Does Your Phone Charge Faster In Airplane Mode? | Complete Guide

Find the answer to the question, “does your phone charge faster in Airplane mode“?. Similar to waiting for your child to fall asleep or the oven to warm is awaiting your Mobile to charge. It is one of those fortes which is so frustrating to wait for. Let us strive to lessen the time it takes for our phones to charge themselves.

charging in aeroplane mode

Putting the phone on Airplane mode with charge faster is among the best options. Yes, Airplane mode can easily take care of it for you. It can charge your Mobile more quickly than usual with no harm.

This post will teach you how to charge your phone with the help of Airplane mode quickly and other settings to make charging fast and easy. Here you will also get an answer phones to charge faster when off.

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Does Your Phone Charge Faster In Airplane Mode?

If you need to charge your phone as instantaneously as possible, set it in Airplane mode before clogging it up.

does your phone charge faster in airplane mode

None of the capabilities on your phone—such as the radio, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and cellphone—that continuously use the battery in the background get used when it is in flight mode. 

Does airplane mode make the phone charge faster?

The process of turning on Airplane mode is relatively straightforward across both Android and iPhone devices. In the Settings corner on your mobile, you can turn Airplane mode on.

putting phone on aeroplane mode

Additionally, you can disable it via the Control Center on your Mobile. Also, one must think, does the iphone charge faster in airplane mode? To answer this, yes, this works both on android and iPhone.

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How Does Your Phone Charge Faster In Airplane Mode?

You are putting the phone on airplane mode to charge faster. The reason is that while in standard mode, your phone is constantly attempting to ping cell towers and determine where you are. Furthermore, even if your phone has aided GPS, which determines your location coordinates via the cellular network instead of satellites, it still consumes a lot of battery life. It happens because location-based services prevent your phone from entering a deep sleep mode that saves battery.

aeroplane mode

Your phone charges faster when you put it in Airplane mode, which disables the reception of such radio communications. However, do not get carried away because you will not save that much time. In two trials conducted by CNET a few years back, Airplane mode only reduced the charge time of a phone by four and eleven minutes, respectively.

Safe Or Not?

Now, you probably do not have any doubt about “Does your phone charge faster in Airplane mode,” but you might have some doubts if it is safe to charge your phone while in this state.

charging your phone while in airplane mode

Yes, you were charging your phone while in Airplane mode is beneficial and safe. It will use less energy when turned on and linked to a network. However, if you wish to try other options, we will assist you with those also.

Have alternatives too!

Try these Tips out too to charge your phone faster than ever!

Use A Power Adapter 

The electrical output from wall chargers, like the one your smartphone comes with, is more than what you will get from connecting your cord directly to a USB port. Stick with chargers from reputable brands to see results as quickly as possible. Galaxy chargers from Samsung and Apple are the finest for charging iPhones. Avoid using some odd charger hidden in a drawer for a long time because it will take too long to get done.

use a power adapter

Purchasing a handheld phone charger is another option for charging your phone while you are out or traveling. Whether you are concerned that your phone could die while you are out of the house or cannot find a power charger, portable chargers are cheap and can boost your phone’s battery. This option will not speed up your phone’s charging, but it will ensure that you find yourself with a charged device.

Buy: Portable charger

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While Charging, Turn Off Your Display

To gain a little boost, remember to turn off the display on your phone while it is charging. For this experiment, we connected an iPhone and allowed it to run for fifteen minutes with the screen on; the battery level only rose by 6%. When we repeated the same procedure with the display off, its efficiency doubled, charging 10-13% of the power in 15 minutes.

turn off the display

When all other factors are equal, we discovered that a cellphone with its screen off charges around 87% quicker than a mobile with its screen on.

Avoid using your phone when charging

Your phone will charge more slowly as you use it while charging. For instance, your phone will charge much more slowly if you play a game while it is charging.

avoid using phone when on charging

You may notice a drop in battery power if you play some game while connected to the charger.

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Examine A Quick Charger 

Rapid chargers made by independent businesses are now competitive with name-brand chargers. They cost slightly more than the standard third-party adapter but can significantly reduce charging time.

quick charger

The Energizer USB Type-C Wall Charger on Amazon has wowed us. Compared to 77% with a conventional charger, users claim that this dude can charge a capable gadget by 12-15% in twenty minutes. Though your mileage may vary, you may anticipate a 1.4x faster-charging rate with these 30-watt fast chargers.

Be Mindful Of Your Phone’s Temperature

Find a place where your phone can charge at least room temperature, but do not put it anywhere cold.

check phone temperature

The battery in your phone will begin to deplete more quickly if it is subjected to a temperature over 95 °F. Similarly, if you charge your phone while sitting in the sun, it will do much more slowly.

Thus you might have got the answer to Does your phone charge faster in Airplane mode.

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Does Airplane mode make the phone charge faster?

The less work, your phone's processor, has to do, whether you use an iPhone or an Android device, the sooner it will charge. Therefore, switching to Airplane mode can be beneficial but will disable cellular and internet connectivity.

Do phones charge faster when off?

One of a smartphone's biggest energy drains is the screen. Suppose you can live without it and power off your device while it is charging. This guarantees that all potential power is delivered into the battery and precludes it from absorbing any energy for ongoing activities or communication.

Does the iPhone charge faster in Airplane mode?

Your iPhone will charge more rapidly if you put it in Airplane mode, which disables all power-hungry wireless transmission services like mobile communications, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth without switching it off. If they are off, your iPhone will charge more swiftly.

How much more quickly does a smartphone charge when it is in flight mode?

In Airplane mode, a phone charges around four times more quickly.


You can charge your phone faster in Airplane or flight mode by switching off your phone. There are many more ways to eliminate the confusion of “Does your phone charge faster in Airplane mode or not” and  “how do phones charge faster when off.We believe that we helped and not bored you throughout your reading. This article also highlighted the reasons for how do phones charge faster in Airplane mode. We believe that we helped and not bored you throughout your reading.

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