How To Transfer Your TV Service When You Move

Moving is exciting, hectic and tiring all at the same time. Between all the packing, cleaning, and actual moving, it might seem like your to do list is growing out of control. It’s easy to sweat the big stuff and forget the small stuff, but don’t leave yourself without your comfort items like TV service. Transferring your TV service to your new home is easy to do, but if you’ve never done it before you might not know what to do. Here’s how to transfer your TV service in easily digestible steps. You can also check out some free Live TV Apps, by clicking here.

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Search For TV Providers At Your New Address

Transfer your TV service so you can sit down and watch your favorite show after hard days of unpacking is one of the many ways you can start to feel right at home. Start searching for TV providers that are available at your new address as soon as you have a tentative move in date to see what’s out there. This way you’re prepared in the event that your current TV provider isn’t available at your new address so you won’t be scrambling to find a replacement provider last minute. You might even find a better deal with someone else or might find a new appreciation for the service you do have right now.

Things You’ll Need To Know To Transfer Your TV Service

Before you pick up the phone to transfer your TV service, your provider will need a few pieces of information to make the transfer as smooth as possible. You’ll need these pieces of information to get started:

  •     Your current service address, so they can look up your account.
  •     The address you’re moving to.
  •     When do you want your TV service started at your new home?
  •     When do you want your TV service stopped at your old home?
  •     What additional services would you like? Internet, phone, home security, etc.
  •     Your availability. What days and times would work for you to be at the new property for installation?

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Call Your TV Provider

So, you have everything you need and you’re ready to transfer your TV service. The process; that’s great! Call your TV provider and let them know you’re moving and would like to start and stop services. While you’re on the line, schedule an installation date that’s mutually a good fit for the both of you and confirm that they have all the correct information you’ve gone over on the call.

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Equipment, Fees & More

Unfortunately, the task to transfer your TV service isn’t free with all providers. While you’re on the phone with your TV provider, ask about any fees or if they have TV packages so you can save money that  you may see on your next bill due to the transfer in service. Here are some fees you could see on your next monthly bill if you’re not careful:

  •     Installation or activation fee: This one-time fee up to $100 for most providers for installing service at your new address. Sometimes this fee is avoidable if there’s a self-installation option or simply asking for your provider to waive the fee.
  •     Transfer service fee: This is a one-time fee up to $50 for most providers for transferring your service to your new address. Not all providers will charge you this fee.
  •     Equipment fees: You likely have some sort of equipment fee already on your bill, but you may have additional equipment fees if you signed up for additional services.
  •     Early termination fee: If you had to switch TV providers, you may be subject to an early termination fee on your last monthly bill with them. You’ll want to ask how much that’ll be when you call and request your cancellation date. This one-time fee varies depending on how much time is left on your contract. Up to $20 per remaining month left on your contract.

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Pack Up Your Equipment

Before you’re fully moved out of your old home, don’t forget your equipment! Whether you’re keeping your existing TV provider or subscribing to a new one, you’ll need that equipment. If you’re keeping your provider, they’ll need it to install service into your new home. Pack it up neatly for your installer and make sure it’s at your new home ready to be set up. If you switched TV providers, you’ll need to return your leased equipment in a timely manner. If you don’t, your TV provider will tack on the full cost of the missing equipment onto your final bill. All this will help you if you intend to transfer your TV service.

Be There For Your Installation Date & Be Prepared

Did you transfer your TV service? Then on your installation date, make sure you or someone over 18 years of age is at your new address for the install. If not, your installer will not be able to complete the install and you’ll have to call your TV provider for a new installation date. To make the installation process easier, do the following for your installer:

  •     Bring all your equipment from your old home. DVRs, set top boxes, modem if you had internet through them, etc.
  •     Know where TV service was installed before. For cable look for coaxial cables from the wall.
  •     Mount your TVs or set them up on their furniture away from the wall so your installer can access behind there.

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Make Sure Everything Works Before You Leave

Congratulations on your new home! Now it’s time to unpack, settle in and enjoy your TV service. But first, before your installer leaves, make sure everything is working. In the way you expect it to and ask any questions that you can think of. After you transfer your TV service, your installer will check to make sure your TV service is coming in properly. But you should check too just in case there’s an error or a miscommunication. Maybe on what TVs you wanted set up so they can make it right.

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