How To Make LG TV Start on HDMI: A Complete Guide

Setting the default input on LG TVs is a tremendous customization characteristic that stands out for its understated but enormous impact. Imagine your TV turning HDMI via itself, without a far-flung switch between inputs. So, let’s start on exactly how to make LG TV start on HDMI. It is critical to personalize our devices to our tastes, particularly in the ever-evolving world of the amusement era. 

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Older models offer a manner to guarantee that your LG TV starts up on HDMI: Hotel Mode. To begin, press and preserve the Settings key, write in code 1105, and pick out the favored HDMI input. Conversely, an immediate method calls for turning off “Home Auto Launch” in the settings for WebOS 6.0 and later fashions. The LG C1, C2, and G1 models have comparable Public Display configurations. This is where you put “Power On Default” and select your preferred HDMI center. 

Now, this post is simply what you have been looking for if you’ve ever wanted a TV show that syncs with your viewing patterns without difficulty. Join us as we discover the arena of LG TV customization and show you how easy and beneficial it is to pick a default entry. 

Why Set a Default Input on LG TV?

Now, before we get into how to make LG TV start on HDMI, let’s see its need. Unlocking your LG TV’s ability is a recreation-changer going beyond the typical. Establishing an LG TV default input is essential for a powerful viewing experience, and also, you don’t face any issues regarding LG TV not establishing a connection, not only a small adjustment. Imagine your TV turning on robotically to your preferred input, along with HDMI, without you having to do anything.

default input on lg tv

Not only does it save you time, but it also ensures a hassle-loose begin-up experience by permitting your TV to sync along with your preferences.

The advantages continue, although. Consider utilizing the show on your computer as your LG TV. You can transfer from working to playing properly away in case you set the default input to the HDMI port linked to your laptop. When you switch to your TV, your computer’s screen is flawlessly reflected.

It works like magic to convert your TV into a multipurpose display that combines entertainment and productiveness easily. The beauty of choosing a default input is that it can effortlessly accommodate various needs and conditions.

Understanding the LG TV Operating System: WebOS

Enter the LG TV operating systems sector, where WebOS is the dominant participant. LG’s proprietary platform, recognized through its catchy acronym WebOS (Web Operating System), is designed to offer an easy and intuitive consumer experience. WebOS has set itself as the benchmark for clever TV sophistication with its properly designed interface and easy navigation. 


To explore more about various TV operating systems and related topics, including LG’s WebOS, you can delve deeper into this TV guide that covers diverse operating systems and other TV-related subjects.

Evolution is prime for WebOS because it moves through more than one iteration, each offering improvements and changes. LG constantly sets the same old for the clever TV enterprise, from its preliminary variations to the modern-day WebOS 6.0. There is some version at some stage in the various WebOS variations about configuring the default input, though.

Adjusting the initial settings of your LG TV requires knowledge of those peculiarities. We’re here to help you recognize the fine details of the usage of WebOS five. Zero’s settings menu, as well as WebOS 6.0’s latest capabilities. Thus, you could customize your TV setup experience without problems by changing the default enter.

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Setting Default Input on LG Smart TV: A Step-by-Step Guide

Are you prepared to take care of the setup manners and learn how to make LG TV start on HDMI? You’re going to enjoy this! Now, let’s explore how to alter the default entry on the stylish C1, C2, and G1 versions of LG Smart TVs and your regular LG Smart TV.

Regarding All LG Smart TVs:

It is independent of which LG smart TV it’s from. Comply with these easy steps to have an LG TV start-up on HDMI:

  1. Turn on: Turn on your LG Smart TV and take hold of the handy far-off.
  2. Go to Settings by way of clicking on it. On your remote, press the “Settings “button (normally the only one with the tools icon).
  3. General Settings: Select “General “from the Settings menu to get entry to all customization options.
  4. Extra Adjustments: Let’s look at “Additional Settings “now, where you can make modifications.
  5. Home Sweet Home: Locate and hit the “Home Settings “tab.
  6. Enable Home Auto Launch: Press the button to deactivate “Home Auto Launch.” In this way, the Home display on your TV might not suddenly stop you from setting out.

