13 Best Hacks For Watching Korean Dramas Online For Free

Korean drams, popularly known as K-dramas, are gaining massive popularity worldwide. The South Korean drama series is already popular in Asia and aims to conquer the whole world. The storyline of the dramas is primarily based in Korea and explores diverse genres. We recommend you experience the fantastic art delivered by K-dramas. We present you with the best hacks that will help you in watching Korean dramas online for free.


Kpop dramas are mostly known for their incredible fanbase. Suppose you are wondering how you can download them. Then this blog will prove to be your one-stop solution to all such doubts. With some cult Oscar-winning films like ‘Parasite,’ South Korea has announced its arrival in international cinema. Kpop band BTS is already taking the whole world by storm after its consecutive hits. Youngsters seem to better connect with K-dramas. Find With best video players for Android. Enjoy countless Korean shows now.

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13 Ways Of Watching Korean Dramas Online For Free

Are you worried that watching Korean dramas online for free wouldn’t be fun because of the language barrier? So, we suggest some websites which are safe and accessible. So, if you still haven’t managed any Kdrama, then this article will give you all the information you need.


The streaming website of videos was launched in 2010. Since its inception, Viki has been able to gather people’s appreciation. You can experience the best Korean dramas here.


It offers hundreds of free series. But if you want an ad-free experience, you should choose the premium subscription. The online platform is also compatible with all mobile devices. Visit Viki now.

Visit: Viki

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TDrama.net is the most popular website among admirers. Though it gives some ads, it still delivers its users with all the High Definition content.


The website provides all the latest dramas released. You will also get some classic series here, which will define you as the epitome of this ultimate art. Watch dramas on your pc as well as mobile devices with TDrams. Visit TDrama today.


Without Daebakdrama this list would be incomplete.



It hardly gives any ad. The platform provides you with all the latest dramas completely free. In addition, it delivers HD content with English subtitles. It works fine on all devices.

Visit: Dramacool

The Dramacool is another excellent website that offers a collection of the best K-dramas of all time.


Most importantly, watching Korean dramas online for free will never feel the same again with its no-ad policy. You can watch them in HD on any device.


You can now download the Viu app from the play store for your mobile devices. Viu is considered one of the giant streamers of South Korean dramas.


The platform provides you with thousands of shows. Its less ad more entertainment policy will offer you a good experience.


This is a pioneer website that introduced the world to dramas. This website delivers content from Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan. It is a place to watch the best Asian series.


Thousands of K-dramas are available for free here. So, watch your shows with English subtitles from today.


Since its inception in 2003, it has provided the best Korean content available. Haincinema mainly aims to provide the best content to its non-South Korean audience.


This popular website must be on a k-drama fans list.


Goddrama is the home to thousands of dramas. But its too much ad policy can hinder your affair with dramas.


However, the amazing video and audio quality compensate for it. You also get subtitles for each show.


The platform may not be trendy, but it gives you some fantastic dramas to binge-watch.


All contents are in HD quality.

Visit: myasianTV


SFlix is a fantastic website that provides you with all word-class content for free. Get all of your favorite Korean dramas with subtitles here. But this platform is not ad-free.


Also, some shows may not have subtitles.

We believe these websites and apps would serve you well. Start watching Korean dramas online for free.

Visit: SFlix


All movie buffs must have used Netflix. It is the one-stop destination for watching all Korean movies.


You can watch Korean dramas, movies, and classic shows. Experience them in HD quality with subtitles. Moreover, you can also create your playlist.

Visit: Netflix

OnDemand Korea

The OnDemand Korea is a mobile app that streams tonnes of the latest K-dramas throughout the year. You will get all episodes of your favorite shows.

OnDemand Korea

The video and sound quality are pretty stunning. Hence, for all K-drama lovers, OnDemand Korea is a must.

You can go with the premium version to avoid ads and all the latest shows.

Visit: OnDemand Korea


Dramania is a third-party app that brings all the latest content from Korea and Asia. The user interface is quite smooth.


Moreover, you can watch countless shows, all in HD versions, here. However, some of them may not be HD quality. Now, watch as many Korean dramas you want online for free.

Visit: Dramania


The Viewster is mainly famous for providing subtitles for all Korean content. You all get access to Asian countries’ content.


Viewster is an absolute treat for Anime lovers. Like others on the list, you can create your own playlist and enjoy it. We vouch that with Viewster, you and never get bored. This is the best way of watching Korean dramas online for free.

Visit: Viewster

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Best Korean dramas to watch in 2023

The following recommended kdramas must be on the platforms we mentioned earlier. If you are a cinephile and still haven’t watched any K-dramas, these recommendations are definitely for you. But to find them at a single visit Netflix.

Crash Landing On You

A sweet romantic love story that moves around the life of an army officer and chaebol heiress.

crash landing on you

Experience how tragic the incident makes them fall in love.

It’s Okay to Not Be Okay

It has an IMDB rating of 8.8 and must be in any cinephiles list. The action-thriller is sure to leave you amazed.


Another action thriller that will blow your mind revolves around Cha Dal Geonl’s life. Cha who is a stuntman, propagandist of the film wants to unfold the truth behind the plane crash which killed his nephew.


The plot of the drama is how a boy in high school plunges into the trap of an illegal business. This is considered to be a classic K-drama series

Romance is a Bonus Book

‘Romance is a Bonus Book’ takes the viewers on a sweet and romantic ride. A chief editor falling in love with a single mother who is divorced is the main plot of the film. It is pretty blissful to see the fantastic chemistry and love between them.
These are some handpicked South Korean movies which will amaze any cinema lover.

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Here are some frequently asked question

What are K dramas?

Kdramas are South Korean dramas. These dramas are made in the South Korean language. watching Korean dramas online for free would be excellent to start watching them.

Is Korean drama worth watching?

Korean dramas are taking the whole world by storm in recent times. These are very popular among teenagers. You should definitely give it a watch.

What is the most popular K-drama?

Where do I find all Korean films?

Netflix offers you the most diverse collection of Korean films.

Is Rakuten Viki safe?

Rakutan Viki is safe and secure.

Is it safe to watch movies online for free?

Yes, it is very safe to watch movies and series online. But we recommend you to use VPN. See some of the best VPN s available for android.

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In conclusion, we hope you could now start watching Korean dramas online for free with our recommendations. This article will surely help you to experience the fantastic art in kdramas. But still, if you face any difficulties feel free to use our comment section. Our team will help you out. Follow techyhost for more such awsome content.

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