LG TV Network Settings Greyed Out: Resolve And Regain Control

LG’s webOS is a smart TV platform that powers its advanced lineups, providing access to all primary streaming services and apps right out of the box. WebOS allows internet browsing playing media from USB drives, and facilitates split-screen multitasking between user-installed content. Users love its simple, intuitive interface for navigating pre-loaded apps quickly without fussing over additional devices. Sometimes, you’d see the LG TV network settings greyed out. This article will help you with these similar problems. 

Updating LG TV increases the device’s security, adds new features to it and makes its software smoother to handle. To update, navigate to ‘Home’ settings, which will bring you to the ‘Apps’. If there’s any latest update, it will show on your screen. Just press ‘Update’, and it’s done! 

One standout feature is the LG Content Store, housing thousands of apps for downloading directly to supercharge entertainment options further. Regular webOS updates optimize performance and compatibility, ensuring access to the latest features as TV technology evolves rapidly. Following this guide would help in troubleshooting the problem of LG TV network settings greyed out. 

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The Importance of Updating Apps on LG TV 

Like smartphone apps, those on LG TVs require periodic updates for several essential reasons. Developers routinely issue fixes for bugs or glitches that poorly interact between the app and TV interface. 

Security patches shield sensitive user data by closing software vulnerabilities. New version releases expand capabilities, taking full advantage of LG’s latest innovations. Many streaming services update libraries and platform editions regularly, demanding synchronized apps to deliver new seasons, interfaces, remote access, sports packages, and more through optimized code.

Sometimes, these updates might also address compatibility issues, such as encountering an ‘invalid format’ error while playing media on the TV. If you’ve experienced such problems, you might find helpful insights in this guide on resolving issues invalid format on LG TV issues, offering solutions to enhance your media playback experience.

importance of updating

Updating apps proactively avoids unpredictable breakage over time between neglected apps and advancing TV hardware versions. It saves you from problems like LG TV network settings greyed out. It also maintains full warranties, as manufacturers often mandate keeping systems current, avoiding support for outdated software altogether. 

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How to Update Apps on Newer LG TVs 

To Update Apps on Newer LG TVs, follow the below steps:update apps lg tv

  1. LG TVs ensure hassle-free app maintenance. First, confirm Wi-Fi connectivity within Settings. 
  2. Then, access the LG Content Store by pressing the ‘home’ button and selecting the ‘Apps’ tab. lg content store
  3. Any available updates appear automatically for installation at your convenience. Most install quietly in the background without interruption while watching something else entirely. Software Update checks similarly for LG system-level patches for noted benefits without extra effort, too, thanks to thoughtfully designed auto-download options. 
  4. For those preferring manual handling, Each app’s icon helps identify new versions for download and replacement of the prior installation as desired. 

Either way, minor regular updates deliver reliability and compatibility long-term versus belated addition of numerous upgrades in one massive rush attempting to catch up all at once later down the road following inevitable disuse and discrepancies.

Additionally, if you’ve encountered issues where LG TV apps are not working as expected, troubleshooting might be necessary. You can explore this detailed guide on fixing LG TV apps not working for possible solutions to get your apps up and running smoothly.

Updating Apps on Older LG TVs

 Some slightly aged LGs running semi-obsolete webOS editions require more hands-on maintenance than the current auto-update convenience—most stillhouse Content Stores, however, for app access. A particular issue that users might encounter, besides managing updates, involves dealing with intrusive ads that disrupt the viewing experience. If you’re facing such issues, this guide on how to block ads on LG Smart TV could offer some helpful insights to improve your TV experience.updating apps

The steps to update apps on older LG TVs are as follows:

  1. Navigate and select any ambiguously versioned apps, evaluating if updates exist by version number alone – written explanations became less common in later Stores, unfortunately. older tv
  2. Manual downloading then extracts provided update files, replacing just the app internally without fully reinstalling as modern sets manage natively now. 
  3. Be sure to toggle auto-download off under LG’s older Settings menus first, avoiding potential conflicts from simultaneous operation. software update
  4. Consult online support communities if version confusion persists or LG TV network reset happens – kind members often lend advice specific to particular year/model quirks over official help, disclosing outdated platforms no longer formally supported, unfortunately. 

Overall persistence resolves most, though starting the update procedure regularly prevents backlogs from accruing.   

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Troubleshooting App Updates on LG TV 

Occasional roadblocks arise despite precaution, though they usually involve simple fixes. Problems happen, like LG TV network settings greyed out or issues with screen brightness being too low, causing concern about the display’s clarity. If you’re experiencing problems with display darkness, you might want to check out this guide on how to resolve “lg tv too dark” issue to know how to adjust LG TV brightness for troubleshooting tips.

Below are some troubleshooting App Updates on the LG Smart TV:troubleshooting

  • One common issue comes from weak WiFi signals being unable to download updates reliably – try repositioning the TV nearer the wireless router if applicable or connecting an Ethernet cable for strength. 
  • Outdated region settings frustrate location-based apps and make LG TV sound settings greyed out, too, so double-check that it matches the physical location under TV System Tools. Clearing temporary app storage occasionally removes caches, preventing continuation as well. 

  • If all stored app data deletion under TV Settings then restarts fails, sadly, a factory reset may become the desperate last measure to restore baseline functions – just be prepared to log back into streaming services afterwards. 
  • For any persistent problems resolved through these means, manufacturers typically offer online technical support boards and repair services. 

Overall, addressing issues swiftly avoids missing valuable sets and helps LG TV advanced settings greyed out from occurring in good conscience. 

If you’re experiencing issues with internet speed and suspect it’s impacting your TV’s functionality, this comprehensive guide on conducting LG TV internet speed test could provide valuable insights to enhance your TV’s performance.


How often should I update my LG TV apps?

Aim to update apps once per month or whenever the TV prompts. This keeps everything running securely and ensures compatibility with ongoing webOS improvements.

What happens if my apps are not updated?

Outdated apps can experience glitches, reduced features, or even stop working over time. Updates are needed to maintain performance as webOS and individual apps evolve.

How do I know when new app updates are available?

The TV will display a notification, or the app's icon will show a number indicating updates. You can also manually check the LG Content Store or individual app pages regularly for the latest versions.

What should be done if App update fails?

First, try resetting the WiFi connection and re-attempting. If still no luck, clear the app's saved data and caches, then re-download. Contact LG support if issues persist to potentially resolve software conflicts.

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So, this was your guide on the problem of LG TV network settings greyed out. In conclusion, keeping LG TV apps routinely updated provides seamless access, enjoying all available content sources and Smart features without unplanned disruptions down the road. Whether cosying up for movie night or social, sporting events with friends, regular maintenance ensures technological bliss, absent any compatibility roadblocks marring the fun. 

While periodic updates involve small efforts, rewards come through reliability, security safeguards, and full utilization of all a TV offers over its lifespan. 

This practice proves especially important preceding any significant webOS changes, too. So check frequently, allow automatic downloading for convenience, or manually install rarely – keeping current empowers endless streaming without technological annoyances creeping between users and entertainment. Happy viewing to all!