How To Block A User On Reddit In Just 3 Steps

Reddit, a platform that allows users to discuss the information provided by other users, is witnessing exploitation by different communities through abusive trolls. Due to its open nature, the users use extremely high forms of speech in their content against the norms and standards of society. The presence of controversial communities is also largely contributing to the misuse of the facilities of this platform. Hence, blocking a user can alleviate your browsing experience.

To block a user on Reddit in 5 Simple Steps:

  1. Launch Reddit and login if you haven’t.
  2. To block someone, access their conversations. Alternatively, access the post where the comment was made.
  3. Select the three-dot symbol to the right of the person’s comment or message.
  4. Click the “Block user” button after scrolling down.
  5. Confirm your decision to block the user.

However, Reddit realized this and introduced an exclusive blocking tool or feature to limit such activities to a certain extent. It will help prohibit those abusive trolls from deepening their roots on this platform. The company also pointed out that it has become a way to put stuff created mainly to spam, troll, or harass. This user-blocking feature allows you to filter out your inbox to get the best experience and desirable content on Reddit. The bad news is that it’s a mute feature, contrary to a block feature. In 2016, Reddit enabled its users to block other users

Before, blocking a person on the platform meant you couldn’t see their postings on your timeline. The blocked person may still view and respond to your posts and comments on Reddit. Therefore the functionality had no impact on them. Consequently, it wasn’t a blocking function, just a silent feature.

How Can I Tell If I’ve Blocked Someone?

  1. On the Android or iOS app, click Settings, then Accounts, and then pick ‘Your login‘ under Account Settings.
  2. Select “Manage Blocked Accounts” from the “Blocking and Permissions” menu. There you will find the accounts you have blocked.

Unblocking can be done in three steps:

  1. To reach your “Settings” page, click the gear icon in the top right corner of any page.settings
  2. Out from the menu on the left, choose “Blocked Users.

blocked users on reddit        3. To unblock the user, click “Unblock User.”

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How To Block Particular Subreddit

You can add a specific subreddit to your “restricted domains” list if you don’t want to read posts from it. By doing this, Reddit will no longer load the content from that subreddit on any pages you visit.

Blocking A Reddit Subreddit On Windows

Log in to by going there. Choose “Options” by clicking the tool icon in the top right corner. The “Content Options” option. Add the Reddit subreddit you want to block under “Blocked Domains.”subredditwin

To return to the domains you blocklisted. To eliminate a field from the listing, click on it. Select the part by clicking the “X.” Unblock by selecting “Remove.” Also, learn five methods on how to block text messages on Samsung.

How Would It Look For Me If A Blocked User Left Comments On My Posts?

A blocked user will make a collapsed remark on any other user’s post on your timeline, and they will be identified as a “Blocked User.”blockedcomment

How to Block a User on Reddit‘ is a question that can pop into your mind. Blocking a user is easy; you can get detailed information about the procedure through simple steps.

How To Block A User On Reddit

Reddit doesn’t allow you to block users who have not interacted directly with you. But, if a user has messaged you or interacted with any of your content, only you can block them. If any of the above hasn’t happened, then Reddit will not allow you to block that user.

But if such a thing has occurred and you feel exploited by that person’s activities, you can follow the following three simple steps to block a user on Reddit.

Step 1: Visit Your Messages

First of all, in case you are not logged in to your Reddit account, visit After reaching the website:

  1. Look for the ‘Login‘ option on the top right corner of the browsing window.login reddit
  2. Click on this option and enter your Reddit username and password.login credentials
  3. Click on “Sign In.”

how to block a user on reddit

To reach out to your messages, click on the small envelope icon on the right side of the screen, which will take you to your messages section.

Step 2: Search For Interaction With The User That You Aim To Block

This step is of utmost importance while blocking a user on Reddit.

user interaction reddit

First, you must remember you can block someone only when interacting with them. Then, you can scroll through your inbox to check this thing and keep scrolling until you find the message from that person.

Step 3: Click On The “Block User” Option

The last step under ‘How to block a user on Reddit‘ involves clicking on the ‘Block User’ option present beneath the message received from the user.

block a user

After selecting it, it will ask whether you want to proceed or not through a pop-up screen “Are you sure?” having options “yes” and “no.” Click on “yes,” and this will block the user. With a single click, everything related to that user, including messages and other interactions, will become invisible to you, and you cannot reaccess them from your private inbox. 

block confirmation

This procedure will free you from unnecessary posts from that user, and you can get good content and information in your feed.

If you are using the Reddit app on your smartphone, it is possible to accomplish this task easily. Both Android and iOS users can do this through their respective smartphones. Here are quick steps through which you can block a user on Reddit. 

 For Android:

  1. Open the Reddit app on your phone.
  2. The bottom right section of the app includes messages. Click on letters and open your inbox. Search for notifications of the user that you wish to block. open your inbox
  3. Alternatively, look for any of your posts on which that user commented.
  4. On the right-hand side of the message or comment they made, you will find three dots. Click on them.block reddit
  5. Search for the Block User option. Select Confirm to end the blocking process.

For iOS:

  1. Open the Reddit App on your Apple phone.
  2. Open your inbox and look for messages with the person you desire to block. Or you can search for a post on which that individual commented.
  3. Please tap the three dots on the right side of the user’s message or comment. search for the block user option (1)
  4. Click on Block User.
  5. Click on Confirm option, hence blocking the user from your Reddit account. Also, read this article for sms blocker with an auto-response feature for Android.

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End Results Of Blocking A User On Reddit

Now, what will happen after blocking a particular user on Reddit arises. People found or criticized this ‘Block‘ feature because it is not more than a ‘Mute‘ feature. Simply put, it doesn’t satisfy every criterion of blocking someone on a platform. Therefore, it is better to say that Reddit has introduced a “Mute” option rather than a “Block” option.

blocking a user on reddit

It happens because it allows you to block the user only when they send you a personal message or comment on your post. However, the story doesn’t end here only. You will think you have blocked the user, which is inaccurate because that user can still view and comment on your posts. The only thing is that you cannot see their activities on your feed or any message they send you. Want to block websites on Google Chrome? Read This.


How can I locate the list of people I've blocked?

The Safety and Privacy area of the User Settings menu is where you can find the list of Reddit users you've blocked. You can find the User Settings option in your profile's drop-down menu.

Does a Reddit person who I ban immediately become reported?

No, disabling a Reddit user does not immediately flag their profile. The user's access to your Reddit footprint is blocked, and vice versa.

Can someone you block on Reddit still see your content?

With the updated blocking feature, you may prevent someone from seeing or interacting with your content while also preventing them from seeing or interacting with yours.

How can I understand if Reddit has blocked me?

The person you blocked won't have access to their profile, and their posts won't appear in any feeds, along with the feeds of forums you visit.

Does Reddit block someone who destroys conversations?

From that moment on, the blocked user's profile and all their messages, posts, and comments will be hidden entirely.


Therefore, saying that Reddit has launched a block feature is partially true. It is a mute option that can reduce headaches caused by a specific user’s abusive trolls or comments. However, that user can still spread hatred or negativity against your post by commenting on it.

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