Top 8 Ways On How To Fix Chromebook Key Not Working

What do you do when your Chromebook keyboard obstructs you from doing your work properly? Fear not, because here are the top 8 ways how to fix the Chromebook key not working.

Let’s take a quick look at how to fix the Chromebook key not working:

  1. Restart your Chromebook to refresh the system.
  2. Clean the key and surrounding area to remove any dirt or debris.
  3. Check for physical damage, such as loose connections or stuck keys.
  4. If the issue persists, try resetting the keyboard settings or contact support for further assistance.

Once your keyboard stops working, a lot of things are left unfinished, and it hinders the work you have been doing. We are here to aid you to fix your Chromebook key not working. Your Chromebook may be one of the greatest things on the market, but that does not mean it still cannot run into problems. One of the common problems is the keyboard not working. But as always, you can fix that.

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8 Best Ways To Fix The Chromebook Key Not Working

If you are facing a problem in typing through your Chromebook key, all you need to do is follow any of the below-mentioned ways to get your Chromebook keyboard fixed.

Turning It Back On Or Restarting

One of the most basic solutions to keys not working on your Chromebook is to try turning your Chromebook back on. Your mouse pointer will still work, so you can navigate through that. Here are the steps: 

  1. Turn off your Chromebook and wait for a few minutes. 
  2. Unplug any devices you may have connected to your Chromebook.restartingchromebook
  3. Then turn it back on or restart it again and see if you can work your keyboard like normal.

A reason the problem of the Chromebook key not working occurs is that the browser has too many tabs open, which in turn hinders the working of the keyboard. In Chromebook, Chrome is the obvious default browser. You can use different themes for Chrome. And you can even take screenshots using extensions if you like it. Anyway, here is how to reset Chrome:

Firstly open Chrome. There you will find three tiny dots on the right. Click on them and go to settings. In settings, press on the “Advances” option and then on “Restore settings to their original defaults.” It will show a reset settings pop-up. You need to select reset settings, and that is it.

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Power Washing Or Factory Resetting

A completely new idea on how to fix a keyboard on a Chromebook that you still might not have heard of is power washing. In a power wash, it completely erases the data on your Chromebook, just like a factory reset. factoryresettingHere is how you do a power wash:

First, you would need to sign out of your Chromebook account. Now, this is a bit tricky, but you need to press and hold down the Ctrl+Alt+Shift+R keys simultaneously and then click on the Restart option. A Power wash button will be seen, and you should click on it. Then you need to confirm the Power wash pop-up by clicking on the continue option. Once your Chromebook restarts, sign in with your own account again and see if the Chromebook key is still not working.

An important thing to remember before trying this fix is that all your info should be backed up properly. After a Power wash or factory reset, information, once lost, stays lost. So make sure to sync everything to your Google account or back up everything on an external storage device or in google drive. 

Update The OS

Suppose the most basic solutions do not work, then this might. Sometimes, the device is not up-to-date, and that can cause some things to not work the same. 

  1. Start the Chromebook’s Wi-Fi.
  2. You will then have to go to the settings app.osupdate
  3. On your left, there will be an About Chrome OS option. Choose that.
  4. Then choose the check for updates alternative. If there are updates pending, you will see those there. Get your Chromebook up-to-date.

After this, reset your device and see if your keyboard still works.

Enabling The Keyboard

If the keyboard is disabled by you in some way, then you cannot access it. That is why you must enable the Chromebook key. Here is how to enable it:

First, you need to be signed in to your Chromebook account. In the status area, you will find the picture of your account, and next to it will be settings. Choose the settings option, and here, you can find the show advanced settings option. Click on this option. In the same window, you need to move on to the accessibility tab and mark the Turn on Enable keyboard option.  on screen keyboard

Once this is done, you should restart your device and then check to see whether your keyboard on Chromebook works now or not.

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Hardware Reset

Sometimes Chromebook key might not be working because there is a problem with the hardware itself. To fix this, you need to do a hard reset which will re-initialize all the important and main components of your device. Here is how to do this:

Shut down your device completely. There might be a refresh key that you need to press down and hold for some seconds. Simultaneously hold down the Power button. Now you should release the refresh key first but still not release the power key. And then slowly release the power key.

hardwareresetThis will make your Chromebook restart automatically, and your keyboard might work now.

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Stuck Keys

Sometimes pressing a key too hard can cause it to get stuck, which in turn can make the Chromebook key not work.

stuckkeysTo unstick it, keep pressing on it again and again until it gradually unsticks. It is also important to clean your keyboard regularly with a brush or some proper material. This can help in the good functioning of the keyboard. Now you can use your keyboard for programming or whatever you want!

Sign In As a Guest User

The interference with the keys can be due to some apps too. Apps not properly coded or updated can cause problems with the keyboard.

guest accountThis is why you can sign in via a guest account and check whether the problem lies with the app or your keyboard. If it lies with the keyboard, use the fixes above to help!

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If I do a hardware reset, will that delete everything?

Yes, a hardware reset means a complete reset of your whole device. It will get rid of all that has been saved, and you cannot retrieve it later. This is why it is important to keep a backup somewhere so none of your important files and media are lost.

Does the Lenovo Chromebook consist of a keyboard lock?

Yes, it does contain a lock. You can access it by pressing the search and L key or by pressing the launcher and L key. Then you need to select the time, which you will find on the bottom right, and select the lock option. So if you find your Lenovo Chromebook keyboard not working, check this lock first.

What can I do if none of the 8 ways given above work?

If the other solutions don't work, the only solution left is to talk to the manufacturer or put it up for repair. The repair shop can fix the keyboard problem for you, and you do not have to do anything.

Why is the Chromebook keyboard special?

The keyboard of a Chromebook has the usual keys but also much more. It consists of keys like search, launcher, previous and next page, and keys for increasing and decreasing keyboard brightness.


The article on how to fix the Chromebook key not working commences here. So if you ever find yourself questioning, “Why is my Chromebook keyboard not working?” the above-given solutions will help your keyboard get back to normal again.

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