6 Best Free Online Color Palette Generator Tools | 2023

Are you on the verge of creating your site and stuck deciding a color palette for your background? Or maybe you are trying to create something creative? Color palettes look beautiful, right? Thinking of a perfect color is always a tedious and confusing job, so here we have a list of 6 best Color Palette Generator for brilliant color palettes for your upcoming site or any of your creative artwork like making cool eBooks or editing fabulous images.

Do try all of them and let us know in the comments about what you think.

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Top 6 Color Palette Generator

Here is the list of the top 6 color palette generator.


Coolor makes it to the number one position on our list as it offers endless functionalities. Moreover; it provides a simple and intuitive user interface for enhanced productivity. As soon as you step into the website, you will get a three-month free trial. Making color palettes is as simple as pressing the space bar on your keyboard.

Coolors Color Palette Generator

When you press the space bar, the colors switch in the palettes, and once you are satisfied with a particular combination, you can fine tune a specific color in that mix.

Moreover; there are many other changes which you can make as well. Coolor.co is a good Color Palette Generator and offers an extension for chrome, Android as well as iOS app. So generating color palettes has never been this easy. You can start your three-month free trial today.

Visit: Coolor


What if you want to generate a palette that produces colors from a particular image? Maybe you want the colors that are just in the picture. Canva Color Palette Generator has got you covered with a cool feature. You can upload any image of your choice and Canva.com will automatically generate a palette of the colors based on that picture.Image result for canva color palette

Once you are done uploading the image, you can fine tune the colors and moreover, download them for free. If you merely want to create your banner right from the scratch, you can do that as well, although the functionality and ease of use isn’t much comparable to coolor.co. Moreover; it’s only a web app, so you would have to live with its limitations.

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Visit: Canva 


If ease of use is something that you are looking for when designing a palette, then Paletton is the perfect Color Palette Generator for you. Also, you can generate the palette which contains the different shades of the same color. Paletton provides ease of use along with robust functionality.


As soon as you enter the website, you are greeted with a sphere where you can choose a color and the shade of your choice, and a palette containing different shades of the same color is generated in the real time at the side. Moreover; there are many graphics assets which could be added to the same.

Once, you are done creating your palette; you can download it for free. Although the user interface is excellent and straightforward, the website is full of advertisements. If you can live with it, then Paletton would be an excellent choice for generating palettes of your choice.

Visit: Paletton 


Colormind is another website to generate color palettes, but not just through the user inputs, but also through the photographs uploaded by the user. It uses artificial intelligence and deep learning algorithms to determine the colors suitable to the palette concerning the provided photo.

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As soon as you enter the website, you get a five-color palette, and there you can fine tune changes to the colors. You can upload an image and get appropriate colors for your palette. You can fine-tune colors, get the hexagonal values of the colors and save it for later use.

Colormind is free, and also has a straightforward user interface with a dark theme. So making palettes on Colormind is fun and easy to do a task.

Visit: Colormind 

Adobe Color CC

Adobe Color CC is a tool that offers you a color wheel to generate palettes. You can select colors from the color wheel for all the five colors of your palette and later fine tune the settings.

Moreover; you can input the RGB or hexagonal values to fine tune the color and then save the palette for free. This website offers a straightforward interface along with a dark theme and hence enhances your productivity.

Adobe Color CC

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This site doesn’t provide to import photos and generate a palette, and consequently, the functionalities are few. It is very little you can do with this website, unlike others where you can add tons of features. But all in all, it is a straightforward and very well rounded tool to generate color palettes.

Visit: Adobe Color CC

Color scheme designer

Color scheme designer is a great Color Palette Generator and also offers a color wheel to generate color palettes. Along with the primary color wheel, it provides different types of color wheels along with some advanced options.

Color Scheme Designer

As soon as you enter the website, you are greeted with a color wheel, and you can start designing your color palette right away with some powerful editing tools.

It provides a very straightforward interface along with some powerful functionalities with some exceptional editing tools enhancing the overall user experience. Moreover; it’s free. However; it is to the website itself, and you don’t have any iOS or Android application or chrome extension for that matter.

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So, these are the best free Color Palette Generator online you can easily use if you’re on a creative spree. Bookmark them so whenever you need to design something, you can easily lookup here.

Visit: Color scheme designer


These are some nice Color Pallete generators which you must try. In case you have something else for us to know, post it down in the comments.