Is Netflix Free With Roku? An Easy And Simple Guide

With a Roku device, you may stream content from many channels and services, along with some freebie Roku channels and Netflix, one of the top streaming services in the world. You can view your favorite TV series and movies in stunning image resolution on the big screen once Netflix is set up on your Roku. This post will answer “Is Netflix free with Roku” demonstrating how to install Netflix on a Roku device.

netflix roku

Yes! You can watch free Netflix on Roku but must have a Netflix membership to access its content. You can quit or upgrade anytime with Netflix’s various plans, which start at $ 9.99 monthly. Having Netflix on Roku does not incur additional costs.

Even though you know the answer to “Is Netflix free on Roku” and establishing Netflix on a Roku is as simple as setting it up on any other device, mistakes can still occur. Continue reading since this post will guide you through every step, from setup to using Netflix on Roku to problem-solving.

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Key Learnings

  • The Netflix app on Roku is identical to the software for other devices. netflix app on roku
  • Swapping Netflix accounts on Roku or logging out of Netflix is simple.
  • There are a couple of ways you may try to fix Netflix on Roku if you need help setting it up.

This article will assist you in determining whether you need to assemble Netflix on your Roku for the first time or troubleshoot a Netflix on Roku issue. Here is the “Netflix free with Roku” guide. But we will cover many topics, including how to alter your Netflix account information and log out and how to utilize Netflix on Roku. Let’s get started.

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Roku Ultra Pros

  • Compatibility with Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos dolby vision and dolby atmos
  • Individualized shortcut buttons
  • local playback using a USB usb
  • Long-range WiFi, Bluetooth, and an Ethernet port
  • Using earbuds for private listening


  • Requires a wall outlet for electricity. wall outlet for electricity
  • No portable

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Netflix Support On Roku

Yes, you can use Roku to stream Netflix. The Netflix app—or “channel,” as Roku refers to it—is frequently preinstalled. You must create an account with Netflix or sign in if you already have one. Be cautious of phony offers and other Roku frauds connected to Netflix.

We offer instructions concerning how to add channels to Roku, so if you’ve had your Roku awhile and removed the Netflix app, you may quickly discover it in the Roku channel shop and reinstall it.


Installing the Netflix channel is free. But to view material, you must have a Netflix subscription. So, how much does Netflix cost on Roku? Plans range from $9.99 to $19.99, and there is a fixed monthly charge that you can adjust or cancel at any time. However, we offer a guide on getting Netflix for free.

So, is Netflix on Roku free? Yes, but a subscription is a must! So keep that in mind.

Finding Netflix On A Roku TV

There is no difference between watching Netflix on a Roku streaming appliance and a Roku TV. You’re ready to go as long as the TV has internet access and your Roku account is set up.

netflix on roku

Find the application on its channel store. In case it isn’t already there, then register or log in. That’s how easy it is.

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How To Use Netflix On A Roku, Step By Step!

Using the Netflix channel is no-frills once you’ve downloaded it and signed in. But first, let’s quickly go through how to get started.

Select “Home” From The Menu

Ensure you are viewing the main screen of Roku.

roku main screen

Now, push the “home” switch on the remote.

Select Netflix By Pressing The “OK” Button

To find Netflix, press “OK” and then use the arrow buttons, and choose it.

click netflix

The “OK” switch will undertake Netflix.

Start Netflix And Log Up

Tap “OK” to start Netflix. Choose “sign in” and tap “OK” to get your Netflix ID if you have one already.

sign in for netflix

If you don’t own one, tap “join” and follow the picture-in-picture guidelines.

Make Or Choose A Profile

You can create individual family member profiles on Netflix, which is helpful if you have Kids.


You may either build a new account or settle on an old one.

Choose A Flick Or TV Series To Watch

You can navigate between Netflix’s various categories using the up and down directional buttons and browse that category’s material with the left and right indicator buttons.

watch content

When you have anything to watch, choose “OK” to see an additional notification, then tap “play” and “OK” once again.

Hit The Left Arrow Key And Choose “Search” To Perform A Search

You can choose from various genres on this menu, comprising lately released and widespread films and TV series.

search shows

You can look up a specific TV program or motion picture. Pick “search” by pressing the left arrow key, then press “OK.”

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How much is Netflix a month on Roku?

You can stop or upgrade at any moment with Netflix's various plans, which start at $9.99 per month. Having Netflix on Roku does not incur additional costs.

Does Roku come with Netflix?

Yes, you can use Roku to stream Netflix. In actuality, the Netflix application, or channel (Roku refers channel to it ), is typically pre-downloaded.

What is free on Roku?

The Roku Channel, which Roku owns, is cost-free. A full entertainment channel, The Roku Channel offers live TV stations, movies, documentaries, and TV shows. It has a similar design to Netflix on Roku and is apt for entertaining the entire family. Premium content can be purchased, although it is not necessary.

What is the difference between Netflix and Roku?

There are still significant distinctions between Netflix and Roku, chiefly that Roku earns most of its revenue from advertising, whereas Netflix derives it via subscriptions. Furthermore, Roku doesn't appear to be interested in the original material; according to CEO Anthony Wood, the business has no intentions to license original content.

Why are we getting charged for Roku?

You have subscriptions on many Roku devices, several Roku accounts, and multiple Roku devices.

Why won't Netflix work on Roku?

Test your mobile or other Wi-Fi-capable devices at home. The router could be malfunctioning as another cause of Netflix not running on Roku. Plug the router back in within a few minutes of being unplugged. Once the router has been rebooted and has returned online, Roku will join Netflix.


The Netflix app is available for free download; You can check in to Netflix on Roku with the same ease as on any other device by downloading the app. However, if Netflix doesn’t work on your Roku device for any reason, we hope this guide helps you quickly resume your streaming binge.

Please read our guide to Netflix’s hidden codes to access countless streaming possibilities. Live TV might be a perfect substitute for Netflix streaming when you need a break. 

Along with clearing your doubt, “Is Netflix free with Roku” we suggested you have a Netflix membership to access its content. Plans range from $9.99 to $19.99. However, Having Netflix on Roku does not incur additional costs.

Does your Roku have Netflix installed? Have you ever experienced Netflix malfunctions? As always, we appreciate your reading. Please share your thoughts in the comments box.