How To Get Fubotv App On Samsung Smart TV? – Complete Guide

Rid yourself of your cable bill and switch to the FuboTV app on Samsung smart TV to start enjoying simple and economical live entertainment. Fubo provides access to live sports events and live television, all streamed right to your Samsung television. With Fubo, you’ll never miss important news or sports programming.

To get Fubotv App On your Samsung Smart TV, First enroll in FuboTV > On your Samsung Smart TV, go to the Home Screen > Your Samsung Smart TV should open the app store and “fuboTV” should appear there > Choose “Add to Home” to install the application > Install it and then sign in with your fuboTV credentials. To know more about this, keep on reading.

The Samsung TV’s app store offers direct access to Fubo, allowing users to browse 100 popular networks in 4K clarity. They can watch AMC’s dramas, Bravo’s reality, TBS’s sitcoms, or Syfy’s space adventures. By cutting your ties with your cable provider and installing the fuboTV app on your Samsung TV, you won’t ever have to suffer from an unpleasant cable outage again, as how to stream Fubo TV is very easy.

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Is Fubotv streamable on a Samsung smart TV?

Fubotv app on samsung smart tv for streaming. A standalone version of FuboTV is available via the Samsung Smart TV app store. learn to install and use stremio for smart tv from this awesome website! Once the app is installed, login in with your FuboTV credentials to stream your favorite channels and shows.

You must confirm that your Samsung TV satisfies the requirements to use FuboTV on Samsung smart TV. According to FuboTV, your Samsung Smart TV needs to be a model from 2016 or later and have at least 2GB of memory. FuboTV also suggests having a fast internet connection to enable smooth streaming.

fubotv on samsung tvFuboTV streaming is a convenient and entertaining way to watch live sports, news, and entertainment content on a Samsung Smart TV. This answers your question: “is fubotv app on samsung smart tv.”

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Obtaining FuboTV on a Samsung TV

The FuboTV app on Samsung smart TV is the best viewing device available. With one of three membership tiers, take advantage of the most recent sports content on most Samsung TV models.

Follow these simple steps to get the FuboTV app on Samsung smart TV:

  1. Open a Fubo account.

fubo account

2. Turn your Samsung TV on.

switch on samsung tv

3. Choose the “Search” icon from the home screen.

search icon

4. Enter “fuboTV.”

enter fubotv

5. Click “Install” after choosing the “fuboTV” app.


You’ll need to provide an access code to log in after downloading the app:

  1. Activate the FuboTV app first.


2. Select “Sign in With a Code”

sign in

3. To do Fubo TV Samsung connect, visit “” on your computer or mobile device.

4. Log into your FuboTV account.

login to account

5. Key in the code that appears on your Samsung television.

key codeYou will have unrestricted access to the channels that are important to you as soon as the app is connected to your fuboTV account.

What Does FuboTV Cost?

FuboTV app on Samsung smart tv offers 100+ live channels, including Comedy Central, AMC, SNY, MSG, FS1, NFL Network, and MSNBC, as part of their standard package, which costs $54.99 monthly. You may record for 30 hours and stream to two screens simultaneously.

The Family plan, which costs $59.99 and offers 100+ channels, the ability to utilize three screens simultaneously, and an incredible 500 hours of DVR storage, is the next tier of options. Adding nine Showtime On-demand channels to the mix is the Family Plan with Showtime, which costs $64.99.

fubotv costA bundle called Ultra has 176 channels, including fubo extra (which adds 40 entertainment channels), Showtime (which adds 9 channels), and Sports Including (which adds 22 frantic sports channels). There are still 500 hours of cloud DVR for this location.

There are also a few add-ons you might want to take into account, including $4.99/month for AMC Premiere, $10.99/month for Sports Plus with NFL RedZone, $5.99/month for fubo Extra (which adds networks like MTV Classic, Nick Music, NBA TV, NHL Network, and the Cooking Channel), $4.99/month for Adventure Plus (which adds the Outdoor Channel, Sportsman Channel, and a few other channels), and a few international options.

Why Do You Pick Fubo TV?

For several reasons, people can choose the FuboTV app on Samsung smart tv over other streaming providers. Among FuboTV’s primary advantages are the following:

Live Sports

Numerous live sports events are broadcast on FuboTV, including those from prestigious leagues like the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, and MLS, as well as other sports and international soccer.

live sports

News and Entertainment

FuboTV offers a selection of news and entertainment channels, including live sports and CNN, MSNBC, FOX News, FX, AMC, and more.

news and entertainment

Cloud DVR

Cloud DVR With the help of FuboTV, you may record live material and watch it at a later time.

cloud dvr


You may see many channels concurrently on one screen with FuboTV’s unique “Multi-view” feature.


No Contracts

There are no obligations associated with FuboTV, so you are free to discontinue using it whenever you choose.

no contracts


FuboTV is compatible with various gadgets, including streaming players, smart TVs, smartphones, tablets, and web browsers.

compatibilityFuboTV on samsung smart tv is a great option for sports enthusiasts as well as those looking for a wide variety of news and entertainment content, to sum up. A useful and adaptable streaming experience is provided by FuboTV thanks to its cloud DVR, multi-view, and no-contract service.


On my TV, how can I stream fuboTV?

Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, or Chromecast are the best devices to stream fuboTV to your TV. Download the FuboTV app to your mobile to stream to your TV.

Is FUBO compatible with Samsung Smart TVs?

FuboTV streaming is available on Samsung Smart TVs. To access your preferred channels and shows, install the app and log in with your FuboTV credentials. From the Samsung Smart TV app store, you can get a standalone version of FuboTV.

FuboTV has what kind of resolution?

Live channels on FuboTV stream in 720p, and on-demand material may stream in resolutions of up to 1080p. Compared to other live TV streaming services, I've seen no differences in the visual quality, and most sports and news stations stream at 60 frames per second.

What's wrong with my Samsung Smart TV if I can't receive Fubo?

The nation or area of your device might not be set to a location where FuboTV is available if you cannot find the FuboTV app in the app store on your device.

Why will my fuboTV not install?

It may be because your device's country or region settings aren't set to a location where fuboTV is accessible that you are having problems locating the FuboTV app in your device's app store.

Why is the Fubo app so sluggish?

You can notice buffering when watching fuboTV if your internet connection isn't fast enough. The FuboTV app typically detects the connection quality and automatically adapts the video quality to fit the available speed.

Is FuboTV on Smart TV cost-free?

Depending on your watching habits and financial position, FuboTV provides a choice of subscription plans. If you're a new user, you can take advantage of a free trial, but after that, you'll need to purchase a subscription plan. It is not free to use the FuboTV app on Samsung smart TV.


Users of the well-known live-streaming TV provider FuboTV get access to various channels and programs. It supports a wide range of devices, including smart TVs, devices for streaming, mobile phones, gaming consoles, and web browsers, so it is accessible on various platforms. There is an awesome website with having a list of best browser for android tv; check this out!

The FuboTV app on Samsung smart TV is popular for sports enthusiasts because it concentrates on live spo rts programming and comprehensive coverage of significant leagues and international sports. In addition, to live content, FuboTV offers a cloud DVR feature that lets customers record and view anything anytime they want.