How To Change Username On Snapchat? Complete Guide

Display names can easily get out of hand if you frequently use Snapchat and have many contacts. Some people, who are good social citizens, use their real names and change them to nondescriptive nicknames. You can override their selected display name in favor of your inventions. The article discusses how to change username on Snapchat.

You can change username on Snapchat by opening Settings. Under My Account, select Username. Click Change Username. After entering your new login, select Next.” To validate your new username, enter your password and then tap Confirm.

But first, it’s important to know that on Snapchat, display names and usernames are completely distinct. Like Instagram, the platform simplifies altering your username. To get a new nickname, you must create a new account. Read below to learn more about how to change username on Snapchat.

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Points To Know Before Changing The Snapchat Username

Can you change your Snapchat username? Know these few points before changing the Snapchat username.

  • You can only change your Snapchat nickname once a year, so consider that. 
  • Once you’ve altered it, you might never be able to use your old Snapchat username.

change your snapchat nickname once a year

  • You won’t be able to select a nickname already used by another Snapchat user.
  • Furthermore, you are not allowed to choose a verified nickname that is not being used right now.
  • The Contacts, Snap Code, Snap Score, or Memories of your Snapchat account are unaffected by changing the alias.

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How To Change Username On Snapchat?

Even though you can only change your username once every 365 days, Snapchat simplifies the process. Because you can only change your nickname once a year, choosing carefully is important. You must wait a year to change your Snapchat nickname again if you recently did so. 

How to change username on Snapchat? If you need to alter the username right away, the only practical solution is to delete your Snapchat account and start over. It is simple to open a new account, but there is a catch: you must move your data to the new account and begin again. Can you change your username on Snapchat? The steps for altering a Snapchat username after that are listed below.

  1. The “Sign Up” button is found on the home page. Type your first and last names on the next page before clicking “Sign Up & Accept.” Tap on your “Bitmoji” in the top left of Snapchat once it has loaded.tap on bitmoji
  2. You must submit your name and birthday information after doing so. Press “Continue” after entering your birthday using the built-in date picker. Within the options, select username
  3. Under your existing username, click the blue “Change Username” link.change username
  4. When the prompt displays, select Continue. If you’ve changed your name in the past year, a pop-up will appear, informing you of the date and preventing you from moving forward.enter your username
  5. Enter your new name here. Pick Next after that. Enter your passphrase. Once more, press enter your password
  6. Click Continue after confirming. Alternatively, use your phone number and opt for OTP verification. There will be a window for confirmation on how to change username on Snapchat. You now understand how to change your Snapchat moniker using the continue option

How To Make A New Snapchat Account And Username?

The Snapchat app does not allow you to change the username you decide on when you first create your account due to security issues. To get a new moniker as a Snapchat logout, you must create a new Snapchat account.

How can you change your username on Snapchat? Along with advertisements, the application offers in-app purchases. Program installations are free on the App Store and Google Play Store. If you’re contemplating using the app, follow these steps to create a new Snapchat username and account. 

  1. Get Snapchat for iOS or AndroidOpen the program, then select the “Sign up” link.get snapchat
  2. Grant the required rights for contacts, phone, location, and camera by clicking “Continue.”select sign up
  3. After entering your first and last names, select “Sign up & Accept.”click sign up and accept
  4. After entering your birthdate, select “Continue.”enter the birthdate
  5. Your name will be used to propose a username on the following screen, but you can change it now by clicking “Continue.” (Choose your username carefully; you won’t be able to change it afterward. 
  6. Choose “Continue” after entering a passcode containing at least 8 characters for your username as changing username on Snapchat.create a password
  7. You can finish the setup by entering your phone number or mail ID on the following page. enter mobile number
  8. Verify the phone number you chose during the initial setting by entering the OTPenter otp

You can start sharing stories, and snaps, playing games, and starting streaks with your friends as soon as you create a Snapchat account. After completing the procedures above, you will be directed to the application to change my Snapchat username. You have two options: search for your friends and add them, or skip this step and add friends afterward.

Change The Display Name On Snapchat

The first is a clever way to convert your nickname into a distinctive Display Name. Although your peers hardly ever notice it, your username doesn’t alter. It is the method.

  1. Click the Bitmoji or profile symbol in the top-left corner of Snapchat on PC after opening profile symbol
  2. To access your Settings, click the gear icon in the top-right area. Choose Name.access settings
  3. In the Name field, type a brand-new program name. Tap Save after changing the name of your Snapchat event.type a brand new nameInstead of your ‘Can I change my snap username,’ the name you put in the Name box will appear in your friends’ chats and stories.


When was it possible to alter your username on Snapchat?

Since February 2022, Snapchat has enabled users to modify their usernames before that. You could always keep your Snapchat username, only your display name.

Can someone take my old Snap username?

Unlike a platform like Twitch, where usernames are recycled back into a pool after being changed, Snapchat will keep your prior username locked down.

What is a unique username?

A username that sticks out from the crowd is unique. These usernames typically contain numerals, capital and lowercase letters, and special characters. Unique usernames frequently have at least 10 letters.

Can I modify the Snapchat username in 2024?

Once a year, you can alter your Snapchat username. You can only alter your username to a name that anyone else has never used, including you. It implies you cannot undo the change once you alter your username, so pick carefully!

Why am I unable to modify my Snapchat username?

If you changed it within a year, you could not modify your Snapchat username. To use a new username for the Snapchat account, if you last altered it a year ago, make sure you are using the most recent version of the Snapchat app.

What advantages come with altering your Snapchat username?

Even though you can only change your Snapchat username once a year, it is still useful for defending yourself in emergencies. With a new username, you can create a new online identity and prevent people you don't want from discovering you.


It is all about how to change username on Snapchat. The only method to modify your Snapchat username was to delete your existing account and start over. But that’s not the situation anymore. All users can modify their usernames on the iOS and Android applications for Snapchat.

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