Top 10 Beat Making Apps That You Should Try in 2023

The emerging music industry, along with emerging technologies, is creating new masterpieces every day. The best thing is that there is an audience for every kind of music & there are people who do not hesitate to listen to something new. This gives our music producers & DJs ample opportunities to explore, create & grow.

Here is the list of Top 10 Beat-Making Apps that You Should Try in 2023:

  • Music Maker JAM
  • GarageBand
  • Groovepad
  • FL Studio Mobile
  • Steinberg Cubasis
  • Bandlab
  • Audacity
  • Ableton Live
  • Pro Tools
  • Rap Fame

We are in an era of remixes, remakes, EDMs & many other beat-centric things. So, today, we will talk about the latest & best online beat-making apps.

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Top Beat-Making Apps of 2023

Let’s look at the best beat-making apps of 2023

Music Maker JAM

This is one of the finest free beat-making apps on the Google Play Store. Being the * Editor’s Choice* beat-making app of 2023 gives you at least one chance to try it. However, this app can remix loops; record music beats & publish your music creation to the world. According to the customer experiences & reviews, this is for all kinds of levels, flavours & tastes of beats—Additionally, The fantastic UI aids in the excellent customer experience. Also, containing easy-to-learn tutorials is something that beginners can rely on for sure!

music maker jam


Being free, this has glitches, like some packages being expensive and sometimes server problems due to over-crowding. But the overall experience recommends that every music lover check it independently.

Visit: Music Maker Jam


It couldn’t get any simpler than this, as it is a clean UI and easy to use. You’re all set if you have a Mac or an IOS device. This is one of the music-making apps developed by Apple, known for its dominance in the audio-visual industry. It packs existing loops and MIDI Keyboards (for simplicity: a virtual piano board), pre-existing vocal recordings, and numerous instrument effects. With a 4-star rating of over 37.2 thousand people and over a million downloads, it promises a great deal.

garage band


  • Higher Audio Resolutions: 16- and 24-bit audio resolutions to get superior vocal quality and remove those “hidden” riffs.
  • Pitch Correction: With a little effort and practice, you’ll hit those G# #s in no time. But until then, GarageBand has got you covered with its autotuning facilities to get those highs just right.
  • Lessons: With several demos and a “How Did I Play?” feature to measure your accuracy. Experiment as much as you want with the free-to-remix demos from
  • Featured artists. Strum the guitar just right.


  • While it feels unmatched, the app does not work outside the Apple environment. It proves to be pretty limiting.
  • Only a handful of features are available on the versions released for iOS. Music lessons, most time stamps, and free and downloadable content failed to make it on this version. Most extensions are not bundled in; you must download them from the App Store.

Download : GarageBand Music Making App


A product by “Easybrain,” this is also a music & beat-making app available online on the Play Store. This app can produce music & beats in a go. You can play tracks, mix them & mix sounds to them as wording to the customer ratings & reviews; the FX feature of this app is amazing + easy to use! You can learn the minute details of mixing & grooving within a few hours or a day or two, if willing.


This app also contains one free part & a premium part, but the sounds in the free one are fantastic. The paid upgrade is a good deal as well. So, those willing to go further in this field can definitely invest in the premium one. The bad reviews are few, no. & excellent overall reviews by customers make it worthy of a trial.

Visit: Groovepad

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FL Studio Mobile

Among other beat-making apps, this app is the mobile version of the famous studio software- FL Studio. This costs some bucks but is worth it as it is one of the topmost paid apps on the Google Play Store. It is an excellent app for getting down beats & even composing. Multiple generators are available on it.

fl studio mobile

The simple tools with many features, a wide variety of beats, unique instruments, and a manual make this app easy to use. Not to say, if your composition work is on the same serious note, then investing a lot of money for an exclusive experience is not a bad option. Moreover, this is used worldwide & the brand is a name in the virtual studios world. But beginners or newcomers in the field may need to learn a few things before getting hands-on. But it is advised to go & do some more research before investing in it!

Visit: FL Studio Mobile

Steinberg Cubasis

It is one of the fantastic music-making apps that turns out to be excellent as it listens to its users’ requests. Such is one of the tremendous music-making apps called Steinberg Cubasis. With writing the app from scratch and numerous features, this application must be considered a star on the world’s stage. Group Tracks, the part that lets you combine multiple tracks to edit it out like a single one, is just the chorus.



  • Touch Accuracy: Unlike many applications, the Cubasis provides the most accurate touch accuracy with its zoom mode.
  • DAW: With a fully supportable digital audio workstation (DAW), making it much easier to navigate through features with ease.
  • Samples: The application packs more than 75+ presents. It is entirely ready to use.
  • Cross-Platform: The iPhone screen seems a little small. Easily port your work to your iPad or Desktop with a few clicks.


  • The application has its advantages, priced at $50 for the Cubasis 3. However, Cubasis 2 prices at a range of $24.99.

