Vizio Sound Bar Won’t Turn On – A Complete Guide

Vizio has some amazing products on their hit list, such as smart tv, sound bars, smart casts, etc. Here, we will discuss why the Vizio sound bar won’t turn on and a list of quick knacks to it. But before jumping on the fixes for why the soundbar won’t turn on, let us first know a brief about what a sound bar is. A Vizio soundbar is used as an accompaniment for the tv to enhance the audio quality and provide a home theatre experience.

Have you ever come across the Vizio sound bar not working

When such a situation comes across, there are a few quick solutions to it, such as Examining if the soundbar is tuned in, if there are no barriers near the soundbar, Examine and checking the remote control and its batteries. These are a few quick fixes, and we will discuss these furthermore. 

Any such glitches can cause the sound bar not to work, so it is imperative to check the sound bar thoroughly and see if we are missing out on something, sort out the glitches, and re-check the sound bar and its working condition.

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Quick Fixes When The Vizio Sound Bar Won’t Turn On

Lets us go through fixes to the problems mentioned above.

Examine If The Soundbar Is Tuned In

Vizio soundbar needs to be in the plugins for a smooth, hassle-free operation. 

We need to check a few points before concluding why the Vizio sound bar won’t power on.

  • Check if the cable is connected well and does not come out of the power outlet.
  • Prevent the wire of the soundbar from getting unplugged by,
  • Detangling the cable.
  • Get hold of a lengthy cable.
  • Fix sticky cable clamps.
  • Fix the soundbar near the power outlet.
  • Put the cable wire into a box.
  • It is advisable to cover the setup with mesh in case there are pets or kids at home to prevent any further hassle.

Keep The Remote Control At An Accessible Range

It is important to use the remote control at a proximal range for the soundbar to work well, i.e., 10ft from the soundbar. The remote control and the soundbar should be in the same room.

tv remoteIf it is too far or in another room, it is difficult for the sound bar to receive all the indications from the remote control; hence the Vizio sound bar won’t turn on.

No Barriers Near The Soundbar

We should make sure that there are no barriers nearby the soundbar, as they cause hindrance while putting on the soundbar. Any barriers and obstructions may not be favorable for the soundbar to play efficiently and may cause the Vizio soundbar not to work.

vizio soundbarThe barriers could be anything from objects to even human beings. But how does the remote control work that way?

Well, the remote control and sound bar work with the help of IR signals, which isn’t visible to the naked eye. So any obstructions will in no way benefit, and hence the Vizio sound bar won’t turn on. If you are a Vizio TV owner, then you might be frustrated by the lack of a remote control. You might be wondering how to reset your TV without one. You may reset your Vizio TV without a remote by following the instructions in this article.

Change Remote Control Batteries

The remote control needs to work well so that the sound bar responds in case of any doubt about whether the batteries require a change or not. change remote

  1. Take a phone with a rear camera. On opening, point the front of the camera to the remote. 
  2. By pressing any button on the remote, if one notices a red light coming from it, the remote is definitely in a good state. But if not, then high time to replace the batteries.

One should replace Batteries accurately to prevent the Vizio sound bar from not turning on.

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Buy A New Remote Control

After trying to change batteries, if the sound bar doesn’t seem to work, it is better to change the remote control itself since there might be some issues with it.

new remoteA few reasons for which the remote of the sound bar won’t work:

  • Outdated remote control.
  • Undue usage of the remote.
  • Damage by water.
  • External damage by dropping of falling of remote multiple times.

These reasons might lead to changing your remote as soon as possible to check why the Vizio sound bar won’t turn on.

Using The External Power Buttons

If, in any case, the remote control has to be replaced, it is advisable to use the external power button, which is present on the top of the soundbar. Though the buttons would vary as per model, it is definite that all sound bars will have a power button on them.

  1. Look for a grey color round control button on the soundbar visible on top of the device.
  2. Second, check for the power button, a black button with a slash.
  3. The power button will light up on pressing it, which means the device is working.

If none of these tricks work, then definitely there is some issue with the sound bar, which is why the Vizio sound bar has no power.

Change The Cable

If the power cable is torn with open wires coming from the cable, if it has been bent, etc., it is a good idea to change the power cable and later check the soundbar to see if it works smoothly. 

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Restart The Soundbar

After checking for all the alternatives, if you are still wondering why Vizio sound bar won’t turn on, then it is advisable to reset or restart the Vizio soundbar. Read more on how you boost your sound in Windows 10 here.

But it would be best if you think twice before doing it since on resetting it, the data erases, and the soundbar is disconnected to all the other devices. 

Following certain steps will help one reset the soundbar.

  1. The soundbar has to tuned be in the plug point.
  2. Find Bluetooth and the low volume button.
  3. Press both simultaneously for a few seconds. 
  4. After performing this step, we will notice the lights blinking.

The process might differ a little as per the models of soundbars. The formerly mentioned details are a few known quick fixes in case the Vizio soundbar won’t turn on.


When does the Vizio soundbar power off automatically?

The Vizio soundbar turns to standby mode when not in use. In case of a long period of no signal, the soundbar will power off on its own.

How to locate the power button on the Vizio soundbar?

The Vizio soundbar has got its power button on the top of the device or the left side on the top.

Where does one locate the remote sensor on the soundbar?

The remote sensor will either be on the left or right side of the soundbar at the bottom. Objects should not block the censors work the soundbar to work smoothly.

Do we need a subwoofer for the soundbar to work well?

Soundbars don't need subwoofers since the soundbars have several built-in speakers that will sound great once it is on. But still, for low frequencies, one can opt for adding a subwoofer to the soundbar.


The Vizio soundbar is one of the most well-known brands of soundbars and speakers. Despite all of the solutions mentioned earlier, if one still doesn’t find the soundbar working well, it is advisable to contact the customer care and support team of Vizio so that they can find the ultimate solution to fix the soundbar not turning on or not working.