What Are The Ways To Fix No Sound On The Reddit Video?

Reddit videos play without sound, but it’s simple. There’s a workaround for videos marked as NSFW or adult content if they remain silent on the mobile app or for the “no sound on the Reddit video.” Following the instructions in this article, you may use your phone, tablet, or computer to obtain sound on Reddit videos.

Reddit videos are often uploaded as silent because the platform prioritizes quick loading times and minimizing data usage. This allows users to scroll through content effortlessly while enabling those interested in a video to tap on it to activate the sound.

This article provides different but easy and fast ways to fix the issue if you have no sound on the Reddit app you are watching. The different ways are turning on the app’s sound, disabling the quiet mode, and watching NSFW videos. Refer to this article to find easy ways to fix the issue of no sound easily without requiring third-party involvement.

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What Is Reddit?

Reddit is a social news discussion, aggregation, and content-rating website in the US. Registered users, also known as “Redditors,” publish links, text posts, photographs, and videos to the site, subsequently rated positively or negatively by other users. According to their subjects, posts are organized into user-made boards known as “communities” or “subreddits.” When there are enough upvotes, posts that have received the most upvotes will eventually appear on the first page of the website. The Reddit communities are moderated by staff. In addition, moderators from particular communities who are not Reddit staff members moderate.

reddit2Users can vote on and socially select material on the discussion board and social news site Reddit. The website’s name is a play on the phrase “I read it.” Reddit member registration is free and necessary to access the website’s essential functions.

Reddit is a website that prioritizes user feedback when deciding what it shows first, unlike many of its ad-driven rivals, but it has issues like why dont Reddit videos have sound. Reddit’s distinct upvote and downvote methods allow it to quickly and accurately determine what people like and don’t like.

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Ways To Fix The No Sound On The Reddit Video

Several methods are there to fix the issue of “No sound on the Reddit video.”

fix no soundFollow any of the methods and get your issue resolved. The methods are:

Turning On Sound

One way to fix the issue of “No sound on the Reddit video” is by turning on your device’s sound. Follow the steps to fix sound issues on Reddit:

  1. Open Reddit. Visit https://www.reddit.com or launch the Reddit app on your smartphone.search reddit
  2. Visit the video you wish to watch. If you use the mobile app, this will only function if the video is not marked as NSFW or does not include adult content.adult content option
  3. To make the video larger, click or tap on it. It should start playing without sound, fill the entire screen, or open the thread in a web browser.
  4. Toggle the speaker icon on or off. In the lower right area of the video, there is an icon that resembles a speaker with an x next to it.unmute video
  5. You won’t see this indicator if the video doesn’t have audio.
  6. Tap this icon once more to mute the movie.

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Disable Quiet Mode To Fix No Sound On The Reddit Video

Why does Reddit have no sound? Here is the answer to it. You may turn off the Quiet mode in the Reddit app’s settings on an iPhone so that music always plays while browsing. Here’s how to go about it:

  1. Open the Reddit app, then select the Profile icon in the upper right corner.my profile
  2. Within the hamburger menu, select Settings. Then, navigate to Settings and select Quiet. Switch the toggle off.
  3. By doing this, you can be confident that every video on Reddit will have audio.

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Watching NSFW Content On The Mobile App

Follow the steps to enable the sound option on the app when the issues come “why is there no sound on the Reddit Video”:

  1. Use a desktop web browser to log into your account at https://www.reddit.com. To utilize the mobile app, you must first use a web browser.search reddit
  2. To access the user settings, click the symbol. This arrow will drop a menu listing User Settings at the bottom of the first section when it points downward.
  3. After that, on the Feed Settings tab, click. Close to the top of the page is a row of section headers with Account, Profile, and Safety & Privacy.feed setting
  4. Toggle on the “Adult material” option by clicking the switch to the right of it. You will see both adult and content marked as NSFW in your feed and search results after the switch is colored and points to the right.view nsfw
  5. Since the regular Reddit app won’t play video audio in NSFW communities, the Apollo for Reddit or Sync for Reddit apps serves as workarounds. These two apps are avid Reddit users with numerous downloads, positive reviews, and popularity:apollo for reddit
    1. Install Apollo (iPhones/iPads) or Sync by downloading it (Androids). Only iOS devices can get the Apollo for Reddit app from the App Store.
    2. Only Android devices can get Sync for Reddit from the Google Play Store.
  6. Then, open Sync (Android) or Apollo (iPhone/iPad) and sign in. You must use the Reddit account you used to enable adult material in a web browser must be used to log in.
  7. Make sure you give Apollo or Sync access to your Reddit account if they request it before moving on.reddit settings
  8. Find the video you wish to watch and listen to by navigating to it. Go to the video you couldn’t hear earlier in the third-party app like Apollo or Sync linked to your Reddit account.
  9. Then, click the speaker’s symbol (if necessary). The audio may begin playing from the video without pressing the speaker icon. You must first unmute the video if you are unable to hear anything.fix problem
  10. Now, your problem, “No Sound On The Reddit Video,” is solved.

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Why Does Reddit Claim That the Video Is Soundless?

On Reddit, soundless videos occasionally appear. The video won't have sound if it has adult content. It's a video that the user uploaded without sound.

How Can NSFW Content on Reddit Have Sound?

On the Reddit app, the sound will be muted by default while viewing NSFW content. The speaker icon won't turn on sound when you press it. So download Sync for Android and Apollo for iOS to add sound to the videos.

What to do if the problem still exists?

If the issue 'No sound on Reddit app' persists. If you cannot get the original sound back, then, in that case, contact the company technician. He will come and repair the issue.

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Use Notta to convert a Reddit video to text whenever you need to. Nota is an audio-to-text application that can capture and instantly translate Reddit videos and sometimes help to read deleted Reddit posts if you want. You can now rapidly review any video’s content at any time. It will take up to five minutes to fix the Reddit app’s sound issue.

These methods were for turning on sound in Reddit videos on an iPhone or an Android, and then you will know why there is no sound on Reddit. The following tutorial lets you use the Reddit mobile app to see all kinds of videos with their original soundtrack.

Therefore, we hope that this article will solve your problem. Now that the sound has recovered to its original form, you are enjoying the sound and music as always.

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