Unknown Address Message Not Found | Top 4 Fixes

Have you ever caught in the circumstance that “Unknown address message not found”? On the off chance that you are utilizing a Samsung Galaxy smartphone, particularly Samsung Galaxy S6, S5, or S4, you have an opportunity of a lifetime to get a frightening message from an obscure number or regardless of whether you are a proprietor of an android cell phone which is to state practically, everyone. Since there is not a single number insight, so you even can’t dispose of it. In this article, I will get you through what “Unknown address message not found” is and successful approaches to fix it. On the off chance that you are confronting an unknown address text message issue, you can continue perusing to locate the most intelligent answer.

On the off chance that you take a gander at the text from unknown address message not found in your SMS application, you will see that it has an obscure sender. Thus, at times individuals accept this to be a spam message. However, that isn’t the situation. There are fundamentally two reasons for this message: one. You have “Square Unknown Senders” turned ON in your SMS application, which can every so often make a message from an obscure sender seem like this “apparition” message. You can refer to this guide if you want to track IP address on Mac.

If you need to block an sms with auto response, you can do that using these apps mentioned in our articles.

How to Get Rid of Unknown Address Message?

All the more regularly, the issue happens when an SMS message gets hung up in transmission or an information parcel doesn’t get appropriately sent from the supplier to your smartphone. This mistake of “Unknown address message not found” is an irritating issue to have. On the off chance that you have this specific mistake on your device, you will continually get instant messages which read – 4504: message not found. This may now and again occur 15-20 times each day which can be baffling. 

On occasion, individuals overlook this mistake of unknown sender message not found android message feeling that it very well may be only some spam messages or text from unknown address. This isn’t correct. This happens on the grounds that your device has a 4504 blunder. One ought not to disregard this issue, confusing it with spam messages. Numerous individuals have concocted their rendition of how to illuminate this mistake.

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Top Ways To Fix Unknown Address Message Not Found

So coming to what exactly should be possible to determine this difficult issue. I have two different ways. The awful news is that there is no ‘official’ fix for this blunder. However, fortunately, there are a couple of things you can do to fix it yourself. In this article, I will introduce a couple of fundamental investigating steps you can take to attempt to determine this issue. The accompanying strategies have defeated the issue for endless clients. 

Perform a Delicate Reboot

Initially, to fix Unknown Address Message Not Found, go could go with -Perform a delicate reboot of your smartphone. You can follow the recorded strides to do as such:

  • Hold down the force button until you see the gadget alternatives menu. 
  • Select Restart.restart phone
  • Let the smartphone reboot and afterwards retry 

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Perform a Hard Reboot

The Second technique to go for Unknown Address Message Not Found is-Perform a hard reboot of your gadget. To do a similar, you should:

  • Hold down the force catch of your smartphone until you see the gadget choices menu. 
  • Select Power Off.power off
  • Leave it for 30 seconds once turned off. 
  • Restart your gadget and retest once completely booted. 

Just on the off chance that if your gadget has a removable battery, taking it out and leaving the gadget off for 30 seconds and afterward supplanting the battery is another simple method to play out a virus boot. In any case, clearly, this technique is nothing but a feasible alternative for gadgets that accompany non-client removable batteries. 

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Reset Your SIM card

The Third one for Unknown Address Message Not Found to choose is to reset your SIM Card. To do so, you need to:

  • Hold down the force catch of your gadget until you see the gadget alternatives menu. 
  • Select Power Off. 
  • Take the case off or utilize the SIM evacuation pin to launch your SIM card out.reset sim Unknown Address Message Not Found
  • Wipe the SIM with a delicate sponge or cloth. 
  • Replace the SIM and reboot the gadget.
  • Reset.

On the off chance that didn’t fix it, the main alternative left to you is a Master Reset. This will wipe all information on your device so isn’t to be messed with. Ensure you would be wise to sponsor up all the cherished Android Files except if you may need to depend upon your Google record to assist you with getting them back to your gadget. It is the errand after all other options have run out, and subsequently, it’s additionally your last plan to stop the “Unknown address message not found” blunder. Hope it doesn’t end up like that. 

Master Reset

Along these lines, at last, your last expectation for Unknown Address Message Not Found is Master Reset. To do so, follow the under given advances:- 

  • Navigate to the Settings Menu on your smartphone. 
  • Navigate to Backup and Reset and Master Data Reset alternative.factory Reset Unknown Address Message Not Found
  • Tap ‘Reset Phone’ and afterwards tap ‘Eradicate everything’. 
  • Allow the cycle to finish and the device to Reboot. 


In this way, these are the four best techniques to fix the “Unknown address message not found” from Android Smartphones. And if you still don’t make it out from this, then you know who to bang on. 

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