Best YouTube Videos for Babies In 2023 [Top 10]

Most parents don’t prefer exposing their babies to mobiles and television early as they think it can harm them. However, according to some studies, a little bit of screen time also has some benefits for your babies. Nowadays, many Youtube channels create content that encourages your baby to be interactive and aware of their surroundings. It also helps them release stress and promotes cognitive learning. If you desire to know about the best Youtube videos for babies, then we are here to help.

We have compiled the 10 best Youtube channels for babies you should know about

Pocket PreschoolMother Goose Club
Treeschool- Preschool and Kids SongsCocomelon
Baby EinsteinSuper Simple TV
Sesame StreetThe Notekins
Baby FirstHey Bear Sensory

Read on to learn more about these Youtube channels and how they assist your babies in their mental growth.

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10 Best YouTube Channels For Babies

Here are the ten best YouTube channels mentioned below.

Pocket Preschool

This channel is connected to Treeshcool because of one specific video. This channel is home to one of Treeschool’s older programs, originally marketed as an independent program for infants. “Baby Signing Time” is an excellent introduction to sign language and contains content suitable for babies.

pocket preschool

The video teaches simple sign language that is easy enough for both of you to learn quickly and bridge the communication gap before your child babbles.

Visit: Pocket Preschool

Treeschool- Preschool And Kids Songs

In a list of educational Youtube channels for toddlers, Treeschool is a must. It is an excellent option for incorporating sign language into your baby’s routine, who constantly learns new words daily. Sign language helps develop their language skills and teaches your toddler how to communicate before they can speak total words.


In her lessons, Rachel, the show’s host, teaches simple signs for babies that include “Mommy,” “Daddy,” and “Milk,” etc. She includes signs for animals, colors, and plants for older babies.

This channel is also helpful for parents to engage with their infants and learn new signs together. 

Visit: Treeschool

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Baby Einstein

Baby Einstein is a channel that helps little ‘Einsteins’ curious minds learn about language and arts. It incorporates classical music in its lullabies and nursery rhymes, an excellent source of calm for your baby. Their videos also blend animation with real kids and provide different content for the babies to engage with. 

baby einstein

Apart from specific content for babies, this channel also produces parenting videos, DIY tutorials, and monthly milestones videos for parents.

Visit: Baby Einstein

Sesame Street

Sesame Street has been around for decades and is loved by babies and parents alike.  This show was earlier broadcast on television and has created exciting segments for Youtube. It can be counted as the channel with the best Youtube videos for babies regarding education and entertainment. Although it is an old show, the creators keep updating their content to meet the needs of young minds.

sesame street

The channel consists of short videos that help toddlers learn letters, numbers, daily habits, and songs. They also develop lessons on love, friendship, and basic meditation for toddlers. Although these messages might be a little deep for the babies to understand, teaching good values and kindness at an early age never hurts.

Additionally, the bright, colorful puppets appeal to the babies very much. The blend of real-life entertainment with puppets and cartoons is a pleasant change from overly bright animations. 

Visit: Sesame Street

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Baby First 

Baby First is one of those Youtube channels for toddlers that keeps them entertained while you are engaged in other activities. It consists of the best youtube videos for babies that teach the basics, like numbers, colors, letters, and songs. The main characters of the videos “GooGoo” and “GaGa” also sing nursery rhymes.

baby first 

Their videos blend exhilarating music and distinct visuals that appeal to young minds. The content is simple and entertaining for toddlers and infants because it doesn’t dazzle their eyes with too much stimulation. 

Visit: Baby First

Mother Goose Club

This channel features the best videos for kids. These videos are bright, musical, and lively and depict characters like Humpty Dumpty singing about planets or Bo Beep singing about animals. At times, ‘real life’ humans also appear in costumes performing simple dances that your baby can enjoy. Older kids can even copy their movements.

mother goose club

This channel lists baby videos on its associate channel meant explicitly for infants. It is a must in the list of the best Youtube videos for babies.

Visit: Mother Goose Club

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Cocomelon is the most subscribed channel on YouTube, with over 140 million subscribers.  Jay Jeon and his wife started these videos as a hobby to entertain their kids. However, it became a massive success, and in the last fifteen years, Cocomelon has grown to become the channel with the best Youtube videos for babies.


This Youtube show for toddlers focuses on educating them by introducing them to colors, letters, numbers, and popular rhymes. It helps them discover new words and grasp a story structure as they follow JJ and his family in their musical endeavors. 

Visit: Cocomelon

Super Simple Tv

This toddler Youtube channel features episodic-style cartoon series. These series are mostly animated and sometimes use puppetry as well. These cartoons assist your toddlers in learning about the alphabet and numbers in an entertaining way.

super simple tv

Their stories are simple and slow-paced, allowing the small ones to understand the characters and settings according to their level of comprehension.

These videos entertain the kids and encourage their curiosity to explore their surroundings. It is among the best Youtube videos for babies available nowadays.

Visit: Super Simple Tv

The Notekins

The Notekins feature seven characters, all based on the seven notes in music, who take your kids through the basics of music. You may wonder if your young baby understands an Enote or not. The answer is a definite no, but early exposure to music develops their ability to process speech patterns and has a calming effect.

the notekins

Over the years, they might develop a love of singing and dancing and some excellent language skills.  

Hey Bear Sensory

Hey Bear Sensory has all the necessary entertainment elements and produces some of the best Youtube videos for babies. It incorporates plenty of bright and vibrant videos aided with upbeat and catchy tunes that stimulate your baby’s motor skills.

hey bear sensory

Videos are abundant in their collection, which keeps your baby and you from getting bored of hearing the same tunes.

Visit: Hey Bear Sensory


What can a 1-year-old watch on YouTube?

Many toddler Youtube channels are available for a 1-year-old to watch, like Super Simple TV, Cocomelon, Mother Goose Club, etc.

What YouTube videos are good for babies?

Many Youtube videos help the growing minds of babies. You can follow these Youtube channels for such videos: Hey Bear Sensory, The Notekins, Baby First, Baby Einstein, Sesame Street, etc.

Can babies learn to speak from Youtube videos?

Yes, many Youtube videos have content that helps babies to understand speech patterns and develop language skills.

Which parenting channel is number 1 on YouTube?

What’s Up Moms is a popular channel on Youtube that creates parenting videos. It has more than 2 million subscribers.


You can follow this list of the 10 best Youtube videos for babies to find videos that assist in the learning process of your baby by providing engaging content. There are many such channels on Youtube where you can discover more videos.

You can also refer to ‘Youtube Kids,’ which has more content tailored specifically to children.

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