How To Download Highlights From Instagram | Easy Guide

Instagram highlights last forever in your profile compared to Instagram stories which disappear in 24 hours. Here we will discuss how to download highlights from Instagram. But before answering our question about how to download Insta highlights, we need to understand in brief about Instagram highlights.

Here’s a quick step to download highlights from Instagram:

  1. Open Instagram and go to the profile with the highlights.
  2. Tap the highlight, then tap the three dots (…)
  3. Select “Save” to download the highlight.

The Instagram highlights are the stories that stay on our profile permanently. The video clips or pictures from the Instagram stories can be added as highlights to our profile. And these highlights, unlike stories, can last for a lifetime in our profile. Read further to know how to download Instagram highlights in the below-mentioned article elaborately.

Quick Ways For ‘How To Download Highlights From Instagram’

Mentioned below are some of the steps that will help you download Instagram highlights effortlessly:

  • Restore Stories As Highlights:

Saving or restoring stories as highlights is one of the quickest options for downloading Instagram highlights. Follow the steps below to get an answer to “how to download highlights from Instagram”:

        1. Click on the Instagram icon. The Instagram icon has got a box with a camera inside it
        2. Look out for the profile icon and click on it. The profile icon is visible in the right corner at the bottom.
          profile icon
        3. Look for the “Story highlights” pointing downwards on the right side.
          story highlight
        4. Click that downward arrow to find the details about the highlights. Tap the circle icon with a plus sign inside it.
        5. The circle icon will show all our archived stories. Click on any story to select it. Or, in any case, you can also click on several other stories.archived story
        6. Select the next button, which is visible on your screen.
        7. One can jot down any chosen name for the highlights album per the wish. The cover of the highlights can be edited; it is optional, though. Either add or done options will be visible in the top right corner.

Download Highlights From The Profile

Follow the steps below, and you can easily answer “how to download highlights from Instagram.”

      1. Click on the Instagram icon, and follow it up by clicking on the profile icon.
      2. Then Click on the story highlights to expand and know the details. Click on the highlighted cover image. It will play.highlight 
      3. With multiple highlights, all will start playing number-wise. Tap on the download icon. This download icon looks like an arrow that points downwards.

Click on this icon, and voila, you can easily download videos from Instagram. The process of deleting all Instagram posts is complex. You will have to go through each post and delete it manually. Click here to learn the method.

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Downloading Different Highlights

To download different highlights from Instagram, follow the steps below:

  1. Look out for the Zasasa website while browsing the internet. If you want to download the stories, keeping track of the URL will greatly help. 
    zasasa website
  2. If you want to download the stories, keeping track of the URL will greatly help. Insert the full link of the profile from which you want to download.zasasa
  3. Press the download button. In the case of a public profile, we will be able to view all the stories and highlights, but in the case of a private profile, there will be an error.

Inflact- Instagram Story Downloader

Besides the ways mentioned above on “how to download highlights from Instagram,” we have a few story downloader apps for Instagram, one of which is Inflact. This Instagram story downloader is made to download the stories offline, with an added feature of watching and using them offline. Also, it is possible to download and save the highlights in any system, despite of their operating system, be it Mac, Windows, Linux, etc.

Certain steps as to how to save Instagram highlights via the downloader are as follows:

    1. Operate the Instagram profile through a web browser or the app.
    2. Scroll further for the account from which you would opt to download the Instagram highlights. Copy either the username or the account URL from the username box.
    3. Make sure to paste the user name or URL to the input box.
    4. Click the download option.


Use Inflact and easily answer how to download highlights from Instagram.

Get Here: Inflact

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For how long can the Instagram highlights last in any profile?

Any Instagram highlight can last forever in any profile.

What is the limit in case of any Instagram highlights?

Any Instagram highlight has a certain limit for adding photos or videos. The limit is about 100 photos or videos at a time, but the number of highlights can be limitless.

How do you define Instagram Downloader?

IG downloader is made to safely keep the IG stories, view them offline and watch them per their wish.

Is it possible for any individual to know if their stories have been downloaded?

The identity of any individual is not visible to the one whose story has been viewed.

Is it possible to view the IG stories anonymously?

How to locate the IG story downloader on the computer?

The stories get saved on the computer on their own. For windows, Ctrl+J key, and Mac shift+command+J. These will help to check out the downloaded stories.

Can one get notifications on adding a new highlight?

No, the followers on anyone's profile dont get notified when a new highlight is added.

Can we view the people who have checked out our highlights?

It is very much possible to view who has seen our highlights. There is an option with an eye icon where we can check out who all have already viewed the highlights.


Instagram has been one of the trending social media platforms past few years. The Instagram app’s popularity has increased with the trend of posting statuses, stories, and highlights. The methodologies mentioned above are the ways to download Instagram highlights. Also, in case someone wants to download numerous images, there is an option to use an image downloader as an extension for Chrome. So, in such ways, we can follow the how-to download highlights from Instagram guide. You can also see 10 Best Story Games For Android [Updated 2023] to explore some of the best story games.

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