10 Best SNES Emulators To Play Exciting Games in 2023

The current era of gaming is quite different from what we had in the 90s. Nowadays, online multiplayer games are in the trend, while in the earlier days, you need not require any internet to play such games. There were classic retro games like Super Mario, Contra, Donkey Kong, Pac Man, which were pretty competitive and challenging for children. To play such games, you needed to have a video gaming console like Nintendo or a Gameboy that is extremely difficult to get in modern times. Nowadays, Xbox and Play Station are much more in the trend. The Best SNES Emulators is that you can still play your favorite games from the 90s using SNES Emulators. However, there are tons of emulators available online, but not every one of them is excellent.

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Best SNES Emulators To Play Games

Today, we will tell you the top ten best SNES emulators to play classic retro games.


SNES 9x EX+ is one of the best SNES emulators you can get online. This Emulator works best with Android devices and allows you to play most of the games of your liking. It has basic features like automatic save game progress, comfortable control pad, easy to use interface, and many more features.

snex 9x ex+

You get one game pre-installed within the app called Bio Worm. You can add other games of your liking in the form of .smc and .sfc formats and optionally in ZIP, RAR, or 7Z files. The best thing about SNES 9x EX+ Emulator is that it is free to use and displays no ads. Thus, you can enjoy your games without any interruptions.

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Visit: SNES 9x EX+


John NESS is a successor to the famous John SNES emulator. It is compatible with Android, iOS, Windows Pc, and Mac OS. You have to download game files to play games using this Emulator. It has several features like HD graphics, automatic file scanning, virtual on-screen keyboard, supports Bluetooth run controllers, and supports Dropbox.

john ness

NESS also saves the game from where you left it. It is one of the best SNES emulators you will find.

Visit: John NESS

Retro Arch

Retro Arch is one of the most feature-rich SNES emulators out there. It is not just a game-playing emulator but also lets you build your games with the use of its powerful interface known as Libretro. Some of the best features of Retro Arch are a great user interface, changeable controls, using cheats easily, watch and play retro games, or to play multiplayer games with friends using wifi.


There are no ads on the platform and you can play games without interruption. Retro Arch supports android, iOS, Windows and Mac OS.

Visit: Retro Arch


ZSNES is another one of the best SNES emulators available online. It has been there for a long time, but the development of this Emulator stopped back in 2007. However, the Emulator supports almost any type of game file, has an easy to operate interface, changeable controls, saves games, and has many more features.


As Android and iOS were not so much popular back in 2007, this Emulator is available only for Windows, Mac Os, and Linux.

Visit: ZSNES


Nostalgia.NES is a modern-day SNES emulator. It has several great features such as HD quality gaming, save game progress, playing multiplayer NES games using wifi with your friends, highly customizable buttons, and a user-friendly interface.


You will not find any games within the app. You have to download game files and operate them using Nostalgia.NES emulator.

Visit: Nostalgia.NES

SuperRetro 16

SuperRetro 16 is a great SNES Emulator available online. It is free to download and provides features such as in-built cheat codes, support for many retro games, great visual effects, support for Bluetooth consoles, and playing multiplayer NES games using wifi with your friends.

superetro 16

Want a true experience of Retro Games, download this Emulator.

Visit: SuperRetro 16

Classic Boy

Classic Boy is a great emulator with a wide variety of features. It is one of the best SNES Emulators to play retro games. It is an all-in-one emulator with support for many great classic games of classic consoles like PS1, Game Boy Advance, Nintendo Classic, and many more.

classic box snes emulator

Classic Boy provides control features such as gesture control and calibration console, making it unique amongst other SNES emulators. It also supports gaming through Bluetooth controllers, and you can play multiplayer games with your friends through wifi support. Classic Boy is available on Android, iOS, and Windows PC.

Visit: Classic Boy


If you have a Macbook and are searching for a perfect SNES emulator, this is the one to go with. It has a friendly user interface with support for many retro games. The best thing about OpenEmu is that it does not require high PC specifications.


Thus it will run well on older Mac books without any problem. It has features such as save game progress, multiplayer games, and many more features.

Visit: OpenEmu

Retro Box

Retro Box is one of the best SNES emulators you can find online. You can play any of your favorite retro games using this Emulator. It provides a friendly user interface and provides HD quality graphics to enjoy your favorite games along with support for Bluetooth controllers. Retro Box supports only .sfc files.

retro box snes emulator

Thus you have to download the files in .sfc format only.

Visit: Retro Box


PCE.emu is another one of the best SNES emulators you can find. It lets you customize controls for different categories of games, play multiplayer wifi supported games, autosaves game progress and supports files in .pce and .sgx formats.

pce.emu SNES emulator

You can play your games on Bluetooth run controllers easily with the use of the PCE.emu Emulator.

Visit: PCE.emu

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Is bsnes the best SNES emulator?

RetroArch with a bsnes core. RetroArch with a bsnes core is the ideal emulator for the task if you want to play SNES on your Windows system.

What emulator does SNES Classic use?

PCSX ReARMed emulator. According to the folks behind the YouTube Channel, the SNES Classic runs the PCSX ReARMed emulator with Retroarch (thanks, Nintendo Life).

How accurate is higan?

The bsnes and bgba cores from Higan are the most developed and accurate. Gambatte, BGB, Mesen, puNES, and Nestopia are alternatives to the Nintendo 8-bit cores, which are still in development and inferior to other existing emulators. Bgba has made incredible progress since v095 and is now very near to mGBA accuracy.


In conclusion, these were the top ten best SNES emulators that you can download to play retro games. Always make sure that the site from which you are downloading is safe to keep your device out of danger. You can enjoy gaming using these emulators on your PC, android mobile, or even iPhone. Finally, If you know of any other great emulator that we missed in this post, comment down below.

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