Mi Blaze Unlock | How To Unlock Your Windows Laptop Using Mi Band?

We all want to save a bit of time in our lives. Especially when it comes to you, who use your laptop most of the time, you need it more than anyone. Using the Mi Blaze Unlock app changes your life in every way. Unlocking your computer with a password is time-consuming. Although not safe, too, someone may peek at your password while you’re typing. Let us tell you how to save a few seconds with your day. It is impressive to know that we have a feature on how to connect Mi Band 4 and unlock your laptop pc. Remain with us until the end to find out how. Mi TV, on the other hand, makes it little hard for some people to install apps on its television. Click here to know how to add apps on Mi TV.

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Mi Band

Xiaomi is the chief in the smartwatch market, grateful for the overall victory of its Mi Band fitness watch. With added touch controls, Mi Band 3 and Mi Band 4 are the first to bring a color display. And they are the two of Xiaomi’s bestsellers. These watches are packed with features, and Xiaomi newly presented an amusing unique feature, i.e., unlocking laptops with the Mi Band. Lately they released an updae to Unlock laptops using Mi Blaze.

mi blaze unlock

Xiaomi just publicized an update for the Mi Fit companion application. It adds the laptop unlocking functionality, limited to Windows, to be unlocked using the Mi Band generation 3 and 4.

Mi Blaze Unlock

Mi Blaze Unlock is a pc application by Xiaomi to connect your Mi band to your windows laptop. The functionality of this app is to unlock Mi notebooks and windows based laptops without the need for a password. Think of it as an alternative to windows hello. If your computer does not have facial recognition, you will have to spend more than 3 seconds, probably every time you need to open your laptop from sleep.

mi blaze unlock pc

This app solves all that problems. If you are a Mi band user with a windows laptop, it can save an entire hour in a day.

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How To Sign In Laptop Using Mi Blaze?

Note: You will require the latest version of the Mi Fit app installed on your phone. Also, the feature used to Unlock Windows Laptop using Mi Blaze is presently limited solely to India.

Enabling the Unlock Feature on your Band:

  1. Firstly open the Mi Fit Companion app from your smartphone.
  2. Then go to the profile page and click on your Mi Band name to get into the device settings. 
  3. Secondly, scroll down the page and find Lab. Then enable the Unlock Mi Notebook switch.

sign in using mi band

The feature is now enabled on your Mi watch. Now you have to install the Mi Blaze Unlock app on your laptop.

Downloading the Mi Band App for Windows:

  1. Now bunny hop to your laptop, go to the Microsoft Store and look for the Mi Blaze Unlock app.
  2. Install the app once found.

mi blaze app

You have successfully downloaded the app to your system. 

But sometimes, you may not find the app. If you can’t find the app, follow the below steps before performing the search in the store. To go around this issue, you may have to change the system’s Region.


You can skip to the next step if you have found the Mi Blaze Unlock app on the first try.

Here’s What You Have To Do To Change The Region

  1. Firstly, open the Settings app on your laptop. 
  2. Then navigate to Time & Language->Region from windows settings.region
  3. There’s an option to modify the Region of your system on this page. If you click on that, a drop-down menu appears with the names of all the countries on the planet.
  4. Finally, from the list, select China. This will change the Region to China.change region to china

The Region of the system has been changed to China now. You can go back to the previous step and search for the Mi Blaze Unlock app from the Microsoft store. I am sure you won’t have any problem finding the app after you have changed the Region of the computer.

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Mi Blaze Unlock App

You have now installed the Mi Blaze Unlock app on your system. Open the app on your laptop and follow the steps mentioned below.

  1. Once you open your app, you will see that the pairing process has begun. Before the pairing starts, you will have to provide your windows hello pain. You have to do that to give access to the app to your Mi Band. (Make sure you have Bluetooth enabled on your laptop)bluetooth and pincode
  2. The app will recognize your device is around and provides a prompt for you to agree to the pairing process. You will have to click on Yes to connect your smartwatch with the app.allow mi blaze to unlock pc
  3. And that is it. The device pairs to your computer and is ready to be made changes.paired device

So, if you need to unblock your laptop with your Mi Band, you just need to be wearing the watch near the notebook. The feature works based on proximity, so enabling your Bluetooth all the time is very important for this to work. Once you open your laptop, just tap on the spacebar to unlock the computer and start using it. 

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How To Update Mi Band 3

Firstly, let me remind you of something vital in this process. Your Mi Band 3 should be the latest version. To do that, observe the stages below:

  1. Firstly, be sure there are no updates available for the Mi Companion App itself. If there is, update it and open the app from your smartphone.update mi band
  2. Secondly, to check for firmware updates, navigate to Profile->Settings.mi band app settings
  3. Under Settings, you will see an option Check for updates. Click on it, and the app will look for the latest updates.update firmware

You are good to go once you download the installs. This feature works the best if the firmware is at its best update. This would ensure there is no bug in the app if there was before.


You have to think about the safety concerns revolving around this Mi Blaze Unlock feature. Anyone who knows you have this enabled can unlock your laptop without you knowing. Make sure you don’t leave your watch lying around for anyone else to misuse it. If you are working under a big firm that requires you to have confidential data on your personal laptop, you may want to avoid using these features that make your system vulnerable. 

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Can I connect Mi band to pc?

Using your Windows laptop and the Mi unlock tool, you can scan for the Mi Band. It sometimes takes a minute or two, though it discovers your device and prompts you to link the band with the app. Tap the switch on the Mi band to do that. After successfully paired, it will ask for your windows credentials for authentication.

How do I turn on my mi band camera?

To use the camera function on your band 5, you should open the Mi Fit app and steer to your profile by clicking on the profile icon in the navigation bar. You will witness a list of the paired devices, which should also contain your Mi Band.

How to unlock my mi band laptop?

Firstly, launch the Mi Fit app and access the Mi Band settings through the Profile page. Secondly, scroll down on the page and tap on Lab to find the option 'Unlock Mi NoteBook.'. Toggle the option to enable the feature


In conclusion, it is one of the most fun features and makes your life much easier. Using this Mi Blaze Unlock, you save a couple of seconds every time you get into your laptop, and that is why you will consider it valuable once you start feeling the change it makes to your life. Therefore, follow the steps above if you need to know how to connect Mi Band 3. Above all, this feature works on every mi band that came from the third generation.

Thank you for reading!

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