7 Best Marketing And SEO APIs | Top Picks Of 2023

As more firms enter the race, marketing and corporate growth become more challenging. You might outrank your competitors and increase the value of your firm. There are, however, APIs for SEO tools that organizations may use to fulfill their responsibilities swiftly and efficiently. An SEO API is an interface that allows developers to evaluate data and incorporate SEO functionality in their apps. In this article, we will go over top marketing and SEO APIs in 2023.

We need to remember that it’s too easy to lose ourselves in the data and filter through the information which analytics tools provide us. Choosing the right technology for filtering such insights and determining subsequent practical actions is critical. It is normal to feel that doing all this is a hassle and troublesome if you are new to it. However, you can delegate the process by using different websites.

7 Best Marketing and SEO APIs

Here is a list of top marketing and SEO APIs:


One of the top SEO APIs is Semrush API allows you to gain valuable insights into your competitors’ digital marketing activity without visiting the Semrush tool UI. The API is readily integrated into any dashboard, widget, or internal application. It may also be integrated with custom CMS or eCommerce systems like Shopify or Drupal.

The API also automatically allows you to follow your rivals’ digital marketing activity. You can also use it to examine both organic and sponsored campaigns, as well as advertisements and backlinks.

semrush api

SEMrush has an easy-to-use design that allows you to pick particular findings as well as individual components to evaluate. It only shows you relevant competitor details. As a result, you will not have to waste time sorting through heaps of extraneous information. You may also use it to examine your rivals’ tactics by looking at their backlinks, advertisements, and organic search rankings.

It requires a business membership plan to function, which starts at $449.95 monthly or $4499.40 yearly, with the flexibility to request custom plans as well.

Visit: SEMrush API

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SEO tool developers can utilize DataForSEO APIs as a source of structured SERP data. These collect genuine SERP data at breakneck speed. Regardless of language or region, you may use the SEO APIs to retrieve search result data from Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Yandex. It provides various personalized solutions based on your demands, ranging from the Google Trends API, which includes keyword popularity trends, to other tools that manage massive amounts of business data.


Another advantage to have DataForSEO is the low cost – you only pay for the number of lookups you send. You’ll get perfectly accurate results in real-time, whether you require competition analysis or want to watch your client’s website rank trends, with the feature of searching for data based on location-specific requests. You may test out all of the DataForSEO APIs for free, and pricing is handled on a pay-per-use basis since you only pay for particular services. A single SERP page analysis, for example, costs $0.003.

Visit: DataForSEO

Google Pagespeed Insights

One of the APIs for SEO is Google Pagespeed Insight monitors a web page’s performance and identifies performance issues, making recommendations for improvement along the process. This API combines data from the Chrome User Experience Report and Lighthouse to provide reports for mobile and desktop devices.

google pagespeed insights

Its strength is that it provides both lab and field data on pages. Because of the controlled environment in which the test is performed, the former is beneficial for troubleshooting process faults. The latter is used to boost this by recording real-world user experiences. This API is free to use, with a limit of 400 requests every 100 seconds, or 25,000 per day. You must, however, complete the instructions to generate a key.

Visit: Google Pagespeed Insights

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The Serpstat API is the best among keyword rankings APIs. It provides access to massive volumes of data while combining its analytics features with other platforms and in-house creations. This tool’s core functions are keyword, web page, and backlink analysis. Depending on your chosen plan, it also includes a website assessment, rank tracking, and search analytics. We can also personalize the query with filters such as language, device, and location. You don’t need to utilize a VPN or deal with annoying CAPTCHAs because this API will keep these troubles at bay. This API also allows for simple integration.


Pricing for the SEO API is combined with other valuable features and has four pricing tiers based on the amount of queries and specific functions that you’d like. The Lite package costs $69 per month, while the Enterprise plan costs $499 per month.

Visit: Serpstat

SEO Explorer API

SEO Explorer API may automate repetitive operations and remove human data entry, optimizing the process and saving time. It also incorporates plugins with detailed data for future marketing actions, such as a list of the leading websites based on ad numbers. Another possibility is constructing a white label SEO program utilizing their data entirely or including your own.

seo explorer

Despite the fact that SEO Explorer provides specific free SEO tools, API monthly cost starts at $24.99 for the Lite subscription and goes up to $85.99 for the Guru package. The white label and public use pricing begin at $74.99 per month, with one-time payment alternatives available upon request. It is one of the best SEO APIs.

Visit: SEO Explorer API


Searchmetrics, a marketing API, was created for SEO companies and soon established itself as one of the few tools that covered both organic and paid search, SEO, and PPC. It created a visibility index by merging data from Google’s term planner for paid search with rank monitoring in search engines. This index allows you to examine your site’s progress and relative performance at a glance.


It has all of the essential functions that any SEO company would want. Searchmetrics appears to be most suited to SEO and content marketing companies and enterprise SEO operations. At the same time, SMBs in Europe will benefit from the more accessible Research Cloud for search marketing audits, monitoring, and keyword research.

Visit: Searchmetrics


Seobility examines your entire website by crawling all linked pages. All discovered pages with mistakes, issues with on-page SEO, or issues with page content, such as duplicate material, are gathered and shown. In our page browser, you can also assess all of the faults on a single page.


Our crawlers regularly scan and examine each project to follow the success of your optimization for a long-term and ongoing assessment of your website. Our monitoring service will also send you an email with the status of your website whenever server faults or serious difficulties arise.

Along with APIs, several other techniques can come in handy while promoting your business and keeping track of your competitors. Look here to check a technique for promoting brand identity. Along with this, it is crucial to review the website for promotion. Check US links for SEO for reading about the same. 

Visit: Seobility


Will SEO remain substantial in 2023?

Yes. Although certain SEO APIs strategies that were beneficial in the past no longer work, SEO has continued to evolve. It is constantly changing itself to better-fit user intent, eliminating spammy, unproductive approaches in order to improve.

What exactly is API in SEO?

An SEO API is a programming interface that allows developers to add SEO functionality to their apps. SEO APIs enable developers to access data and functionality present in SEO tools.

Is SEO coming to an end?

SEO isn't going away, but it's become much more than it was a few years ago. It has been and will always be helpful for any searching analysis.

What are the most prevalent SEO methods today?

Some hot SEO methods today are Google Passage Ranking, EAT Principle, and Support Long-Tail Keyword Phrases.


We have now understood what SEO is and API’s role in SEO. Digital marketers have a lot of things to accomplish when it comes to handling SEO for a page or a website. They may simply do these tasks by utilizing a sophisticated SEO API.

Consider your primary goal when deciding on the appropriate SEO API for your purposes. Don’t be afraid to experiment with alternative APIs. It may take some time to get used to the features, but we assure you it will be worth it in the end. And not only that, there are plenty of other SEO tools as well that will be equally helpful to you. You can check them out over here! We hope this article about top SEO APIs helps you find what’s best for you.

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