Best Radio App For Iphone | Top 7 Apps To Use In 2024

Traditional terrestrial radio stations have managed to survive despite the Internet. With the development of digital radio, you can listen to these stations on your iPhone. Most individuals listen to their favorite music via streaming services like Apple Music and Spotify. There is the Best Radio App for Iphone available on the App Store.

 radio app

Using a few FM Radio apps for the iPhone, you may still listen to your favorite radio stations if you have a working Internet connection. Some of the top radio apps for the iPhone are Stitcher Radio For Podcasts, TuneIn Radio Pro, Apple Music, iHeart Radio, Slacker Radio, and more. You might also refer to them as iPhone radio apps.

Free online radio has overtaken conventional radio stations in popularity. An iPhone internet radio app is useful for finding new music and listening to podcasts, radio broadcasts, and sports news. We hope you find your favorite radio app from the list of the top 7 radio applications for iPhone in the following article.

7 Best Radio Apps for iphone You Need Now!

Listening to sports, politics, entertainment, fashion, and other topics on the radio is entertaining and diversified. You can switch to your preferred Best Radio App For Iphone if you get tired of listening to your usual Spotify music playlist or podcast. Let’s get going.

Stitcher Radio For Podcasts

The iPhone Stitcher Radio app has changed how people listen to radio stations. You must know that radio stations have schedules for when shows go live. But what if you must attend something crucial at the same time?stitcher radio for podcasts

You may plan your shows on the Stitcher radio app for iphone, which also records them offline so you can listen to them anytime and wherever you are. There are also a lot of news stations (mostly from trusted sources – CNN, Fox News, ESPN, and so on.)

The iPhone software Stitcher Radio recently unveiled its premium options, where customers could choose between monthly and yearly subscriptions. You can skip a significant podcast series’ episodes and still listen to them later.

Visit : Stitcher Radio For Podcasts

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TuneIn Radio Pro

One of the top FM radio apps for the iPhone is TuneIn Radio Pro. It is a premium application for which you must pay 800 INR (around 10-12 USD).

tunein radio pro

Most of you wouldn’t want to spend money on an iPhone radio app when other radio applications are free. Nevertheless, remember that TuneIn Radio has the largest database of Alexa radio stations for a range of talk shows and episodes worldwide. Thankfully, it does not interrupt your radio listening with display adverts. Still, you can choose from a few in-app purchases (plans) to obtain the Best Radio App For Iphone listening experience. You will also have access to more than 40,000 audiobooks with premium subscriptions.

TuneIn Radio Pro also supports CarPlay. It also works with Google Chromecast. Additionally, you can encounter it while wearing your Apple Watch.

Visit : TuneIn Radio Pro

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Apple Music

Your iPhone already has iphone radio applications installed! The thing you already have is Apple Music. If you don’t want to download any additional specialized iPhone radio apps, you can use Apple Music to connect with a variety of music radio stations.

apple music

Suppose you only want to listen to music from radio stations. In that case, Apple Music should be your best option, even though it offers other radio stations as other specialized applications can accomplish the same. Unquestionably, the user interface provides a wonderful experience and mixes in perfectly.  

Visit : Apple Music


One of the iPhone’s most popular FM radio apps is iHeart Radio. iHeart Radio is an iPhone app you can’t skip if you’re seeking one right now that will enable you to listen to various free radio apps for iphone.


Of course, paid subscription options are available that give you unlimited skips, the option to record what you’re listening to for later use, and limitless playlist creation. You may listen to news/sports radio channels and some of your area’s favorite FM stations with the iHeart Radio app for iPhone.

The user interface of the iHeart Radio app for the iPhone is respectable. Additionally, you can group all of your preferred radio stations in one location (My Favorites).

Visit : IHeartRadio

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Slacker Radio

Another great radio app for the iPhone is Slacker Radio. It mashes up the radio stations to give you an exceptional experience with free radio apps.

slacker radio

Using the Slacker Radio app, you may download music stations and news/sports radio channels onto your iPhone tracker. Likely, your favorite FM radio station isn’t mentioned, but why limit yourself to FM radio stations when you can also listen to radio over the Internet?

You might give any of the accessible radio stations a try. You can play the online music you listen to offline if you choose a membership plan. Consequently, you will be able to enjoy music without WiFi.

Visit : Slacker Radio

Xtend FM Radio

It links you up with well-known FM stations available through the Internet.

xtend fm radio

The iPhone FM radio app Xtend FM Radio lacks features. But it performs the desired function. Consider giving it a try.

Visit : Xtend FM Radio

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AOL Radio 

Another Best Radio App For Iphone is AOL Radio. It has a good user interface. You can listen to some of the most well-liked news or sports radio stations in addition to listening to music radio stations.

aol radio

You could remove the in-app adverts and listen ad-free if you choose a premium plan. On the other hand, you can occasionally find the advertising annoying while you’re listening to something important. Also, click here for top 6 loud music player for Android.

Visit : AOL Radio 


Can you use an iPhone to listen to the radio?

For iPhone users, the App Store is brimming with radio apps. We have chosen the top five for you. Listening to sports, politics, entertainment, fashion, etc., is entertaining and diversified. You can switch to your preferred radio apps for iphone if you get tired of listening to your Spotify playlist or podcast.

Which podcast-listening app is the best?

With more than 5.7 million podcasts and more than 100,000 AM and FM radio stations worldwide, TuneIn easily tops the list. It contains everything to match your tastes, whether you enjoy talking radio, music, sports, or news. The sound quality is excellent, and the interface is clear and simple.

Does the iPhone have an iHeart Radio app?

The user interface of the iHeart Radio app for the iPhone is respectable. You may listen to news/sports radio channels and some of your area's favorite FM stations with the iHeart Radio app for iPhone. Additionally, you can group all of your preferred radio stations in one location.

On an iPhone, how do you make a radio station?

Step 1 To begin your radio experience on your iPhone, open the Music app and select the Radio tab at the bottom of the screen. Step 2: To establish a station, locate a song or album and tap, 3D touch, or select it.

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Many more Best Radio App For Iphone is available, but only a small number of them allow you to connect to the FM radio stations of your choice. Generally speaking, if your preferred FM radio station launches an Internet radio station, it will quickly be accessible through iPhone radio apps. Also, click here for best Music Player for Mac.

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