How To Update Kodi On Android Box: A Comprehensive Guide

Kodi has evolved into a powerful and versatile media player application on various platforms, including Android. This makes it simple to peruse and get to your media assortment. That’s why learning how to update kodi on Android Box is essential.

To start with, erase the leftover Kodi records. Then, download the most recent adaptation from the authority site. Introduce it on your gadget. Then, you want to set up kodi without any preparation.

Kodi on Android boxes can stream content from nearby capacity, network-appended capacity (NAS), or over the web. Some Android boxes support gaming, and Kodi can launch games from your library. Therefore, this article will teach us how to update kodi on the Android box. You might want to check this article on Installing Kodi on Xbox One.

Why Update Kodi?

Here’s why it’s essential to keep Kodi updated:update

  • Security: Developers release updates to patch these security flaws and ensure your system remains secure.
  • Bug Fixes: Kodi updates often include bug fixes that resolve issues and improve stability. Performance issues, crashes, and other issues can be frustrating when using out-of-date versions.
  • New Elements: Refreshing to the most recent form permits you to exploit these upgrades, which can incorporate better execution, further developed UIs, and extra usefulness.
  • Compatibility: Staying updated ensures your Kodi setup remains compatible with new devices and services.
  • Legal Compliance: Updating to the latest version can help avoid legal issues using only legitimate and authorized add-ons.

Pre-update Checklist

To know how to update kodi on the Android box, here is an agenda of steps you can take:

  1. Check Compatibility:check compatibility

Confirm that the rendition of Kodi you intend to refresh is viable with your device.

2. Make a copy of your current Kodi setup:make a copy of your current kodi setup

 The steps are as follows:

2.1 Kodi Reinforcement Extra: Kodi has an inherent reinforcement highlight that lets you fully reinforce your settings and information. You can track down this component in Kodi’s settings. Select “Backup” from “Settings”> “System”> “Backup.”system settings

2.2 Physically Reinforcement Your Information: If you lean toward a more manual methodology, you can back up unambiguous organizers and records:

Typically, you can find your Kodi user data folder, which contains add-ons, settings, and databases:backup

  • Windows: C: Users, Your Username, AppData, Roaming, Kodi – Mac OS: ‘/Clients/<YourUsername>/Library/Application Backing/Kodi’
  • Linux: ‘/home/<YourUsername>/.kodi’

2.3 Save your media records independently if removed locally or on network-joined capacity (NAS).

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Updating Kodi Incrementally (Quick Install)

Incremental updates in the context of Kodi typically refer to updates applied sequentially, moving from one version to the next, either in smaller increments (minor updates) or more substantial jumps (major updates).

Major Updates:

They usually include considerable changes to the product, like presenting new highlights, patching up the UI, or making significant enhancements to centre functionalities.

  • Changes to the underlying codebase or dependencies may also be part of significant updates.
  • These updates frequently accompany an adjustment of the rendition number.
  • Clients might have to play out a perfect establishment or undergo a more elaborate update process while progressing between significant forms.

Minor Updates:

They are more modest, steady updates centred around bug fixes, security patches, and minor upgrades.

  • Minor updates, for the most part, don’t acquaint significant changes with the UI or centre highlights.
  • These updates typically differ in the version number after the decimal point. software update
  • Users can often perform these updates more quickly through Kodi’s built-in update mechanism without reinstalling the entire software.

