Can’t Receive Incoming Calls But Can Make Outgoing Calls [Fixed] 

Android phones work fine most of the time and are even widely used. But one problem that is incredibly infuriating for users is the time they can’t receive incoming calls but can make outgoing calls. In this article, we discuss how to resolve the issue of this incoming call with dexterity.

The eight easy solutions will include restarting the device, removing the SIM card, playing with Airplane mode, and so on. These techniques will help resolve the ‘can’t receive calls’ issue.

It is incredibly irritating at times when your android phone can’t receive calls but can make them. It interferes when you are working, and it will hold everything up. This is why we discuss the best ways to fix this problem.

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8 Ways To Fix Can’t Receive Incoming Calls But Can Make Outgoing Calls

Following are the eight easy techniques to fix the issue of can’t receive incoming calls but can make outgoing:

Restart Your Android Device

If you can’t receive calls, one thing that you can try first is restarting your android phone. Here are the steps to go along with to restart your Phone and fix the issue of the incoming call:

power off phone

  1. Hold down or long-press the Power button for 3-5 seconds up until you notice the Power menu.
  2. Please tap on the Restart option, after which your Phone will reboot itself.
  3. After the booting process is successful, you can check whether you still can’t receive incoming calls but can make outgoing calls.

Removing The SIM Card

Problems with your android phone can cause issues with incoming calls. The SIM card in your android gadget can also be a major contributor to the issue of can’t receive incoming calls but can make outgoing calls. 

removing the sim card

If you think the issue lies in your SIM card, you can take it out of the SIM tray. This will resolve issues with the internet connection if any. Then you should clean the SIM tray and the card with a cloth or something soft. After this task is done, insert the SIM into the tray again.

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Toggle With Airplane Mode

Another quick and simple solution to the question, ‘how do I fix my phone not receiving calls?’, is to turn airplane mode on and off. This mode will resolve the issue if there is a glitch or problem in your internet connection. 

toggle the airplane mode

You find Airplane mode in the quick settings. Quick settings are the ones that turn up from above or below your screen. They will also contain shortcuts to other functions, like Bluetooth, wi-fi, etc.

Once you know where quick settings are, turn on the airplane mode option, wait it out for 3-5 seconds and then turn them off.

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Clearing The App Cache And Data Cache

Cache files or messages can build up and cause the issue of can’t receive incoming calls but can make outgoing calls. Hence, it is important to scrap them away before they cause more annoyance to you. Here are the steps to follow along to if you want to scrap away cache data:

clear cache

  1. In your device Settings, tap on the Apps section.
  2. After tapping the three dots in the right-hand corner, move on to ‘Show System Apps.’
  3. Search for the Phone app, and under this, go to Storage.
  4. Select Clear Cache, and furthermore, select Clear Data.
  5. Once done, follow the first method of restarting your device.

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Update The Phone App

A simple reason for the question, ‘why am I not getting phone calls?’ can be that you have not updated your Phone App. You can resolve the issue of the incoming calls by updating your Phone like this:

update phone app

  1. At first, turn to the ‘Google Play Store‘ of your gadget.
  2. Then in My Apps and Games, search for the Phone app.
  3. Once you find an update available, install it.

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Use The Correct Method Of Answering

Sometimes, the problem lies not internally or externally but in how you answer a phone call. Over the years, the ways of answering calls have been changing, especially in Samsung phones

There could be two ways for Samsung phones to answer a call. One is tapping the green button to answer a phone call, and the other is swiping the green ‘Accept’ icon to the right. Depending on the model, your way will hang upon the Samsung model you possess.

If you want to access the one-tap feature to accept an incoming call, here are the steps you can follow:

  1. In the Settings app of your Samsung gadget, open the Accessibility section.
  2. Here, go to Interaction and Dexterity.
  3. Furthermore, go to Assistant Menu and turn on the toggle switch.
  4. Once you enable it, the option of ‘Single tap to swipe’ will show up, and you can turn it on.

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Remove Third-Party Calling Apps Causing Problems

If you have a third-party calling app other than your default Phone app installed, it can interfere with incoming and outgoing calls. To resolve this issue of ‘why am I not receiving calls?’, you should uninstall these third-party calling apps or make the original Phone app the default. Here are the steps to follow along to make Phone your default:

  1. In your device’s Settings, search for the option ‘Default App Settings.’
  2. Furthermore, go to the Phone app and select it as your default app.

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Reactivate Your SIM Card

Sometimes you won’t receive incoming calls because of a problem with your SIM card. At times like these, all your SIM card needs is a push. This means that your SIM needs to be reactivated so it can work efficiently again. This technique is easier than removing your SIM altogether because that is too much hassle.

reactivate sim card

One thing to note before using this way is that it can only work if your device is equipped with two SIM cards.

Here is how to go about reactivating your card:

  1. In the first step, open the Settings app to choose the alternative that says ‘Network and Internet.
  2. In this option, select ‘SIM cards’ to see both the cards you have.
  3. Tap one of the cards that is creating all the fuss and toggle on so it deactivates the card.

This will deactivate the in-use SIM card, and you should wait for a few seconds. After the process is done, disable the same toggle you used and reactivate the card. This reactivating method is similar to rebooting or restarting a device.

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Are there any other reasons besides these for phones to not receive calls?

A reason can be that you do not have any minutes left in your plan. This means that you need to pay your service provider to activate your plan again. A simple reason can also be that you have set the device on DnD mode. This automatically restricts your Phone from receiving calls, but you can still make them.

Is your device damaged once you stop receiving incoming calls?

Not receiving incoming calls does not mean your device is not repairable. It simply means you need to remember what all functions you have disabled or enabled and care for it properly from time to time.

What does it mean when I don't receive calls but can make outgoing ones?

It means that you can call people, but their calls will not reach you. This can be because of some function you enabled and forgot to disable, like Dnd. You can effortlessly fix the issue by resetting, removing, or activating the SIM card.

Is there a better method to fix the issue of the incoming call from the above-given ones?

Rebooting your Phone or doing this but in safe mode is a sure-shot way to fix any given issue. You can give calling with another SIM card a shot to check where exactly the problem lies. You can also try factory reset your device and then have someone call you to checkup whether an incoming call is coming.


We hope this article was truly captivating and insightful for you!! With these questions, our article on ‘can’t receive incoming calls but can make outgoing calls’ comes to an end. The eight easy fixes will help get your incoming and outgoing call function on track.

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