Top 6 Mouse Without Borders Alternative For Windows

A highly well-liked Mouse Sharing tool in the OS & utility area is Mouse Without Borders. Mouse without borders alternative enables you to interact with your PCs as if they were one large desktop, according to its description. It allows you to move your mouse between three or more displays, even when one connects to a separate PC from the other two.

The alternatives to Mouse without Borders are :

  • ShareMouse
  • Synergy
  • Logitech Options
  • Barrier
  • Across
  • Input Leap

Microsoft’s incredible productivity tool Mouse without Borders lets you manage up to four computers simultaneously. Drag & drop files between computers or copy text while using Mouse without Borders. Read below in detail about the mouse without borders alternative.

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What Is Mouse Without Borders?

You may click and drag anywhere on your computer without special mouse controls thanks to the add-on “Mouse without Borders.” Alternatives to a mouse Borders gives you the same universal keyboard and mouse access on all Windows-based devices as Universal Control. 

You may drag stuff from one PC to another with it as well.

  • This application is fantastic since it effectively allows you to use your high-end PC mouse on all other machines if you already own one. 
  • Additionally, a range of DPI levels supports this program for increased mouse precision.   mouse without borders
  • However, this software’s only drawback is that it might only be able to recognize some hardware gadgets, including optical mice and on-screen touchpads.
  • The program might be able to identify all of your hardware components correctly, but it could be unable to recognize the typeface or native font size of your machine. 
  • Consequently, if you intend to use this software on a Windows machine, you can encounter compatibility problems.

Additionally, there may be some compatibility issues if you intend to use this software with a physical analog computer keyboard, particularly if your computer is set up to handle a USB mouse rather than a USB keyboard. 

Mouse Without Borders Advantages

The most advanced and user-friendly mouses without borders are best for manipulating numerous screens on a computer.

Simple And Quick Setup

Installing Mouse Without Borders is quite simple. This software can be installed by WiFi on all the devices it is compatible with if you have a PC or Windows laptop.

simple and quick setup

Installing the setup will take about two minutes if your internet is quick and dependable. Everyone who uses it will start by looking for that.

Friendly User Interface

Smart and user-friendly learning tools are included in Mouse Without Borders. You can set it up very easily based on your needs.

friendly user interface

Once you’ve installed it, all you have to do to get instructions is hover your mouse over one of the accessible tabs. The “Other Options” page will instruct you on how to use other features.

Top 6 Mouse Without Borders Alternatives

Here are the 6 best alternatives for a mouse without borders. 


ShareMouse is the most effective mouse without-borders alternative. A paid cross-platform program called ShareMouse works with up to nine PCs.


In addition to the standard drag-and-drop functionality and mouse and keyboard sharing, Share Mouse provides automatic screen position detection. Additionally, it synchronizes smart devices, enabling you to log in, log out, or simultaneously run screensavers on all of the screens.

Get: ShareMouse


Another well-liked cross-platform application that works with various operating systems is called Synergy.


This Mouse Without Borders substitute works with Windows, Linux, and Mac computers. Synergy, a mouse jiggler alternative, must be purchased because it is intended for business use. It allows cross-platform sharing of the keyboard, mouse, and clipboard.

Get: Synergy

Logitech Options

Try this cross-platform program by Logitech Options if you’re looking for a free alternative to Mouse Without Borders.


You receive one keyboard, mouse support, copy/paste functions, and mouse mover software. You can also alter various input devices on Windows and Mac PCs.

Get: Logitech Options

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Another free mouse jiggler without software for linking several PCs with various operating systems to a single keyboard and mouse at a workstation is called Barrier. Users claim that this open-source utility supports Windows, Linux, and Mac OS and is quite simple to install.


It provides basic keyboard and mouse sharing in addition to SSL encryption. Oh, and you can also transfer the clipboard among other devices.

Get: Barrier


Another piece of software with a commercial purpose that supports Mac, Windows, and Android is this one.


You need Bluetooth to link your devices so you can use a single laptop keyboard and mouse instead of WiFi. There is no risk in utilizing any of this licensed software for business purposes.

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Input Leap

Input Leap is software that imitates the capability of a KVM switch.

input lead

It allowed you to physically switch whatever computer you were managing at any one time by turning a dial on the box while using a single keyboard and alternative to a mouse to operate several computers.

Get: Input Leap


Does Barrier work well as a substitute for a mouse Without Borders?

A cross-platform software tool called Barrier allows you to share your keyboard and mouse among the several machines on your desk. It is an easy-to-setup and installs cross-platform solution. Nearly everyone agrees that Barrier is a superior choice as an alternative to a computer mouse.

How many computers can a borderless mouse operate on?

Using a different mouse and keyboard for every system might be tedious and laborious. The software application known as Mouse without Borders, which is OS-compatible, allows you to transfer data or drag and drop documents between four computers using a single mouse and keyboard.

How long does mouse Without Borders installation take?

A Setup box will appear after you have installed Mouse without Borders. By clicking the Mouse without Borders system tray symbol on the taskbar, you can also see this dialog at any moment. If the internet is strong, the complete operation will take up to two minutes.

What are some substitutes for a borderless mouse?

Mouse without Borders alternative for all platforms and under any license Synergy Multiple Windows, Mac, and Linux machines can share a single mouse, keyboard, and clipboard. The space desk may extend the Windows desktop computer's screen to additional devices through a local area network.

How effective is a mouse Without Borders?

The software application known as Mouse without Borders, which is OS-compatible, allows you to transfer data or drag and drop documents between four computers using a single mouse and keyboard. Each product has different limits, and Mouse without Borders is no different.

How can I configure my PC to utilize a borderless mouse?

Set up Mouse without Borders on your PC in the pop-up window. Drag and drop the computer images below to match the physical arrangement of your machines on the Machine Setup page. If your PCs are not arranged in a row, mark the box next to Two Row. Your first computer is the one that has the term local machine in the thumbnail.

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In conclusion, you would be familiar with cross-platform software if you had ever considered using one keyboard and mouse to control several devices. The need for cross-platform software has grown due to Mouse Without Borders, particularly in the gaming industry. This software has typically been utilized in offices, classroom settings, and projects requiring multitasking.

The lack of OS support for this software presents a chance for many different solutions. Above all, it would help if you chose which of their functions is the greatest mouse without-borders alternative.