Download: Steinberg Cubasis Music Making App 


This is an *award-winning* creation by Bandlab. This is rated excellent by the customers & some of them even rated it as the best one of its type. According to customer ratings & experience, this is one of the best multi-track recording studios for a cellphone. This is very useful for diehard metal & hard rock fans because of the instruments available, like distorted guitar, crashing drums, metal screams & clean vocals as well.


The possibilities in this app are endless. It is fantastic for beginners who want to edit their music—the presence of an amplifier & tuner aids in the excellent beginner experience. The simple tools give wide-scale opportunities to all the creative enthusiasts there to come here & explore and maximize their potential.

Visit: Bandlab

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Audacity might sing songs of popularity, being free and simple. The software is entirely user-friendly, with a clean and simple UI to be understood by the people breaking into music. Additionally, With tons of great features, tutorials, updates, and cross-platform support (Windows, macOS, and UNIX alike), it takes the cake for being simply the best free software or DAW, evident by being one of the most downloaded audio-editing software/music-making apps. It should be by your side, always. Precisely, these features make it one of the most used music-making apps.


  • Advantages:
  • Vocal Editing: It provides unlimited levels of undoing, precision with speed without disturbing the pitch or vice versa, reverb, fade, noise cancellation, and much more.
  • Multitracking mixing: Audacity offers to mix up to 96KHz
  • Vocal reduction: Convert your favourite songs to their karaoke versions.


  • There are no real-time effects or dynamic equalizer controls.

Download: Audacity Music Making App

Ableton Live

The name says it all. Most of the DAWs we mentioned do not support live playback. In addition, Ableton Live is your pal to overcome this problem and provide you with the smoothest experience for a live performance to rock your audience. Thus, this feature makes this app one of the fantastic music-making apps.



  • Instruments: Play the best electronic piano, beat the best electro-drums, and even an FM synthesizer.
  • Audio effects: Ableton Live allows you to experiment with the best sound effects like envelopes, Drum Bass, and Delays.


  • The best version costs upwards of $749. The compact screen size makes it prone to human errors.

Download: Ableton Live Music Making App

Pro Tools

This cross-platform tool is designed for various sound recordings and production. It is a perfect blend of electrical, computer, and audio engineering. It can work as standalone software with more useful technology, such as an external analogue converter for PCIs (Peripheral Component Interconnect). Also, this is one of the beat-making apps that creates a perfect user experience.

pro tools


  • Firstly, its Effects: At such a macro level, the application provides a convenient method to add effects like reverb, equalization, and vocal compression.
  • Real-time: You can use all audio effects and additional instrumental playbacks (even virtual ones) in the live feedback and process music efficiently.
  • Cross-platform: It allows one to work across a significantly different audio environment. Also, it matches the industry standards.


  • It offers a high pricing range.
  • The structure is suitable for professionals.
  • There are pro-tools-specific interfaces, which means it’s not home-recording friendly. It is a sophisticated software to get around. However, it may take years to master.

Download: Pro Tools Music Making App

Rap Fame

This is one of the best beat-making apps by” Rap Tech Studios,” specially made for all the rap enthusiasts there! It is a Rap Music Studio that records raps to beats. This is a powerful recording studio with autotune vocal effects & a vast number of free moments available.

rap fame

Along with an excellent platform to showcase your rap talent, this has the concept of a”master class,” which is very helpful to the users. Also, there are several contests, too, meant for the ones who have the fire inside them for rap & want to jump into this field. The effects are sound & the autotune is excellent. Many features are available for free, and many more features are available on the premium version. But overall, this app is a nice podium for you if you have the zeal for rap!!

Visit: Rap Fame

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Is making beats a career?

By engaging in the online beat market, budding producers find a crucial income stream. What's truly remarkable is that some of these aspirants generate annual earnings scaling up to six figures solely through selling their beats. However, to tap into this lucrative avenue, they must grasp pivotal factors comprehensively.

Can I produce music on my phone?

Music enthusiasts passionate about production find smartphones a treasure trove in today's context, offering versatile options for both leisure and lifelong dedication. Propelled by advanced technology, many music production apps have surfaced, curated to satisfy the cravings of fervent music lovers. These apps effortlessly unleash many benefits, granting users unparalleled access to an extensive selection of sample packs.

Is there a free beat making app?

Operating seamlessly on Android and iOS devices, Groovepad proves itself as an incredibly user-friendly tool. It presents a spectrum of genres, including EDM, hip-hop, and trap, for users to choose from actively. A substantial library of sound effects and loops empowers users to fashion their unique beats seamlessly within Groovepad's interface. This enhances the tool's versatility and expands its capacity for enabling dynamic musical expression.

Can you make a beat on your phone?

Utilizing your phone for crafting drum patterns, chopping samples, or recording scratch vocals has become exceptionally simple. Mobile music apps usher in innovative avenues for fostering creativity. Noteworthy among these are apps like GarageBand or FL Studio Mobile, which provide approachable adaptations of their desktop versions. This ensures accessibility while seamlessly maintaining engagement, enhancing the music production experience.


In conclusion, these are the best beat-making apps of 2023. Make sure to try them all out to find the best one that suits you!

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