For Models C1, C2, and G1:

Now, for fashions that might provide you with a few issues, follow those simple steps and master the method on ” How to set LG TV to turn on to HDMI “:

  1. Mastery of the Remote: Take care of the far-off that got here with your C1 or C2 Smart TV.
  2. Hold on Tight: Now is the moment to take charge of the scenario. Press and hold the Settings button to your far-off.
  3. Code Wizardry: Enter the code 1105, use the numpad on your far-off control, and press OK. Observe as a universe of opportunities opens up.
  4. Public Display Magic: Look for the “Public Display Settings” alternative; even though it may sound authentic, that is your entry point to complete customization.
  5. Power Play: Find “Power On Default” and click “Allow.”
  6. HDMI Harmony: Navigate downward until you discover the best HDMI entry. Whenever you switch on your TV, it will joyfully land here.

By following these steps, you may customize the enjoyment for your alternatives instead of just converting the settings. You are now the conductor of the spectacular start-up symphony of your LG Smart TV, whether it be the general approach on your regular LG Smart TV or the subtle dance for the elegant C1, C2, and G1 fashions. Savor the easy start!

The Hidden Feature: Hotel Mode

Now that you know how to make LG TV start on HDMI. Have you ever wondered if you could unearth a secret feature to improve your LG TV experience? You need to search no further.

hotel mode

Presenting Hotel Mode, a hidden treasure designed to give customers more personalization and control. Originally designed for the hospitality industry, Hotel Mode allows consumers to customize their LG TV experiences by setting a default input. Hence, the TV turns on exactly where you want it to.

Within this context of exploring LG TV functionalities, the split-screen capability is another interesting feature. To delve deeper into advanced functionalities like split-screen options, consider checking out this informative guide on split-screen on LG TVs.

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Getting into Hotel Mode and Setting Up Default Input:

Now, let’s see a new way and a new method of exactly how to get to HDMI on LG TV: 

  1. Learn to Use Your Remote: Grab the remote with your LG TV to get started.
  2. Long-Press Brilliance: Hold down and press your remote control’s Menu or Settings button for around five seconds. When a pop-up appears in the upper-left corner or asks for a passcode, release it.
  3. The Code’s Key: Enter the code 1105 in the window that appears and click OK. Try other codes, such as 0000, 7777, 0413, 8741, 8743, or 8878, depending on the model of your TV, if that doesn’t work.
  4. After you’ve completed the task successfully, you’ll be able to access Hotel Mode. The “Power On Default” function can be turned on here.
  5. Choose Your Source: To customize and streamline the TV launch experience, navigate to “Input Source” in Hotel Mode and select your favorite default input.
  6. Hotel Mode is your VIP key to a more personalized and enjoyable LG TV experience—it’s more than just a hidden function. Take a plunge and give your TV adventure a truly unique identity!
  7. Choose Your Source: To customize and streamline the TV launch experience, navigate to “Input Source” in Hotel Mode and select your favorite default input.

Hotel Mode is your VIP key to a more personalized and enjoyable LG TV experience—it’s more than just a hidden function. Take a plunge and give your TV adventure a truly unique identity!

Putting a Halt to Home Screen Intrusion

Have you ever found it annoying when your LG Smart TV keeps showing the Home screen when you turn it on? Let’s investigate the automatic display’s enigma and, more importantly, find out how to stop it.

Knowing How to Interpret the Automatic Home Screen Display

LG Smart TVs, particularly those running webOS 6.0 and later, have an initial behavior when they boot up that involves them showcasing the Home screen by default. Although this could be useful for some, it can be a little inconvenient if you would rather get right into the stuff you’ve chosen.

How to Beat the Blues on the Home Screen in Various WebOS Versions:

Regarding webOS 6.0 and Upward:

  1. Heroics of the Remote: Select your remote and press the “Settings” button.
  2. Navigate through “All Settings” to set Safari.
  3. Exploration in General: Select the “General” tab.
  4. Navigate to the “System” section of Safari.
  5. Adventure in Additional Settings: Make a detour to “Additional Settings.”
  6. Explore “Home Settings”: Reach “Home Settings.”
  7. Turn off Home Auto Launch: Press this button to wave goodbye to the obtrusive Home screen.

