VIII Best Dungeon Crawlers For Android In 2023

There’s nothing like fighting through a dungeon full of formidable adversaries in search of tempting treasures where every round could be your last. This type of gameplay loop remains timeless, as evidenced by the continued success of some of the best dungeon crawlers for android and roguelikes.

dungeon crawler

The fantasy-based role-playing game subgenre known as “dungeon crawlers” is still a favorite among gamers today. Players in Dungeon Crawlers battle enemies, attempt rescue from traps, & enjoy the game by gathering valuables in a labyrinth-like setting. Some of the best dungeon crawlers for android include Soul Knight, Caves, Dungeon Hunter 5, Moonshades, Space Grunts 2, Sproggiwood, Void Tyrant, and Dungeon Quest.

There is a particular allure towards the darkness & android dungeon crawlers make it seem so attractive. The main goal of these games is to lead the gamers through a succession of terrifying obstacles to get the desired result. The trend started with Dungeons and Dragons and will continue; we have made a list of the best dungeon crawlers for android and dungeon crawlers on iOS. Continue reading to know more.

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Best Dungeon Crawlers For Android

There are various dungeon crawlers available for android and iOS. Here we made a list of some of the best dungeon crawlers for android, and iOS. You can also play these games on computers using Emulators.

Soul Knight

One of the best dungeon crawlers on Android is Soul Knight, a dungeon crawler with straightforward controls. A magical stone that maintains the universe’s balance is stolen by high-tech aliens in Soul Knight, and it is the players‘ responsibility to bring the magic stone back to Earth to rescue the world.

soul knight

The game provides players with heroes with unique skills, a randomly generated dungeon, an amazing aiming system, and more than 270 different weapons.

Download: Soul Knight

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The turn-based roguelike game Caves has familiar controls. By excavating caves & having the opportunity to travel over vast, randomly created locations, players advance through the game. The game has mutants, robots, skeletons, & other creatures, in addition to a wide variety of high-tech armor that may be unlocked.


This game extensively uses caves, which you can explore with your pickaxe. The caves contain a variety of resources that you can employ in your base’s crafting station to create special and potent goods. Prepare for a fight because the caves are home to swarms of skeletons, mutants, robots, & other animals.

By selecting various stats and developing your playstyle & strategy, you may design an entirely original character. Large, randomly created areas with lots of intriguing objects to find are also included in the game. There is also a huge armory of weapons, ranging from energy swords and plasma rifles to bows and daggers. Each weapon has a special ability of its own.

Download: Caves

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Dungeon Hunter 5

One of the best Android dungeon crawlers is Dungeon Hunter 5, which features authentic ARPG dungeon legends and easy controls. Darkness overtakes the nation in Dungeon Hunter 5, & on top of that, people are forced to battle monsters, robbers, and several other evils on their own. 

More than 90 terrible creatures, including demon wizards, demon minions, & dark knights, are available in the game. With Dungeon Hunter 5, players will have access to more than 900 pieces of armor and weaponry and be able to personalize their characters. In Dungeon Hunter 5, players also have the chance to engage in PvE and PvP competitions. It comes under the best dungeon crawler apps.

dungeon hunter 5

In the enormous RPG adventure game Dungeon Hunter 5, you can equip your characters with over 900 pieces of armor and equipment. The legions of evil you’ll come across will require all the assistance they can get, but with the hundreds of destructive spells & skills at your disposal, you’re more than up to the task.

By intelligently using the most effective gear, magic, and protection, you can also master the elements. And the Arena is there for you to prove your mettle. You can recruit up to three more player heroes to join the fight you in Dungeon Hunter 5‘s Co-Op multiplayer mode.

Download: Dungeon Hunter 5


One of the top dungeon crawlers for Android is Moonshades, a role-playing game inspired by the original Dungeons and Dragons. Players will use Moonshades to explore a realm filled with fantastical and mysterious beasts and attempt to solve riddles. Players can access thousands of upgradeable items, including armor, accessories, and weaponry, to enhance their game’s heroes. 


Additionally, Moonshades provides the option to communicate and conduct business with NPCs. It comes under mobile dungeon games. You don’t need the internet to play Moonshades. As a result, gamers can play the game anywhere. Also there are many games you can play without internet.

Download: MoonShades

Space Grunts 2

This is one of the best Dungeon Crawler games you can play on an android device is this game:

space grunts 2

Players can expect something new in each level of the unusual dungeon crawler Space Grunts 2. The game offers a never-ending range of layouts and objectives. With Space Grunts 2, users can access the game‘s distinctive inventory and the profit system. By completing challenges and multitasking, players will level up and gather loot.

Download: Space Grunts 2

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A narrative-driven turn-based game with elements of Finnish folklore is called Sproggiwood. Players will create strategies to combat imaginative monsters in the game. Six selectable classes are available in Sproggiwood:

  • The cheery archer
  • The crafty thief
  • The straightforward farmer
  • The strong warrior
  • The intelligent wizard
  • The eerie vampire


In Sproggiwood, players can also decorate their towns by changing various elements, including roads, trees, and buildings. 

Download: Sproggiwood

Void Tyrant

The top dungeon crawlers for android include the strategic deck-building & card-based battle game Void Tyrant.

void tyrant

With the Void Tyrant, players may enjoy straightforward hit-or-stop gameplay while facing off against exotic aliens. The game has four distinct classes and more than 500 cards.

Download: Void Tyrant

Dungeon Quest

In search of a treasure-filled adventure? Dungeon Quest is the only option left. Players in this action role-playing game can set out on an adventure to find the best riches and overcome all obstacles.

dungeon quest

Additionally, you can outfit your Wizard, Warrior, and Rogue with the incredible randomized treasure you find on your quest and play for as long as you choose without any content or paywalls! Due to the randomly generated levels in the game, you’ll never fight within the same dungeon twice, so there’s always something new to uncover.

After each level, the four legendary bosses will challenge your mettle if you feel courageous. Additionally, the new Hireling System allows you to incorporate other characters into your travels.

Download: Dungeon Quest

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What are the classic Dungeon Crawlers of 2022?

Diablo II Resurrected, a remastered edition of the classic Diablo II is one of the classics on this list of the top Dungeon Crawlers of 2022. The horrific and cruel gameplay remains essentially unchanged in the remastered version, which primarily focuses on changing the graphics and visuals.

Which Android dungeon crawlers are the best?

The older & more well-known dungeon crawler Hoplite is the best. It offers a marginally more tactical gameplay experience by utilizing turn-based mobility and attacking.

Is playing Dungeon Hunter 5 free?

Action MMORPG Dungeon Hunter 5 is available for free. The world has been overtaken by darkness in this direct sequel of Dungeon Hunter 4 as you, the player, team up with numerous other warriors online for a thrilling journey.

Which Android MMORPGs are the best for free?

For android & iOS devices, there is a free-to-play MMORPG called Pocket Legends. You'll embark on exhilarating adventures with millions of other players in the game's fantasy setting of Alterra.


We hope you like our list of the best dungeon crawlers for android. As we explore levels upon levels of menacing and cramped dungeons, the dungeon crawler puts us in the roles of the bravest sword-wielding, magic-casting, loot-loving heroes. There are many dungeon crawlers available for iOS and android. Instead of this, we handpick every game and select the best one for you. 

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