What Is RNG In Gaming? [2023]

Gamers are very familiar with the term RNG. The random changes it brings in a game keep it fresh and more interesting to play. If you are new to the gaming world or inquisitive about RNG for better performance, this blog is for you. You will get to know what RNG in gaming is. How is it good for gaming? And how can you conquer the logic behind RNG?

RNG in gaming: Random Number Generator that introduces unpredictability, chance, and diversity to gameplay mechanics.


A lot of video games use this logic of RNG in gaming. Many players applaud this technique, while some decry it. In the further part of the blog, we tell you why some love and hate RNG. First, let’s understand what RNG in gaming is to make things clear.

What Is RNG In Gaming?

RNG is the acronym for Random Number Generators. It is an algorithm that generates random numbers. Regular codes cannot generate random numbers. So, developers use this technique to incorporate randomness and improbability in a gaming system. The random numbers generated lead to various unprecedented and unparalleled events in the games.

rng in gaming

In simpler words, all the unprecedented random events you face are due to RNG logic. It is simply a mathematical logic that brings in new challenges to gamers.

The application of RNG in gaming is incredibly immense. Many games like Minecraft perhaps wouldn’t be there without RNG. At the same time, there are also a lot of games that don’t require it. Simple music or rhythm games don’t require any RNG.

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RNG: Good Or Bad

Firstly, this is one of the most contentious questions that gamers ask game developers.
RNG is good as it brings new challenges, combats, and events. Secondly, the never-experienced events every time one plays the game keep it fresh.


However, some gamers believe RNG underrates a player’s skills and techniques. They think that the RNG brings in the luck factor. It is like playing a game of cards where you have no control over what card is waiting for you. In addition to playing the games a lot of times, you can also decode RNG.

True RNG vs Pseudo RNG

There are two types of RNGs: True RNG and Pseudo RNG. Again, the RNGs’ task is to generate random events throughout the gameplay. But predicting the True RNG events is very much possible.

true rng vs pseudo rng

While Pseudo RNG has an algorithm that gives random numbers every time, these random numbers trigger randomness. It increases speed and randomness. Along with it, the ease of production rises phenomenally.

pseudo rng

Game developers use both of them in making games as per requirement. What is Quantum Financial System? Read this article to learn.

Games Using RNG

Now we look at some games that deploy RNG in gaming.


Games that focus on loot and treasure hunts use RNG. In addition, every time you open the treasure or conquer an enemy, you get different rewards.

lootSome loot game examples which use it are Destiny, Borderlands, and Diablo.

Determining Chance

RNG is also used in predicting the probability of events.

rng in video gamesGames that focus on aiming targets mainly use it. Shooter games like PUBG use it to calculate the damage caused to the opponent.

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Procedural Generation

In this technique, a number known as the seed is placed. Moreover, this number generates random numbers and encryption models, bringing in enhanced randomness.

minecraftThe popular game Minecraft uses Procedural Generation.

CounterStrikeGlobal Offensive

The game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive uses Random Number Generators or RNG to determine the hit targets of bullets.

counter strikeMoreover, it determines the damage caused to enemies. So, we see how RNG has a vast impact on gaming. Also, read this article for the best Duplicate File Finder tools for Windows.


DOTA2 is another very popular gameThe RNG used here is the most unique.

dota 2In the gamethe logic is deployed only to determine the damage to opponents.


Diablo is an actionpacked game where you defend sinister creatures.

diabloThe harm caused by the weapons you use in the game to defeat them is decided by this logic.


It is not very evident that PUBG uses RNG on a very high level.

pubg rngHoweverconsidering it as a shooting gamethe logic of RNG must have been applied.


The Borderlands is another fabulous game that uses the RNG to a large extent.

borderlandsHenceit is very evident from the activities running in the game how RNG in gaming is used.


Destiny is a very famous multiplayer shooting game.

destinyIf you play the gameyou will feel that all bullets don’t affect the enemyHencethis proves Destiny uses RNG logic. This is how RNG in gaming is done.

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Decoding RNG In Gaming

If you want to decode RNG in gaming, you have to play the game a lot of times. Then only you can learn the patterns that the RNG brings in. Since an algorithm is a mathematical logic, decoding it won’t be an issue.


decodingProvided you have a bit of knowledge about coding or algorithms. However, there is no proven path to conquer RNG.

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Applications Of RNG

RNG or Random Number Generators have a diverse portfolio of applications in the Information Technology IndustryIt’s a misconception that RNG is only used in gaming.

application of rngWe are going to discuss some of the applications of this technique now. So, we bring you all applications along with RNG in gaming.


Since RNG is logicit can also be deployed in gambling.

gamblingThere are many gambling apps nowIf one knows how the RNG is runningthen he may earn a lot.

Statistical Sampling

Statistical sampling is an essential method in StatisticsHere we try to understand the behavior of a group based on some operations done on a few people.

statistical samplingRNGused in Statistical sampling is not a new thingFor yearsthis technique has proven to give better statistical sampling results.