Related to Other webOS Versions:

Default input is a workaround for previous webOS versions where the Home Auto Launch feature is absent. To regain control of your start-up procedure, see the last tutorial on “Setting Default Input on LG Smart TV.”

By using these techniques, you can take control of your LG Smart TV’s start-up story and ensure it follows your preferences without taking any unwelcome turns. Savor the smooth changes!

Navigating LG TV Quirks: Unraveling Common Issues and Fixes

The benefits of owning an LG TV outweigh the occasional oddities that ruin your watching experience. Let’s start resolving some typical issues you can run across, like being unable to set L G TV default input, and investigate workable fixes to ensure the best possible LG TV experience.

lg tv problems and solutions

Typical Problems You Could Face:

Now, there are many issues one may run into while getting the ” lg tv set default input” position, but the most common ones are presented below:

lg tv problems while seeing default input

  • Start-up Difficulties: Have your LG TV ever refused to turn on using the preferred HDMI input? Although it’s an unpleasant experience, don’t worry—we have answers available.
  • Home Screen Domination: Does your TV constantly flex its Home Screen muscles when you turn it on, which gets to be a little annoying? What do you think? There’s also a solution for it.
  • WebOS Problems: Navigating the differences between WebOS versions can be confusing. Rest assured, we are here to help you understand the distinctions and easily navigate WebOS.
  • Invalid Format Issues: Moreover, if you encounter issues related to “invalid format” on your LG TV, understanding how to troubleshoot and resolve these problems is crucial. This guide on handling invalid format on LG TVs provides insights into resolving these common format-related issues.

Workarounds & Solutions for Troubleshooting:

Now let’s go on to some solutions:

solutions of the problems while setting default input
solutions of the problems while setting default input
  • Default Input Problem: Go into the settings, choose Hotel Mode, and quickly select your default input if your LG TV won’t turn on using your favorite HDMI input.
  • Home Screen Rebellion: Are you sick and weary of your TV’s home screen taking over every time you turn it on? Go into your settings and turn off the Home Auto Launch function to take back control.
  • WebOS Decoded: It’s important to grasp the subtleties whether you’re struggling with WebOS 6.0 or one of its predecessors. Utilize customized tutorials to navigate your particular WebOS version with ease.

You can turn your LG TV into a peaceful haven for entertainment free from annoying disruptions by addressing these typical problems head-on and implementing these troubleshooting suggestions. Have fun debugging!


Why won't my LG TV turn on using my preferred HDMI input?

You shouldn't be concerned if your LG TV looks picky about which HDMI input to use. Navigate to the settings, select Hotel Mode, and easily select your preferred HDMI input for a trouble-free setup.

How do I rearrange the Home screen when my LG TV first boots up?

To disable Home Auto Launch for WebOS 6.0 and later versions, click the 'Settings' icon, navigate to 'All Settings,' select 'General'> 'System'> 'Additional Settings'> 'Home Settings,' and press OK. Our instruction reveals how to use the default input for the upper hand on previous versions.

Could you tell me more about the different WebOS versions?

WebOS versions—6.0 or the classics—play varies slightly. Your secret weapon in navigating the WebOS maze is none other than our guidelines.

Will WebOS 6.0 and later allow me to customize how my LG TV starts up?

You can take back control by disabling the Home Auto Launch option, even though choosing a default input isn't available on the menu. More control over the grand entrance of your TV, with less fuss.

Concluding: Managing the Start-up of Your LG Television

After taking a deep dive into the world of LG TV launch details, You’ve mastered the art of exactly how to make LG TV start on HDMI, which is the key to a flawless experience. You are now the master of your TV’s grand entrance, from the benefits to the detailed instructions.

But wait—we’re not done yet! I’m listening to your stories! Share your winnings, oddities, and start-up tips for LG TVs. Let’s establish a place where each start-up narrative is highlighted because your knowledge could be revolutionary in LG TV expertise. Greetings, fellow geeks! Happy viewing!

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