How To Find Someone On Pinterest [Complete Guide]

Pinterest has crossed over 250 million active customers, due to which many people face some challenges in finding their friends or people of interest on Pinterest. Pinterest is a website that can be used easily by anyone but can create some problems for beginners. And if you want to know how to upload the video to an Instagram post, then click here.

See how to find someone on Pinterest:

  1. Open the Pinterest app or website.
  2. Tap on the search bar at the top of the screen.
  3. Enter the person’s name or username in the search bar.
  4. Press Enter or tap the search icon.
  5. Look for the profile or board matching the person’s name.
  6. Tap on the profile to view their pins and boards.

It is as easy as making friends on Facebook. Pins and boards of the person appear in your feed if you are following them. It will help you find people on Pinterest. You will get to know how to find someone on Pinterest. This inspires others to follow you back. 

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Five Steps How to find someone on Pinterest

  1. Enter a friend’s name or Pinterest email address in the search bar option.
  2. Then click a name
  3. Select people from the menu. Click on the picture to open the people from the menu
  4. You will find the button on the top of the id; click the button to follow

How To Find Friends On Pinterest Using Android

You can sync your contacts when you are using the Pinterest mobile application. Or you may make some strategy to determine the types of people you may follow on Pinterest and the people whom you want to be followed by. You have to reach a certain goal of people that you want to follow or get followed by.  Your main focus should be on those people who like, comment, and repins your content. Do people also ask how to search for friends on the Pinterest Android application?

You can find your friends on Pinterest on Android by following the steps: 

  1. Open the Pinterest app first of all. Now click on a red color icon enclosed with a white “P,” which you will find on the home screen or the app pinterest
  2. Now login into your account on Pinterest or sign up on it. You see a magnifying glass icon on the top end of the screen; click on this icon, and now a search bar will open a name
  3. Type your friend’s Pinterest username in the search bar for a profile search. Now several profiles open up in the extended search bar, click on your friend’s profile and open it people from the menu
  4. Now, your friend’s profile opens up. Tap the follow button now, which you get on the top right corner of your friend’s profile. Once you follow him, you will get all your friend’s pins and boards on your home follow and find pinterest user

You can search and follow your more friends by the steps mentioned above. On Pinterest, you can find your friends easily and can get your followers increased. You may increase your following by bringing people through the search bar and request them to follow you.

How To Find Friends On Pinterest Using iPhone or iPad

The following steps are solutions for how to find someone on Pinterest using iPhone or iPad: –

  1. Open the Pinterest app on your iPhone or iPad. You will see a red icon P with a white symbol. Now login to your pinterest
  2. You need to know your friend’s name or email address to find them on Pinterest. Now, you will see a Pinterest search bar on the top of your on search bar
  3. Click on the search bar, and typing board appears on your screen. Type your friend’s name in the search a name
  4. Now, you will get IDs similar to that name. Identify your friend and click on his people from the menu
  5. Now, you will see the following option in the top corner. By clicking on this, all the boards and pins will be available on your home follow and find pinterest user

By following the above steps, you can find your friend on Pinterest on your iPhone or iPad. This helps you see your friend’s pins and boards on your home screen.


How can I use the mobile app to sync my contacts to look up friends on Pinterest?

Unfortunately, there isn't a specific way to sync contacts so that you can use the mobile app to identify people on Pinterest mentioned in the information. However, you can sync contacts from your phone's address book with social media platforms. For detailed information on syncing contacts, it advises to look through the settings or contact Pinterest support.

Can I use an email address to look for friends on Pinterest?

The information provided needs to make clear if you can search for friends on Pinterest using their email addresses. The search tool on Pinterest commonly uses usernames or names.

Despite having a private account, can I still discover someone on Pinterest?

If someone has a private account on Pinterest, they might be unable to find them. On Pinterest, private funds only allow approved followers access to their material, including pins and boards. You should ask permission to follow the person you're looking for if they have a private account to access their stuff.

With a common name, how can I locate someone on Pinterest?

If the Pinterest user you're looking for has a well-known name; you can focus your search by adding additional specific information. Get more specific or provide other pertinent information to help the search results. You can also browse user profiles and discussion boards with similar names to find the person you want.


If you are following someone, it implies you’re deciding to have their pins and boards appear in your feed. It will assist you in how to find people on Pinterest. You demand to know more about them. It will also inspire others to follow you back. These are some simple steps on how to find someone on Pinterest. You can also use these steps to find friends.

I hope our article on how to find someone on Pinterest will be helpful to our readers.

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