Steps to Update Kodi Incrementally

Here’s how to update kodi on the Android box:

  1. Check Your Current Kodi Version:

1.1 Open Kodi on your device.kodi

1.2 Explore the fundamental menu and snap on the stuff symbol (settings) at the upper left corner.settings

1.3 Scroll down and select “System.”system settings

1.4 Under “System Information,” your current Kodi version is listed.system information

2. Use the Right Source for Updates:

2.1 Kodi’s Official Website: For both major and minor updates, the authority Kodi site is the most secure source to download the most recent adaptation of Kodi. Visit the Kodi Downloads page ( and select the transformation fitting for your gadget and working framework.kodi's official website

2.2 Package Director (Linux): On the off chance that you’re utilizing Kodi on a Linux dissemination, you might have the option to refresh Kodi through your bundle director (e.g., apt, yum, or Pacman).package director (linux)

3. Installation Process for Major Updates:

On the off chance that you’re playing out a significant update (e.g., from Kodi 18 to Kodi 19), follow these:

3.1 Download the most recent adaptation of Kodi from the authority the most recent version for linux

3.2 Run the installer or adhere to the establishment guidelines that accommodate your foundation.

3.3 During establishment, you might be provoked to uninstall the past rendition. Assuming that this occurs, follow the prompts. install

3.4 Carry on with the new version’s installation.

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Performing Full Updates on Kodi (Clean Install)

When to Opt for a Clean Install:

Here’s when to opt for a clean install and why it might be needed:clean install

  • Major Version Upgrade: When transitioning from one major version of Kodi to another, a clean install is recommended.
  • Persistent Issues: A clean install can provide a fresh start if you’ve been experiencing ongoing problems with your current Kodi setup.
  • Add-on and Repository Conflicts: A clean install can help clear these conflicts and provide a clean slate.
  • Corrupted Database or Settings: The Kodi or configuration files may become corrupted. A clean install can help in such situations.
  • Security Concerns: A clean install can help eliminate potential vulnerabilities and security issues.

Steps for a Clean Install

Here are the steps for a clean install:

  1. Uninstall the Current Version:

On Windows:

  1. Go to the “Control Panel.”control panel
  2. Select “Uninstall a program” or “Projects and Elements.”uninstall a program
  3. In the program list, look for “Kodi.”kodi
  4. Right-click on “Kodi” and select “Uninstall.”uninstall kodi

On macOS:

Drag the Kodi application to the Trash from the “Applications” folder.

On Linux:

Use your distribution’s package manager to remove Kodi. You can, for instance, use Ubuntu to run:

sudo apt-get remove kodi

2. Delete Remaining Kodi Files:

You should also delete any lingering user data and configuration files from Kodi. The user’s home directory is usually where you can find these files. For instance:delete remaining kodi files

  • Windows: Kodi is located at “C: Users Your Username AppData Roaming.”
  • Mac OS X: “/Users/[Your Username]/Library/Application Support/Kodi
  • Linux:/home/[Your Username]/.kodi”

Delete the ‘.kodi’ directory or Kodi folder from your user directory.

3. Get the most recent version:

3.1 Go to to access the official Kodi Downloads page.get the most recent version

3.2 Select the Kodi form viable with your working framework (like Windows, macOS, Linux, or Android).

3.3 Get the installer or package for Kodi’s most recent release.

4. Download the most recent version:

On Windows:

  1. Run the downloaded the most recent version
  2. To install Kodi, adhere to the on-screen instructions.
  3. When the installation is finished, use the Start menu to start Kodi.

On macOS:

  1. Launch the disk image (.dmg) file that was the most recent version for macos
  2. To install Kodi, drag it into the “Applications” folder.
  3. The Applications folder is then where you may launch Kodi.

For Linux:

  1.  Installing Linux may be done in various ways, depending on your distribution. The package manager for your distribution or manually extracting and running the downloaded package can be used to install the most recent version for linux
  2. For thorough installation instructions, consult the manual for your particular Linux distribution.
  3. Create a Custom Kodi Setup:

After setting up the most recent version of Kodi, you must configure it entirely from scratch.

Post-update Checklist

Here are the steps after you learn how to update kodi on the Android box:

  1. Verify the Update:verify the update

Open Kodi to confirm that you are running the updated version.