Computer Simulation

It is a way of finding realworld problem solutions based on some computer operations.

computer simulationIt is a chapter on the subject of mathematical modelingWith Random Number GeneratorsComputer Simulation has reached new levels now.


With the world going outraged on hacking issuesCryptography has been a hot topic recently.

cryptographyResearch is being conducted in large numbers to develop more advanced cryptographyIt has been seen that RNG cryptography becomes more efficient.

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Often, we can’t make some decisions. Business enterprises have depended a lot on techniques like RNG to decode what the customers want.

become a millionareAlgorithms like customer churn prediction have literally changed how we looked at things earlier.

RNG In Gaming

Finallywe talk about what RNG is primarily known forIt’s needless to say how games are affected by RNG.

how games are affected in rngA lot of shooting combat games have been using this for years now.

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Can RNG Be Scammed?

RNGs are susceptible to manipulation by bad actors that want to gain an unfair edge in games. It’s known as RNG manipulation.

RNG can produce thrilling moments in video games, but it can be upsetting when the chances get stacked against the player. Several variables, including seed values, algorithm preferences, and hardware constraints, can impact RNG. As a consequence, RNG can occasionally be tricked by cunning players.

scammedFor instance, by altering the seed value, a player may be able to control the treasure chest’s contents, or by selecting a complex algorithm, a player may be able to improve their chances of landing a critical hit.

Nevertheless, it is only sometimes feasible to manipulate RNG, and even when it is, the outcomes are rarely guaranteed.

The gaming market actively disapproves of RNG manipulation, considering it as cheating. According to some players, RNG manipulation is a valid strategy to increase winning odds.

A Random Number Generator’s Coding Syntax:

A random function is present in the majority of computer languages. The type of random number returned by this method depends on its implementation.

Math. random(), for instance, in JavaScript, produces a random number ranging from 0 (included) and 1. (not included). Python’s randint function performs the same purpose as JavaScript’s Math. Random returns a whole number in a range.

a random number generator's coding syntaxLet’s look at a scenario that frequently occurs in video games: an enemy who drops a common item but occasionally a rare one. This enemy could, for instance, be a wolf that occasionally drops wolf fangs or pelts (rare).

What exactly qualifies as “rare”? Depending on you, it might be a rare item in 1 out of 10 drops or 1 out of 100 drops. For uncommon things, a reasonable chance might be 1 in 25. To further complicate matters, there is a 1 in 10 risk of receiving nothing.

In this situation, you would require a function that returns a value ranging from 0 and 1.

A 1 in 25 probability is 4% likely, while a 1 in 10 chance is 10% likely. It would be 0.04 and 0.1, respectively, in decimal notation.

In this instance, you can argue that a number between 0 and 0.04 results in the rare item, whereas a number between 0.9 and 1 results in no item.

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How Much Randomness Should There Be In A Game? Situations Vs. Results

How much random number generation is too much if you’re making a game and considering employing RNG? What level of RNG is necessary to keep the game surprising and enjoyable without compromising the skill and competitive edge needed to win?


Players could hesitate to play the game if there is too much randomness since they don’t want to play it perfectly and still lose.

As a general rule, You should use RNG only to create random events and circumstances, not to determine how a game will turn out. Why does that matter?

In several video games, you may add a random aspect to the adversaries the player can face, the weapons they can use, the world they start in, the kind of gear or character they acquire, etc.

situations in several video gamesAll adversaries can be comparable in strength, so having one adversary over another need not necessarily be bad.

Or, without going overboard, you can make some adversaries stronger than others. Players will anxiously anticipate whether they will encounter the more vulnerable foe or the potent weapon, heightening the suspense.


These many circumstances add variety and heighten the game’s intrigue.

rng outcomeThe outcome is always unpredictable.


What is RNG?

RNG or Random Number Generators is an algorithm or mathematical logic generating random numbers. These numbers result in bringing unexpected events. Other than gaming, RNG actively plays a crucial role in many encryption and security projects.

Is RNG good for gaming?

RNG is good for gaming as it brings unprecedented events in gaming. However, some gamers complain that RNG kills technique and skills.

Do RNG games are based on luck?

To be fair, RNG is based on probability and statistics. The algorithm functions based on your performance. But the fact that a little bit of luck matters in everything can't be neglected.

How much RAM is required to play GTA V?

You need at least 8GB RAM for playing GTA V. Along with it i7 Processor and SSD are also required for better gaming.

Does PUBG use RNG?

Yes, PUBG uses RNG. Other than PUBG shooter and combat games like Freefire use this technique of embedding RNG for making the game more interesting.

Do multiplayer games have RNG?

Yes, a lot of multiplayer games have RNG in them. It may seem that MMOs don't have RNG, but the random events you face are all due to RNG.


Ace all the puzzles, mysteries, and RPGs with the knowledge of RNG in gaming. However, you can only be a good gamer by playing the game repeatedly. But yes, knowing the logic behind the game helps a lot. Overall we believe you enjoyed our blog. Please share your experience or thoughts in the comments. However, to learn more exciting things about the gaming world, follow Techyhost today. How to transfer ROMs to Retropie over Network? Check out.