How To Use Twitch Emotes On Discord? [Complete Guide]

The internet was born in the late twentieth to the twenty-first century, and new forms of communication were taken. New ones were slowly replacing all the old ways of communication and entertainment consumption. Social media, like Facebook and Twitter, really changed how we interact with our fellow humans. The internet has created its unique culture and transformed people’s minds. In the year 2007, everything changed. YouTube has released. People thought that YouTube was the epitome of entertainment.

To sync your Twitch emotes on Discord, you will need to complete the following:
  1. Sync Your Discord and Twitch Accounts.
  2. Sync Subscriber Roles.
  3. Allow External Emotes on Your Discord Server.
  4. Set up BTTV Integration.
  5. Upload Additional Emotes.

YouTube still was not the final answer. Aer YouTube, we had Vine. Then came the time of Snapchat, where people could send messages and post stories that would only be accessible for 24 hours. At the start of the new decade, a new form of entertainment is slowly growing: Live streaming people making content Live in the present. One of these live-streaming apps is Twitch. This article will discuss how to use Twitch emotes on Discord.

What Is Twitch? 

One of the prominent live-streaming platforms, Twitch, differs from YouTube in its revenue streams and how the streamer interacts with their viewer. People on YouTube can talk to fellow viewers and, to some extent, to the creators.


In contrast, on Twitch, the primary communication is between the audience and the streamer or creator. Creators must keep them engaged and entertained all the time since these streams are live events. 

Types Of Streamers On Twitch 

Pro gamers (People who play games for a living) and entertainers are not good at games but play games and other activities to entertain their audiences. There are different categories of viewers as well. First, you have the regular viewer, who consumes the streams as it were, then some subscribers pay a certain amount to the creators for special rewards. Paid subscribers will have unique streams organized by the creators and can use custom “emotes” that the creator uniquely makes. Emotes are the Emojis or the smileys of Twitch if you don’t know what is emotes and how to use Twitch emotes on Discord.


What Are Emotes? 

Emotes are a bit complicated to describe to someone new to live to stream; they are an image whose size is 56 by 56 pixels with a lot of history, inside jokes packed in a tiny idea.


It is usually a screenshot of someone’s face showing a reaction or a cartoon character showing some emotion. You can use emotes when words are insufficient to convey your message to your favorite creators. It is a different type of expression on the stream. Some examples are:

  • The emote PogChamp. Ryan “Gootecks” Gutierrez created this emote. People use PogChamp when something surprising or exciting happens in the live stream. This is how to use Twitch emotes on Discord similarly.
  •  Another similar emote, Tri hard, wass created by the famous Twitch streamer Trihex. This emote is used to show excitement and joy.
  • There is also BabyRage used in multiple cases; it is used when someone is whiny or even when creators get too emotional over games.
  • There is also a NotLikeThis emote that expresses disbelief and disappointment.
  • And lastly, there is DansGame; it became famous because of Twitch streamer DansGaming; the emote shows disgust or disapproval. People can also make their own emotes, adding another layer of personalization on Twitch. There are tens of thousands of emotes that one can use.

How To Use Emotes On Twitch?

Emotes are in use like you use Emojis on your smartphone in your apps. For example, in the Twitch chat window, you will see a smiley face button that you can use to access the basic Twitch emotes, or even your custom sub emotes (obtained by subscribing to streamers). Also, learn How To Rewind the Twitch Stream by clicking here!

how to use emotes on twitch

Emotes are a way to bring viewers closer as well; for example, the hype emote is done when something wild happens in the stream, and all the viewers use the same emote or rather spam the chat with it; this creates hype or excitement amongst the viewers and makes feel more connected. Twitch emotes are in use similarly in Discord; follow this article to know more about how to use Twitch emotes on Discord. 

What Is Discord? 

Discord is another application that comes in the same category as Twitch. However, it is more of a collaborative streaming app. When it comes to Twitch, only one person can stream at a time, but you can stream with multiple people together when you connect your Twitch account to Discord. You do this by going to the user setting, going to connections, and then adding your Twitch account details to connect. On Discord, creators play video games together live.

They play games like chess or even talk on the stream. Many other apps are affiliated. For example, you can connect apps like Spotify, Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. People use these apps to react to things and stream their reactions. 


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From Discord, Link your Accounts for Twitch and Discord

The first need for using emojis is that your Twitch and Discord accounts be connected. 

  1. Launch the Discord desktop application.


This action must be carried out on a desktop computer.

   2. Use your credentials to log in.


   3. Click the “User Settings” button next to your user on the screen.

user setting

  4. Choose Connections from the left sidebar in the settings menu.


  5. Locate the Twitch icon in the list of programs that should display and click it.

twitch connection

   6. You will go to a new sign-in page by clicking the link.

twitch login page

   7. Type in your Twitch username and password. This information should be pre-filled if connected to your Twitch account from the desktop. Select Authorize.

authorize discord

   8. Congratulations! Your accounts have now been successfully synchronized.


Connect Your Twitch and Discord Accounts – From BTTV

If you frequently stream on Twitch, chances are good that you like the Better TTV, also known as BTTV by streamers. Emojis you’ve already set on your Twitch and Discord servers are accessible from this page if you link those services!

  1. Visit the BTTV login page and create an account there.

bttv login

      2. Select Discord Server from the Dashboard, then Go to Discord Server and click Connect.


     3. Sign in to your account.

discord login

     4. Select the server you want to sync by pressing the downward arrow and clicking Authorize. 

betterttv server sync

There you go! Your Twitch and Discord accounts are now connected. You can now discover various intriguing features the two apps have in common, such as trendy and fun emotes.

The Top Source for Purchasing Twitch Emoticons 

Before you can add your sub emotes to Discord, you must find special emotes for your channel.

OWN3D Emote Builder: Using the OWN3D Emote builder, you may customize an avatar before selecting as many as you desire for your channel.


Only the emotes you select cost money. You can grab these immediately and send them to the Twitch team for approval.


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You can use all Twitch emotes for Discord once you link your Discord and Twitch accounts. As time goes by, many things in our culture have changed; things like emotes, emojis and live streams are changing our culture, and at the same time, Twitch. Discord is a popular chat app for gamers. But sometimes, the stream freezes, making watching the game challenging. However, you can quickly fix it.

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