How To Watch Netflix In VR? Complete Guide 2023

Virtual reality video gameplay is fun, but it also requires effort. If you want to kick back and unwind in the virtual world and stream Netflix, try learning how to watch Netflix in VR.

Netflix VR offers users the ability to enjoy their favorite content on a virtual large screen, simulating the experience of being in a movie theater. Additionally, users have the option to select from a range of immersive settings, including a comfortable living room or a picturesque beachfront cabana, to enhance their viewing experience.

As a result, various tools and software enable Netflix VR streaming. In this guide, we will go through each technique so you can learn how to watch Netflix in VR. 

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Netflix VR – A Fun Reality

Customers may stream content from the Netflix VR movies and TV series via the Netflix VR app using their virtual reality headsets. The Netflix app is curated for viewing instead of the standard app UI in a headset. After everything is set up, learning to watch Netflix in VR is simple. You can sit wherever you choose once you have customized the wireless headset.

netflixLiving Room and void are the two modes available on Netflix VR. With the help of the living room feature, you can enter a virtual living room with a fireplace and a TV above it. You sit on the couch and can view the room when your headset is on. You must sit erect and stare straight ahead when in living room mode. The second option for watching Netflix in virtual reality is Void mode. You stare into nothing in this mode. Each of your up-close and personal eyes receives a video stream.

What Video Quality Does The Netflix VR App Offer?

The maximum video quality available on Netflix VR is 480p. However, virtual reality screens have far lower resolutions and are closer to your eyes.

netflix vr

This is a significant drawback to using VR equipment to watch Netflix. The overall pixel count in virtual reality resembles what you see in notifications on Smart TVs.

Prerequisites To Watch Netflix On Gear VR

There are a few gear and devices you need to get started before you can learn how to watch Netflix in VR

  • VR headset: There is a virtual reality choice, regardless of your budget. A few additional choices are also available. The Google Daydream View system has been discontinued but is still $27 on Amazon, the refurbished Samsung Gear VR headgear, which is $30 on Amazon, and the Google Cardboard viewer, which costs $30, are all less-priced options.vr headset
  • Active Netflix subscription: There are four Netflix subscription plans available. The price depends on how many devices you want to utilize the service on and whether HD audio manager and viewing are pertinent to you.
  • Smartphone: Any smartphone will do; however, the ideal device is an Android phone released in or before 2019 to run the software.
  • Solid WiFi connection: The Netflix VR app and the Systems do not allow you to download and keep the content to be watched later in the offline mode. 
  • PC: If you do not have a specialized VR system like those featured in the gallery above, you might require a Windows PC to use an iPhone.

Steps To Stream Netflix VR

How to watch Netflix in VR has been the question of the hour. Download the Netflix VR software from the Google Play store and utilize your device for an immersive streaming experience as VR movies on Netflix.

Follow The Given Steps To Launch Netflix VR On Android

It is easy to launch Netflix VR on Android if you adhere to the following steps. 

  1. Open the Netflix VR netflix
  2. Choose your headset. If your devices work with Android software, click Daydream View, Google Cardboard (Netflix for cardboard), or Scan a QR code for additional gadgets.choose headset
  3. If you have a Samsung device, you can buy its VR equivalent and use the gear to stream Netflix on Samsung VR. Although Samsung no longer makes this headset, it is still available on Amazon. With iPhones and iPads, things become a little tedious. Netflix can be seen in virtual reality even if iOS does not have a specific Daydream-like virtual reality app. Trinus VR will be discussed, while many software providers provide tools to assist you with this strategy.
    steam netflix on samsung vr

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Follow The Given Steps To Launch Netflix VR On A Mac

The steps have been simplified and presented here.

  1. Install Trinus VR and start using trinus
  2. For your Mac device, download the equivalent app.
  3. Open the program on your phone and the app on your Mac device.
  4. Open the phone app, and enter the IP of your phone.enter ip address
  5. Launch both devices by clicking.
  6. Go to the official Netflix website on the PC by launching your preferred browser.choose content
  7. Register with your account.trinus vr
  8. Choose the content you want to stream, then do so.

If you are willing to invest in a specific VR application, you will not need to be concerned about Netflix working with your device. It has a particular app available in the respective store. Follow the illustrated steps to watch Netflix on gear VR

  1. Download the app from the respective
  2. Go back to the home page and select Netflix.
  3. Register for your account.

How To Switch Between The Modes?

After how to watch Netflix in VR, this is another most asked query. Use the instructions provided to transition between the two modes to connect the Oculus program for Netflix VR.

  1. Tilt and look up towards the ceiling as you are in your virtual living room.
  2. To switch to Void mode, click Void Theater.void mode
  3. The Netflix film is now floating before you outside of your living room. netflix film is now floatingDoes Netflix have VR movies? Yes, you can return to the previous mode or switch to Travel mode after entering Void mode to watch VR movies. The screen places at the center of your field of vision in travel mode, which is identical to void mode.T est both to see which way you prefer for virtual reality Netflix viewing.

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Are there any Netflix VR movies?

A frequently asked query from beginners is, does Netflix have VR movies. There are not many VR movies on Netflix in particular. Netflix movies and TV shows are available in normal 2D and will all be broadcast this way. Moreover, there are no more 3D movies available on Netflix.

Are there any risks associated with VR?

The phrase virtual reality sickness refers to symptoms like sickness, dizziness, perspiration, pale face, and imbalance. This situation can occur after being exposed to virtual reality.

How to watch TV in VR?

Thanks to Meta Quest TV, you can watch TV and other media in virtual reality. Choose your preferred channel or browse the given library of content. Moreover, Meta Quest TV offers shortcuts to independent entertainment applications and notifies you whenever something new comes out.

Can Hotstar be watched in VR?

Initially, spectators at home can use VR headsets to catch the games on Hotstar. The second option is a built-in function within the software that will enable users to halt the game whenever they want and slide or rotate their phone to receive a 360-degree perspective of the field.


Watching content in virtual reality has its own positive and negative points. While it elevates the thrill of watching movies and shows in a different experience, it may also disrupt your sensory functions. The Netflix VR app has been a phenomenal development to stream content, which informs how to watch Netflix in VR. Besides that, there are several other software and external applications that you can use to get the experience.