and care for your possessions. Thus, whether you’re partaking in the vivid universes of your #1 games, remember these illustrations.

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