The 7 Best Ever Podcasting Software for Windows and Mac | 2022

Podcasting is an exciting way of sharing thoughts and stories with people and connecting with them. Podcasts have become an effortless way of sharing information, as well, and it has eliminated the monotonous style of listening to stories and news. Nowadays, podcast excitingly presents stories and news and keeps its listeners hooked to it. As podcasting software are becoming quite popular these days, so are the softwares that record podcasts too, has become quite popular and essential.

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The Top 7 Podcasting Software for Windows and Mac

The following are some of the top 7 best podcasting software for windows and Mac used fir recording.

Garage band 

Garage band as a podcasting software is one of the best among many for recording podcasts. This Software is engaged in creating digital audios and recordings. Garage band is more prevalent among Mac users as it is available to them for free, and using it as their Software for recording podcasts, involves very less investment.

You may use it as a professional tool for creating and recording podcasts. The garage band has the features of recording music through different instruments like guitars and drums. It is one of the most preferred Software for the first time podcasters as well as for the experienced podcasters.

garage band

Download : Garage Band 


It is also an audio recording software and is available for windows and Mac. Audacity as a podcasting software is less complicated as compared to most of the other softwares. It is the most used Software, especially among the audio podcasters, who want to create high –quality audio podcasts.

Like, garage band, this app is also available for free to the podcasters and is one of the reasons for being a highly preferred software for podcast recordings. As a beginner, in the field of podcasting, the most crucial part is the investment to create podcasts and reach out to the people. Thus audacity is a cost-effective podcasting Software.


Download : Audacity 

Adobe Audition

Professionals mostly prefer audition software, and one of the reasons for it is that downloading this Software charges some specific amount. This Software provides some of the best editing options in podcasting. Many of the users of this Software have shared that they have learned new editing skills, which makes their podcasts more outreaching and effective.

Adobe audition’s sound effect design tends to have a spiffing impact on the listeners. The multitrack setup and the episode editing function makes this recording and podcasting software an absolute favorite among podcasters.

adobe audition

Download : Adobe Audition

Logic pro

Logic pro recording software is compatible for Mac users. Installation of this Software charges some specific amount, but both beginners and experienced podcasters prefer it. It’s a complete packaged recording software with a relatively sheer articulation that exhibits all the intrinsic functions of podcasting.

An advanced setting in this Software helps the podcasters to enhance and approach it’s brimming ensemble attributes or features. People starting to record podcasts at an initial stage can prefer this Software as it’s versatile applicable makes it a perfect software for them to explore.

logic pro x

Download : Logic Pro

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Hindenburg journalist

This software owns a group of audio production and editing programs while journalist is its Software, which is highly endorsed, especially for initial level podcasters.  Like many Podcasting Software, is a paid software for recording podcasts. This Software is applicable for initial level podcasters; therefore, it offers basic recording and editing functions as well.

This recording software helps to give more importance in the recording part by bringing together clips of storytelling and interviews and present them in a connected form. The outstanding feature of the Software is the Noise reduction effect, which helps to eliminate all kinds of noises in the actual recording by just turning up the noise reduction dial.

hidenburg journalist

Download : Hindenburg Journalist


It is considered to be a user-friendly software and also cost-effective Software. One has to create an account on their site to avail of the functions of this recording software. A podcaster needs to upload the recordings on this Software, and it manually recognizes all the music and voices separately and presents it in an organized manner to the podcaster.

Auphonic Edit

The structuarility of this podcasting software allows the podcasters to see an essential production outcome of their recordings. This Software helps in controlling the loudness of the audios by normalizing and balancing the sound effect and makes sure all records have a similar sound effect.

Download : Auphonic


Zencastr is also among one of the popular Software for recording podcasts. This Software is available for free in the first eight months after that. A certain amount is charged to continue using it and is known as the professional tier.

Zencastr ensures the maintenance of the high quality of sound in the recordings. It offers many features to make the outcome sound more forceful. Zencastr tries to make podcasting look effortless with it’s editing and quality sounding features.


Download : Zencastr


These are the top seven popular and essential podcasting software used by many people around. We hope any of the above software help you to create your own channel and you may reach heights through it!

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