Best Apple Launchers For Android to Install in 2023

Nowadays, people choose various Android phones over iPhones for multiple reasons. They agree that iPhones are the trend to the current generation. However, one of those significant reasons is that people can’t afford iPhones as they are very costly in comparison to other smartphones. Here, we would be discussing the best Apple launchers for android.

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Recently Apple launched the iPhone 13, which has taken over the entire industry with its stunning looks. The people who love iPhones but can’t afford them due to price constraints, multiple IOS style launchers allow you to get an iPhone-like experience on your android smartphone. A launcher is an app that can change the appearance of your phone and make it look like another phone as it changes the features, icons, themes, etc., of your phone. As android devices come with different features using launchers and more, some of them can help bring iPhone features to your android smartphone.

Some of the best Apple launchers for android are given as follows: 

The iPhone launcher gives a similar experience by adding wallpaper, icons, and other features. 

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Best Apple launchers for android

Some of the top iOS launchers are as follows-:

Phone 11 launchers:

First in the list of Apple launchers for android is this. It is one of the launchers which shows similar iOS 11 features on android, and it comes with the same UI and wallpaper. One can get the authentic look on an android phone with this launcher.


This launcher is known for its smooth working and can help to enhance your Android experience overall. This launcher gives an iPhone theme for the android experience.

iphone launcher

This iOS launcher works for all android devices starting from version 4.1 or higher; the app is available for free to download.

Launcher iPhone:

This one out of the Apple launchers for android is exactly what it sounds like, and this is the only app that allows you to change the style of your smartphone to iOS in just one click. After enabling this launcher, you can add different iOS themes, icons, and gestures to your android devices. This app is famously known for its personalization features allowing you to customize the app to your requirements.launcher iphone

iPhone X launcher:

This launcher is another iOS themed launcher for android to get the iPhone experience. It allows you to bring the iOS feel to any android phone and aims to create an iOS-like experience.


This app brings a bunch of gestures, including swipe features and more. 

Control Center iOS 13:

This one of the Apple launchers for android can show iOS-like effects with a smooth interface. A huge benefit of this app is that it is compatible even with entry-grade phones, so it is known for its customization.

iLauncher for iOS 11:

This launcher for iOS is famous for its simplicity and ease of functioning. A simple tap will replace your android icons with iOS icons, limiting the customization process. This app works relatively better than others.

Control Panel:

This one out of the Apple launchers for android brings the iPhone-like control system to your android devices. In this control panel, you have small shortcut toggles like WiFi, Bluetooth, screen timeout, and different functions like increasing and decreasing the volume, brightness level of your android phones. For those who love those iPhone features, this will indeed work them.

launcher apple launcher

OS launcher 12:

This is another launcher that converts features of your android smartphones to iPhone features.

People smartly choose the OS launcher 12 app as it is faster than the other apps and gives a wide variation in elements, themes, backgrounds, etc.os launcher 12 apple launcher

X launcher for Phone X max 

Lastly, in the list of Apple launchers for android, this app is known for its exact iPhone lock screen notifications, and this app claims to be gentle on your smartphone memory which is why people prefer this app as this is the most critical aspect of a launcher.x launcher apple launcher



In conclusion, these are the best apple launchers for android you can go through and have on your android smartphones. This would give you a similar experience, just like an iPhone. Still, also knowing that these apps could only give you an experience. But, they will not improve your smartphone in any manner. These apps are just substitutes for iOS for those who cannot afford an iPhone. Also, most iPhone launchers are not harmful as they don’t affect your data when you uninstall it. In addiion, in terms of draining the battery, the launcher won’t make your battery life better. Still, it also depends on how much one uses the app and for what reason, expressly.

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