Memory Management Error On Windows 10 and How to Fix It [Solved]

Memory Management error on Windows 10 is a typical BSoD error or we can say Blue Screen of Death error. This Memory Management Error on Windows 10 might not cause harm to your computer hardware but can ruin your day and mood too. Memory management is the tool that manages the memory of your system, and we will often experience an error if there is any fault in the management. It keeps a record of memory location on your system, like how much memory available for the allocation of data. And if you ever see an error showing “No Audio Output Device Is Installed” on Windows 10 then click here.

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memory management error on windows 10

It controls and executes the transition of memory and processes between RAM and physical memory. So, basically, when you close a program and want to use some other functions, the memory management tool reallocates that memory to other processes is making it available for use. So let us discuss the factors responsible for the error in the memory management tool and learn about the solutions.

Responsible Factors For Memory Management Error on Windows 10

– Faulty software or corrupted system files

– Defective or incompatible hardware like a graphics card.

– Faulty driver issues

– Faulty RAM and disk errors

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Some Solutions For This Annoying BSoD Error

The easiest solution is to restart your computer if this is a one-time issue; sometimes, just turning it on and off can resolve many technical problems.

First Method

Update windows 10 and check if the system files are corrupted or not. Outdated files can cause many system errors, so make sure your windows is always up to date.

First hit Windows key >> then open Settings panel >> Update & Security, then under Windows Update check for any pending Windows updates >> press Restart now.

Your system will reboot while following the steps.

Also, update your system drivers as new software or hardware are compatible with new drivers. So always keep an eye on the drivers update if you miss any message notification.

First hit Windows key >> then open Settings panel >> Update & Security, then under Windows Update check for any pending driver updates >>type device manager under search menu >>check all the drivers for any error message.

If there is any error, you can download the drivers online from any trusted tools or can buy them.

Follow this steps to solve Memory Management Error on Windows 10.

Second Method

The next solution is to run Windows 10 Memory Diagnostic Tool to check the status of RAM if it is working properly or not. This Diagnostic tool always runs after we reboot the system after doing all the checking in the system memory for errors, and then it logs the scan to a text file for doing further analysis.

Type Windows Memory Diagnostic in the Start menu search bar and select the necessary options.

  1. A) reboot immediately and run the utility
  2. B) set the utility to run after your next reboot.

Memory Management Error

Always make sure you have saved the files that are open before rebooting, or you can lose important data.

To investigate any specific errors of the Windows Memory Diagnostic, you have to go through the following steps:-

First tap on Windows key + X >>then select Event Viewer and  in power menu.>> select Event Viewer (as Local) > Windows Logs > System.

In the right-hand column, select Find and type MemoryDiagnostic in the box(without any space) >>Tap on Find Next.

You will get the list of errors if present.

you will get the list of errors

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Follow this steps to solve Memory Management Error on Windows 10.

Third Method

To resolve the BSoD error, another option is to run MemTest86. This test is a free memory testing tool for x86 machines. You boot MemTest86 from a USB flash drive to check the condition of system RAM.


This check takes a long time to get the results depending on the RAM installed. When you don’t get any useful help from running Windows 10 Memory Diagnostic Tool, this Mem Test86 can be a great advantage to perform them through memory test. For issues related to RAM.

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Follow this steps to solve Memory Management Error on Windows 10.

Fourth Method

One of the solutions is to run CHKDSK, which is a Windows system tool. It verifies the system files and accordingly changes the required settings to fix the problem. One has to run CHKDSK from the Command Prompt.

Type command prompt under Start menu search bar>> right-click the best option>> select Run as administrator, or press Windows key + X >> select Command Prompt from the menu. ( as Admin )

run as admin

Now type chkdsk /f /r >> press Enter.

type chkdsk /f /r

The command will scan all the system for errors and resolve the issues.

A similar type of tool is to run SFC ( System File Check ), which specifically checks for corrupted and missing Windows system files while CHKDSK scans the entire drive for errors.

Hit Command Prompt ( as Admin ) under the Start menu search bar >> right-click and select Run as administrator ( open an elevated Command Prompt ).

run as admin

Then type the command and press Enter – DISM /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth

enter - dism /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth

Wait until it completes running the instruction. It can take up to 15-20 minutes, depending on your system’s performance.

As soon as the process completes, type sfc /scannow >> press Enter to see the results.

type sfc /scannow

Follow this steps to solve Memory Management Error on Windows 10.

Fifth Method

Sometimes, running the above steps will not fix the error, so the final option is to RESET Windows 10 completely. Windows 10 Reset replaces system files with a completely new and fresh set of files. This clears all the related issues of the memory management error, and you can keep most of the important files intact.

Hit Settings> > Update and Security >> Recovery and under Reset this PC select Get started.

Memory Management Error

Your system restarts as soon as you hit that button. Make sure you have taken all the necessary backup of important files beforehand. Your system will restart, then you can select from the options a) Keep my files b) Remove everything.

Follow this steps to solve Memory Management Error on Windows 10.


Hence you can see that there are many factors that can cause BSoD error and need to be taken care of as soon as possible because, with time, this may crash your PC. So let us get rid of this problematic error and bring your computer back to good health. If your memory usage is higher than usual, you need to clear them immedietly for faster performance.

I hope this article on Memory Management Error on Windows 10 will be helpful for our readers.

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