LG TV Error Code 201 | 6 Ways To Fix [Tested Solutions]

LG TV Error Code 201 can be annoying when you want to see it without interruption. This error will stop you from accessing apps like YouTube and prevent you from having a seamless watching experience. You may wish to have a great experience while watching your TV but may wonder whether you can solve this error. Therefore, most LG users and other LG TV error codes face this error. However, you can solve this error using simple methods.

You can fix LG TV Error Code 201 by updating the TV software, correctly changing the time and date, clearing the cache, power cycling, checking for a stable internet connection, and resetting your TV.

So, this article provides you with a detailed solution for fixing LG TV Error Code 201 and also explains the cause of this issue. By selecting this error, you can watch the TV without interruptions, providing a seamless watching experience.

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What Does LG TV Error Code 201 Mean?

You may be experiencing LG TV Error Code 201 when the server has expired.
fix error code
You may want a great experience while watching your TV but may wonder whether you can solve this error. Most LG users face this error. However, you can solve this error using simple methods. If the expiration happens, you may experience this error.

Due to this error, you won’t be able to watch the entertainment content or any shows on the TV, or accessing apps won’t be possible.
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6 Methods to Fix LG TV Error Code 201

You can solve your LG TV Error Code 201 by simple methods. Before you proceed, please check the 3 digit code for LG TV universal remote and make sure the RCA LG TV codes are correctly synchronized with your LG TV. Let us explore all six methods to fix your LG TV Error Code 201.

Change Your LG TV Date and Time Settings to the Current

In this method, you must change your date and time to current in your LG TV. You can change the date and time in two ways. Auto and Manual updates are ways to change your time and date.

Step-by-step instructions to change the time and date using auto

  1. Using your remote and click on the home button option.
    home button
  2. Go to the general settings and choose Time & Date.
    time and date in general settings of lg tv
  3. Select the auto or manual option to set your time and date.
    change date and time in lg tv

Update your time zone. Now, the time and date will be automatically updated. While selecting the option to set your time and date, select the manual option. Now, could you enter the date and time according to the format given?

After completing these settings, the date and time will be saved. Now, you can watch your TV without any error 201.

Check Your TV Internet Connection

Unstable or No internet connection may cause LG TV Error Code 201 problems. First, check if your internet connection is correctly connected to the TV. Afterwards, fix it using other internet options, like a mobile hotspot. Also, enter the authentication 5-digit code for LG TV correctly.
wifiYou can check the internet connection in the web browser by running an internet speed test Or using settings on your TV. You may check with another network connection if the error code still appears. Also, could you check if the router’s provided 4 digit code for LG TV matches with internet settings?

If the internet connection is unstable, you may also experience error codes 105 and 7 in your LG smart TV.

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Power Cycle Your TV

The power cycling method can resolve your problem. Here are the steps to do power cycling on your TV.

  1. Turn off your TV and remove all the connections you have connected to your TV.unplug lg tv
  2. Then, for up to 15 seconds, press the power button on your TV after you wait for 5 minutes.press power button Then connect all the connections back to your TV and turn it on.

Now you check the error code 201 problem. I hope this method resolves it; if not, try different methods. Doing Power cycling will fix the error code 106 in your LG TV. 

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Reset Your TV

This is the easiest method to solve your LG TV error code 201 problem. The solution looks very simple, but it solves your issue.

  1. Turn off your TV and remove the power source.switched off your tv
  2. Wait until 30 seconds, and then plug it back in.unplug lg tv

Resetting your TV will fix any minor problems you are having.

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Check for Outdated Firmware

Checking for any software update is one of the methods to solve LG TV error code 201. The updates are done automatically when connected to the network on your latest intelligent LG TV if and only if the update automation is enabled. If your TV doesn’t support this feature, you can upgrade it manually.

Please follow the steps below if you want to check whether the software update is available.

  1. Ensure that you turn on your TV and Press the settings button on your remote.
    lg tv setting button
  2. Then, on your TV, select “All settings” in the settings menu.all settings in lg smart tv
  3. Choose “General” from settingschoose general from settings
  4. Now, select “About this TV“> “Check for Updates”check for updates in lg tv
  5. Then choose the option Software update.

Clear Cache Data

Cache stores temporary data for speed purposes. However, a large cache may cause your TV to slow down.

Clearing the cache is one of the ways used to fix lagging issues. This improves the overall performance and increases the speed of the TV.

  1. Using the remote, press the home button or go to the settings option (gear icon).settings on lg smart tv
  2. Then, select Systemsystem settings in lg smart tv
  3. Now select Accessibility>Storagestorage in lg smart tv
  4. Choose Device Storage>Internal Shared Storageinternal shared storage in lg smart tv
  5. Now, select the “Cached Data” option to clear the cached memory.clear the cached data in lg smart tv

Now, you can clear the data cache in your desired apps. Removing unused files and apps in LG TV will bring you more storage. To check the availability of your storage space use the settings menu on your TV, and you can now see the storage space on your TV.

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What is error code 201?

Error Code 201 appears on your TV while you are playing or watching some content on your TV. This happens because of the expiration of the server certificate on your TV, and this error will be interrupted while you watch your TV. This error problem can be solved using simple, effective methods.

Why does my TV say the server certificate has expired?

The TV may say the server certificate expired because there will be an incorrect showing of time and date, an unstable internet connection, outdated software, or a large cache in your TV. This problem is resolved using simple methods by updating the time and date, updating the software, stabilizing your internet connection, clearing your cache, and resetting your TV.

How do I fix my LG TV?

Fixing the small problems in your LG TV is done quickly. Using soft resetting, checking for a stable internet connection, using plug-in plug-out method, checking for software updates, doing factory resetting, modifying some changes in settings, clearing cache, and checking for other connection problems are some methods you can try to fix your LG TV.

How do you do a factory reset on LG TV?

Factory reset deletes all the apps and information available on your TV. Doing a factory reset will resolve the minor problems in your LG TV. It can be done by using the remote, pressing the settings button, then selecting all settings, selecting the option support, and finally selecting the option to reset to initial settings.


With this guide’s help, you can solve issues like LG TV Error Code 201. Also, these Error Code 201 issues were solved by modifying the correct date and time, checking for a stable internet connection, updating the outdated software, clearing the large cache, power cycling your TV, and resetting your TV.

Therefore, taking good care of your TV will prevent problems like showing error code 201 and other issues the TV faces.
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