10 Best Android Screen Recording Apps (Free & Paid)

There are some mobile applications that facilitate users to record their screens. From recording a demo to sharing with others what your experience has been, there are some reasons why a person might need such Screen Recording Apps.

People also use Android Screen Recording Apps to record games and share with their peers. This has been a huge market for PCs and is gaining traction in the mobile device category too.

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Top 10 Android Screen Recording Apps

Following are the top 10 android screen recorder.

AZ Screen Recorder

This one of Android Screen Recording Apps is  very useful when it comes to recording screens. You can control the resolution of the video or the frame rate of the video. The AZ Screen Recorder app also supports audio recording as well as allowing the user to add a text or logo overlay.

AZ Screen Recorder

The free mobile screen recorder app also has a paid feature which gives you access to front camera recording. Also, you can pause the recording in between, and resume it later. The app supports Android 5.0 or above.

Visit: AZ Screen Recorder

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Screen Recorder with Audio

The unique selling point (ironically the app is free) of this good screen recorder app is that you can record an unlimited length video using it. Screen Recorders saves the video in the directory of your choice. This app records audio, and screenshots too.

Screen Recorder with Audio

Users can customize different settings of the app like frame rate and resolution. This app also supports Android 5.0 and above. Although the app is free users are requested to provide monetary assistance to the developers.

Visit: Screen Recorders

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Screen Recorder

This one of the Android Screen Recording Apps is free and supports Android 5.0 or above. There are zero ads in the app, and the video length is also not limited. There is also a sign-in option for users, but it is not necessary for recording screen.

Screen Recorder

You can begin recording right from the start, although to terminate the recording you have to go back to the app. The app like most apps does not require any root. The Screen Recorder app also allows sharing the video right from itself.

Visit: Screen Recorder

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DU Recorder

It is one of the highly-rated screen recording apps on the Play store. The DU Recorder app has an overlay feature that helps the entire screen recording process.

DU Recorder

You can record high-quality videos using the app, and then you can also edit the videos within the app.

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Also, the free screen recording app allows its users to capture the screen. This coupled with the extreme stability of the application makes it a user favorite.

Visit: DU Recorder


The ratings of the app speak for its ability. Telecine is a highly user-friendly application. With just a few settings to tweak, you can start recording your screen. Telecine is one of the Android Screen Recording Apps that also works through an overlay, which you have to launch the app.

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Then you can use it to begin and stop the recording. The output quality is among the best which makes up for the lack of audio in the videos. The application is built robust and is very efficient.

Visit: Telecine

SCR Screen Recorder

This application is not available on the play store, but you can get it from the developer’s website. The SCR Screen Recorder app requires root for android 4.4 or below.

SCR Screen Recorder

This gives you all the features from audio recording to a front camera overlay. This can be great for screen recording aimed towards sharing them on YouTube. Apart from these features it also has unique features like showing touch feedbacks.

Visit: SCR Screen Recorder


Mobizen is the only screen-recording mobile application that supports Android Jellybean. The app is really good for recording games, but it does the job for other purposes as well.


The output of this app might not be ideal and there might be some minor jumps or skips, but it does not require root for working on even the older OS version which is handy in some cases.

Visit: Mobizen


Shou is unique not just because of its name, but because it also offers a feature that is gaining popularity a lot these days. The feature helps users to broadcast their screen.

Users can record as well as broadcast their screen, and other users using the same application can follow their favorite players. The interface of the application is incredibly simple, and with unique features, this app is a breeze to use.

Visit: Shou

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Lollipop screen recorder

The app is appropriately named. It works seamlessly on Android 5.0 and above. The app has all the basic features to help you customise the screen recording. It also records audio.

Lollipop screen recorder

The app also can access camera to give you a picture in picture for your recordings. Lollipop Screen Recorder also lets users set a delayed time for the recording to start. It can record on the full-screen ratio, and the recording stops when you turn the screen off.

Visit: Lollipop Screen Recorder

Recorder 4 in 1

This app is multi functional software which can record your phone call, screen, audio or video using your cameras. There also options so that you can customize the output.

Recorder 4 in 1

Recorder 4 in 1 app might not be suitable for long duration screen recording, but its multi-functional ability makes it a crowd pleaser. All the recording function of its app come with their settings and their customization.

Visit: Recorder 4 in 1


YouTubers use Bandicam to make their videos.

Bandicam is one of the best game capturing and video recording software among YouTubers. It will fully satisfy beginners and advanced users because of its easy user interface.

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This is the compiled list of all cool screen recorder apps for android devices. Check them out and let us know how you feel about them.

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