2. Restore Backups (If Needed):

Take these actions:

2,1 If you use Kodi’s built-in backup tool, you can restore your settings and data by heading to ‘Settings’> ‘System’> ‘Backup’ and choosing “Restore.”restore backup

2.2 If you manually backed up your Kodi user data folder, you can copy the backup files to their original locations.

3. Troubleshoot Common Post-Update Issues:

Following are some typical post-update issues and solutions:troubleshoot

3.1 Issues with your add-ons needing to be fixed? Check the Kodi repository or official sources for updates.

3.2 Missing or Duplicate Media: Go to `Settings` > `Media` > `Library` > `Clean library` to remove any broken or orphaned library entries.clean library

3.3 Skin or Interface Issues: Consider temporarily switching to a default Kodi skin. Also, check for an updated version.interface

3.4 Performance Problems: Some add-ons or settings may be resource-intensive. Adjust your settings or remove problematic add-ons.performance

3.5 Playback Problems: Ensure that your media files are in a supported format. Update or reinstall video and audio codecs if necessary. playback problems

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Tips and tricks

Here are a few hints and suggestions while learning how to update kodi on the Android box:

  • Review and Optimize Settings: Ensure your settings match your device’s capabilities and the media library’s requirements.
  • Limit Add-ons: More add-ons can keep Kodi down.
  • Regularly Clear Cache: Periodically clear cache by going to `Settings` > `File Manager` > `Profile Directory> `Database` and delete the “Textures13.db” file.
  • Manage Thumbnails: You can limit the size and number of thumbnails by adjusting settings in `Settings` > `Media` > `Library`.
  • Use Hardware Acceleration: If your device supports it, enable hardware acceleration for video playback.

Recommended Add-ons and Builds for the Latest Version:

Here are some popular add-ons and builds:


Some popular add-ons are:

  • Exodus Redux: A popular add-on for streaming movies and TV shows.exodus redux
  • Seren: A premium add-on for high-quality streaming content.seren
  • YouTube: Official YouTube add-on for accessing YouTube
  • Plex: Integrates your Plex media server into Kodi for a seamless media experience.plex
  • Gaia: Offers advanced features for streaming movies and TV shows.gaia


Some popular builds are:

  • Titanium Build: A highly customizable build with a user-friendly interface.titanium build
  • No Limits Magic Build: Offers a wide range of add-ons and a sleek limits magic build
  • Xenon Build: Known for its extensive add-on selection and regular updates.xenon build


Can I update Kodi on an Android box using the Kodi website?

You can physically refresh Kodi on your Android box by visiting the authority Kodi site ( Download the most recent variant for Android, introduce it, and follow the establishment prompts.

Is it necessary to uninstall the previous version of Kodi on an Android box before updating?

Generally, you don't need to uninstall the previous version before updating Kodi on Android box. The update process should overwrite the existing installation. Assuming you experience issues during the update, you can uninstall the past variant first.

How to update kodi on nvidia shield?

In the Google Play Store, look for 'Kodi.' If another rendition of Kodi is accessible, you will see an 'Update' button on the Kodi application page. To initiate the update, click on it. Now open Kodi from the NVIDIA Shield's app drawer or the home screen.

How to update kodi on OTT TV box?

Navigate to the Google Play Store on your OTT TV box's home screen or app menu. Search for 'Kodi.' You should see an 'Update' button if another Kodi variant is accessible. Click on it to begin the update. After the update is done, you can open Kodi.


In conclusion, updating Kodi is of paramount importance for several vital reasons. Schedule periodic reminders to check for Kodi updates. This can be a month-to-month or quarterly errand to stay updated. We discussed in this article how to update kodi on the Android box.

Join Kodi discussions, networks, or mailing records to remain informed about new deliveries and updates. Drawing in with the Kodi people group can give essential experiences into the most recent events.

Understanding the significance of refreshing Kodi and making customary checks for refreshes part of your daily practice guarantees that your Kodi media focus stays stable. Here is a guide on Installing Genesis Reborn Kodi Add-On.